Sunday, October 30, 2016

What Is a Friend to Do?

I have often thought about what defines a good friend?
I meet people everyday, as I walk or eat lunch.
What is a good friend?
These things you begin to understand when you are going through changes that no one expected.

I have decided that a good friend is best defined in times of trouble over times of peace in ones life.
The friend that was with you in times when your business was good, doing well or the friend who sees trouble in the horizon and disappears.

Lets face it we all have both. The truth is those that are good friends have a certain character traits.
What and how do you define a good friend?
Is it a co-worker?
Is it your sister?
Is it your neighbor?
Is it an old boyfriend? girlfriend?

Here are some things I feel are important in a friendship.

1. Trust which is built over time.
2. Honesty which is built through trust.
3. Integrity...the person says what they are going to do and do what they say.
4. Understanding your friend should understand that not everything in your life is about a good time.
5. Emotion Not only understanding, having the compassion enough to understand when you are okay, doing well and when you are not.

Short list isn't it. However with out these things you can't develop a normal human emotion called love.

Saturday, October 15, 2016


I recently took another employment and have never thought of this word so much. Co-Workers. The thought of this got me thinking about what does it really mean today.

Co worker defined is "another person you are forced to be around 40 plus hours a week in orde to earn a paycheeck. Outside of work, you would NEVER want to associate with this persson except to the point to them and teell the police, Yeah, thers the idiot that stoe your squadar right there officer."

That was an unexpected find in the truth of looking up the definition of things today. Wow, I think to myself. How many of us really take the time to think about what our children think about the people who work with them. What an awakening thought. That my co-workers just want from me. They didn't choose to work with me, someone else choose for them.

However that is the reality of the workspace. What now?

Make the best of it.

Get to know your co-worker.

That is the only advice I can give. The reality is it takes time.

Hope in 2020!

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