Saturday, April 29, 2017

Bag Bag Who has a Bag?

Hi there, Reader;

First I have to say this might offend some of you and you might me thinking I don't use a man bag. I thought the same thing when I began doing research. I thought to myself; "Man bag? Men carry briefcases to work." I began doing research on what a man bag is considered. I looked up the definition and although it varies, some I can't post, I will for the purpose of this blog post call it a fabric or leather displaying a brand. That's kind of true. Man bags have come a long way. It is now considered any type of associates in which one puts content into. Such as a wallet, briefcases, backpack, card case.

For centuries men have carried a briefcase to work. Now it is acceptable for them to have several options. In this search to find out the difference between the classes, yes classes still exíst that's why there are different price points. If this offends you let me say I didn't create them. I'm just reporting them. Ask a dog. Is one dog the same as another? No! One man bag is not the same as another.

Here are some photographs of Man Bags. Designers. Let's start with well known designers.

                             Micheal Kors 

 The bags price points is between one hundred and three hundred dollars. Are you a fabric person or leather?

You have to check closely some just have an uncovered Pocket in the back some zippered it's a personal preference. Can be purchased at Macy's.

The next on the list is...


My favorite of all the designer man bags I looked at. They have been around making man bags since 1917! The leather is beautiful and ages gracefully.

They have this new white and black plus, two types of leather used. One is a textured leather the other is smooth like the one in the photograph. I think part of their success is they have their own store. Which makes the exclusive and coveted. Pricing begins at $300 plus. It's with it! Just the soft feel of the leather in your hands makes you feel as important as the person you are. Sold only at Coach stores!

Part 2 will be posted tomorrow. Please stay tone. I know this might be early, however I'd like to wish all you future dad's and all those that are exhibiting dads.

Happy Father's Day! 

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