Tuesday, July 30, 2013

10 Reasons Hiring an Independent Event Planner is Good for Business

There is a song that use to be played on the radio called "MONEY, MONEY,
MONEY". I can't help but smile. In the our youth thats all the average person  wants. Buying power. Your not old enough to earn it and you have to rely on others helping you.  Then you grow up and discover in business it is the very much the same way. We want money.  We do things to save money.  We think if we hire in house it will save money, or cost less but will it?

10 Reasons Hiring an Independent Event Planner is Good for Business 

1.  Independent event planners bring creative resources to help you stay within budget. Resources you average employee does not have.

2.  Independent event planners charge a percentage of the budget, not hourly wages. However, if you prefer hourly wage they can do that as well.  It is considered contract work.

3.  Independent event planners know people you don't. We are trained to have resources the average small business doesn't. 

4.  Independent event planners know the regulations of running meetings and  events. Understand city rules and regulations, when you have to get permits and when you don't. We work with city, local police and security.

5.  Independent event planners have venue knowledge that your business might not know therefore saving you money.

6.  Independent event planners are trained to negotiate contracts and can tell you if you are getting a good price for what you want.

7.  Independent event planners know the difference between a meeting or event put together by a staff person and one that is professionally designed to help your business.

8. Independent event planners know when you succeed they succeed therefore they are about helping you more than an employee, who is doing the planning because you asked them to. Its just another thing the employer put on them rather than something they love to do. Independent event planners love to plan events.

9.  Independent event planners know things about running a meeting, seminar or event that your employee doesn't. How to make people feel comfortable, how to arrange seating so that people listen better, get more out of the event.

10. Independent are trained professionals.  If you want a successful event and your business is about success, what do you think the average independent event planner is about, making their business a success.  Therefore, its a win / win situation for both.

Good business practices and ethics is about both parties winning.  Celebrations, are about success! That's why we call them Diamond Occurrence!  Let MK Pure Diamond Events celebrate yours by hiring us to plan your event. Call today. (619) 549-1656

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Telephone vs IP Phone

Telephone Vs IP Phone

Today I was reading an article in Money Magazine. I was delighted to read what I have been telling my friends and family for years. Keep your land line. In the article it talked about the importance of a telephone line in the home / office that is not a IP Phone. The article spoke of in emergency situations when the power goes out the cell phones don't work, however the land line does. I thought this was interesting since so many of our phones even though pulled into the telephone are electrical. Will they bring back a phone like we use to have that just plugs into the telephone line without plugging into the electrical line as well? Good question right? Unfortunately, I don't have the answer for this blog, but I do have the hope that nothing major will happen in the USA where we would all be tested on that one.
I know this sounds strange but like vintage clothing I am going to go shopping for a vintage phone until someone makes one that is not electrical. Maybe it will be Red like in the movies...and I will have my own White House emergency phone.Executive Summary

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