Friday, June 8, 2012

Restaurant Critic I Am...

  Maria Garcia-Kamon
                                                                                              MK Pure Diamond Events
Restaurant Critic I Am...

It is a funny thing about being a meeting and event planner/wedding planner.  Part of our job description is to go on tastings.  Food tastings that.  Restaurants and chefs know that it a meeting and events planners’ best interest for our client to find the right type of food to be served at our client’s event.  For some people it is simplistic flavors, for others it is all about the mixology (mixing of different drinks to become a new flavor) and fusion (mixing of different food flavors or cultural food flavors).  Organic, non organic all of this plays a role when it comes to food.  You have to enjoy food, the character of the food making process and understand what it brings to the event or takes away.

Many of us attend events where we do not know anyone other than the guest of honor.  Focusing on the food gives us conversation starters.  If it is a dish prepared with care and an understanding of flavors, it allows the person people to feel comfortable and can be the subject for conversation.  Once that begins then it is a matter of time before friendships are formed.  Friendship or business acquaintances lead to many possibilities.  In a world where we are always on the texting, Internet, and into our own selves (and I am guilty of this as much as anyone one else) food has always been a bridge to bring people together, creating relationships, business deals, families and all that is good.  If our tummies are full, then our bodies can create.
 View from Vigilucci Restaurant, Carlsbad CA
Often I get asked what my favorite restaurant is. I don’t just have one.  Every once in a while I like to go out to eat all by myself and enjoy the quite time.  One of my favorite restaurants is Vigilucci’s Restaurant.    They have several restaurants in North County, San Diego.  Why this restaurant, one might wonder.  Honestly, because it doesn’t matter which one of their restaurants I visit, from Carlsbad to La Jolla, I am treated with respect. 

The food is always delicious.  Today, I treated myself to a lovely salmon lunch.  The salmon had a pink (Vodka/Pomegranate) sauce I had never tasted before. Wow, what great flavor, although I had plenty to eat and left full, it left me longing for more.  The side dish of spaghetti and vegetables were also amazingly flavorful nothing else needed to be added.  Normally we add salt, pepper or cheese, but I am telling you the chef did an amazing job.  Perfection!  Unfortunately, today I had another appointment so I didn’t get to eat dessert. I did see others enjoying themselves, and when you see others enjoying themselves then you know it must be as amazing as the meal I just ate.  I do have to say, I was so enjoying my time and my meal I requested something they don’t normally do, coffee to go.  The waiter was so respectful he. I didn’t want to be too relaxed for my next appointment.  That is one thing the environment a Vigilucci’s Restaurant did create.  The Carlsbad’s Vigilucci’s Restaurant creates a sense of relaxation while you are ordering, eating and just time to enjoy their lovely environment and your meal.

As I watched others hassle in getting things ready for the Carlsbad Beach fest I was grateful I could enjoy the sunshine, ocean view and the summer breeze from their protected patio area.  Had I been dressed a little more fashionable I would have enjoyed myself just as much in their indoor seating area.  I am very thankful for the clients I have, knowing what it is like to be hungry makes going out to lunch so much more special.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Party Planning

Children’s parties are a lot of fun.  However, children grow up and want to have fun as well.  For children’s parties there are wonderful party planners that specialize in these types of celebrations.  Although, I have planned them I do not specialize in them.

Here is some fun adult party planning themes.

Casino Night


Spy or James Bond

Movie theme:  Pick a movie and have guest arrive as one of the characters


Back In Time/Generations:  Pick a year.  Look up the theme and begin from there.



TV Shows:  Jersey Girls; Housewives of_________?:  Duet; Star Search,  etc.

Sports theme are lots of different types pick one.

Game Night Bring all your childhood games out and play them.

Although, these are wonderful themes MK Pure Diamond Events does not specialize in party planning we are a meeting & event planning company that specialize in event planning for 50+ or more guest.  There are some wonderful places you can go to for great recommendations.   Our company enjoys giving you ideas that are trending.  Some of these we have used with our clients, some we have not.  Either way you are more than welcome to call our company for a free 15 minute consultation.

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