Saturday, December 29, 2012

Spinach Dip Recipe for your New Years Eve Party!

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls;

Are your ready for the countdown. Here is a recipe that is simple and pleases the taste buds.

I enjoy serving this with pita chips, bread slices or just plain potato chips.

Creamy Spinach Dip

1 cup frozen chopped spinach, thawed and drained
1 cup sour cream
1/2 cup cottage cheese
1 tablespoon dried onion flakes
1 teaspoon lemon juice
salt and pepper to taste
1 teaspoon Lawry's Seasoning Salt. (add alittle at a time) Depends on your taste.

Combined all ingredients in a large blow. Chill 2 hours. Return to room temperature before serving. My favorite is to double the recipe, so you can refill the bowl throughout the evening. Leftovers can be served on bake potatoes  for New Years Day gathering or with a pasta dish, it is really delicious over buttered pasta.

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Friday, December 28, 2012

Happy New Years, What is your tradition? New Year Wishes!

What is your New Year tradition?

     How do you celebrate?

            Do you wine, dine, celebrate with friends or alone? 

                           Do you watch movies? 

                                     Do you stay up til midnight?

                                                 Do you have a young family?

                                                               Need a babysitter? 

                                                                       Or do you celebrate with family?

At different times in my life I have had different ways of celebrating, however the one thing I always do is turn down planning New Year Celebrations for other.  I have always chosen to plan my family celebrations.  It is with a purpose.  It is what I believe and you do not have to believe it.

I believe that the greatest gift we are given in life is our family.  Good, bad, ugly it is what we are given.  It is learning to deal with it.  Making lemonade out of lemons is an expression I use often.  It is the children we gave birth to, adopted, raised, prayed for, helped, encourage or just bought a girl scout cookies from to grow and prosper.   That make this country great in the future.   It is about what we hope for the future for ourselves and others all celebrated in one evening. I loved spending New Years with my family, if I don't then it is just what I was given for this season!

The bible has this wonderful scriptures. 

                                                     To proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord.
                                                           and the day of vengeance of our God
                                                            To comfort all who morn.   Is 61:2

The past few years we (my family) have had many family members pass away, it has been a time of morning my hope and prayer for the year is for those that morn.  Too much loss is not good in the lives of God's people.  This New Years.  I hope families rejoice, I hope for businesses to prospers,  I hope for steadfastness in our economy.  I hope for all those that have events in their lives to  Celebrate! For those that have had loss to heal from the pain, the sorrow, the sadness that comes from God's will.  I hope our government officials and those in authority to be prayed for.  I hope for employment, stock market to heal. My the healing begin for those that morned.  May the vengeance of God comfort.
His word lives forever.  His love endures.

Next article....Celebration ideas.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry Christmas! Happy New Years! Happy Holidays! Thank you! Ex

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls,

With Christmas just a spin away!  I thought would write you a note and wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!  Thank you for reading this blog.  I would like to share with you.  This year, and I am very proud of this I made .01 cents from writing. I have to earn $1.00 to get paid, but non the less, I am thankful to have a new career.  I AM  officially a writer, author.  Thank you!

I am going to try some of my own Etiquette tips this Holiday Season!  If you get a moment "Pray for me as I will for you.  If you spend the Holidays with lots of people or alone.  It can be a lonely world.  Especially trying to become an individual with your own interest again in the "Ex" games.  There have been Christmas's that I have spent in a room of people I know and have been as lonely as spending it alone.  On the flip side there has been Christmas's I have been all alone and not been lonely.  It really is about becoming content in all things.  (except abuse you never have to be content with the abuse no matter what type, emotional, spiritual or biblical, or physical.  It is NOT Acceptable behavior)  If you need assistance call there are abuse center in you neighborhood. In California you can dial 211 and get help. If you are in need of the police dial 911.

Definition of "Ex"  from the Free Dictionary 

abbr. Bible

ex 1 (ks)
1. Not including; without: a stock price ex dividend.
2. Abbr. x. Business Free of any transport or handling charges incurred before removal from a given location: bought the goods ex warehouse.
3. From, but not having graduated with, the class of: a Columbia alumnus, ex '70.

[Latin; see eghs in Indo-European roots.]

ex 2 (ks)
The letter x.
tr.v. exed, ex·ing, ex·es
To delete or cross out: He exed each item off the to-do list.

ex 3 (ks)
n. Slang
A former spouse or partner.

[From ex-.]

Whatever you choose to do, with whomever with you celebrate the season with.  The most important thing to know is that you were created for a reason and a purpose. Therefore you are loved. The "ex" thing is difficult to say the least.  Even if you have a wonderful "ex" that you loved.  Especially if he or she wasn't wonderful.  The truth is the story continues.  You had a life once and knew who you were.  You will have one again and will get to know yourself again.

The love you have for him or her doesn't have to stop, it just changes. You love him/her because you experienced life moments together.  You love him/her because they were a part of your family.  You love him/her for whatever reason you are choosing at the moment to get through the day, the celebration, the reality.  The best reason you could love your "ex"  is should be the first and most important is the children you created together.  Just love them because your children love him.  That should be enough.  If not, then it really is it is the truth.  Children love their "Fathers" and their "Mothers".

This is officially the fist year I invited my "ex" over.  I tried at Thanksgiving.  He didn't show, instead he took my son's to his family.  So this Christmas I invited them by modern means..."I text ed" them."  I have yet to hear from them a reply.  Maturity, understanding and acceptance takes time.  I might spend it alone.  I am planning that I don't, but if I do, I will be content, not because it is the ideal situation but because I love my sons.  For them I will be content and hope that they too will choose to love.  To be human is to error, to forgive is divine or maybe it is to acknowledge the "ex"and show Gods grace.   To be patient is a gift and a virtue.  I may not win this battle of the "ex", but the one thing I do have is self respect for how I am trying to fight.  Knowing some crossed the sea and were asked never to look back. All we can do sometimes is ask.  The rest in the other persons personality, their way of being, in their way of thinking about themselves and others. Their way of having to live with their lives choices.  They know what and how they want to be.  They are adults, they too have to live with the consequences of their choices.  I was once told we can only be as good as our maker, I had the greatest maker that ever lived.  Therefore, I have nothing to complain about.  Right?  To love, is to wish other Peace on Earth, Good will to Men.  The oldest sayings are earth are some of the most powerful this time of year!

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Holidays.  Wishing you the win over the "ex" with peace knowing that you fought a good battle, because you loved once.   

Thursday, December 20, 2012

MK Pure Diamond Planning for your Success!

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls;

Every person who has hired us is looking for or wanting something!

They have wanted to:  IMPRESS
They have wanted to: SUCCEED
They have wanted to: CELEBRATE
They have wanted to: EXPRESS

Our goal to make your day "A Diamond Occurrence!"

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Etiquette for the Holidays (Part 3) Expect the Best From your Ex!

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls,

Here I am again, talking about Etiquette.  There is etiquette for every occasion on earth.  When I was in my youth one of the things I was taught especially during this time of year was to think positive.  About you may ask?  Everything.  My dad was a good example of when to speak and when to keep quiet.  My mom was an example of how when we speak we need to make it count.  Make ourselves heard.   

First lesson:  Don't try to control anyone else.  We are born alone, we die alone.  We as moms want to make every thing great for everyone all the time.  Dad's want the best for their children as well.  Assume this is true even if it's not.  The only person you can control is yourself.  Sometimes that is difficult enough.  This is what is recommended by others.  Make the phone calls you need to.  Write the emails, text the messages and if they don't respond.  Assume the best.  If it is a method of them having some control over themselves.  Then let them have that.  You can't make someone love you.  All you can do is try to be the better person in the situation.  I can tell all kinds of stories about my ex.  The years together and how he treated me now.  There was bad times, there were hard times, there were good times.  Will I talk trash about him!  NO! Why because it will not solve it or make it better.  I made the choice to marry him.  If I talk bad about him, I talk bad about my ability to make a choice. 

Second Lesson:  There is no one who will love you more today than yourself.  Respect yourself.  Your children love you, but you have to love yourself.  I could go into the religious believe system but the truth is.  It is not always in your best interest to share personal details with others.  During the Holidays, people emotions are high.  The goal is to get through them with as much peace as possible.  It is about the unconditional love for your children.  Use self control as much as possible.  If you are about to disrespect, walk away.  Make an excuse.  Do not victimize yourself.

Third Lesson:  The court battle was the court battle.  Like the saying.  What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.  Attorneys give one view point, but you know the truth!  The truth is you know what part you are responsible for.  If he tries to keep your children away from you.  Handle it in the courts.  In the formal situation it is about the moment.  I like to imagine myself in the formality of an elegant movie, with only the best of people.  Truth is spoken with out insult.  It is all so proper, civil and everyone knows you are an excellent communicator.  Setting your boundaries and limits are acceptable.

Fourth Lesson:  Introductions...Formal introductions are " I would like you to meet ___________they are a friend of mine  or a friend of...."    I change it:  " I would like you to meet ____________they enjoy ___________.  That way the people you are introducing have something to talk about.  You don't have to share their pain, or say they are your ex.  Just give them something to talk about.  In the case of introducing your children  you can say.  This is  (name) did you know my child enjoys ____________.  You don't have to mention their ex day.  If you want to mention their day.  Tell the person they have a great "Father".  She is a great "mom" or "Mother".  That way you don't have to speak of how they are as a husband, wife, or person.  Just because it didn't work out for the both of you, doesn't mean it won't work with someone else.  They may be a better person for the lesson's learned in your relationship.  Hopefully, you are too.  If you are reading this it is because your trying.  Give yourself credit for

Fifth Lesson:   The goal any couple, person has in common with another when children are involved.  Is happiness.  We all want our children, friends, family to be happy.  Try to imagine or envision that in your life.  At some point you have to begin to heal as a family.  As an individual.   Try to imagine all of you talking again with out the anger, frustration, without the money battles without the lack of love.  Imagine yourself with love, prosperity, peace, understanding and ask people to help you achieve these things again.  I was once told, what you can perceive you can achieve.  Somehow, His grace has to be enough for the beginning of a new life.  Right?
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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Are you a Christmas Spirit or a Scrooge?

Hi there Diamond Glamour Girls.

Gossip here for the stores are trying to sell you on all the re-mix music or television shows or the thought that Christmas is all about the things we get keep in mind the basics of what you need.

Not to long ago I attended a conference that was telling wedding planners all they had to do was get a website to make money.  That brides today do not want to bother meeting with people in order to plan their weddings.  So I decided to go on a quest my self to find out how people really felt about the Internet and the desire of doing things (meaning) planning their weddings as promised by Internet website.  Plan your wedding in 5 minutes.

Funny how music and life reflect each other.  Re-mix music is popular only because it breaks the generational gaps between parent and children, but the truth is the artist is lacking original something to write in order to create a new song.  Much link an author.  It is about our experiences that we write about.  They are only thinking about the many money part.  Yes, there is some creativity to the remix, however is it not done in the studio with with equipment vs the research and people power.  To write a song that speaks to people you have to know the basics of what it is to be human.  You have to know their heart so to speak or their feelings.

The same is true in planning a wedding or an event.  Yes, you can go to a website and get the vendors in the area that preform a task, but what you miss out on is what the vendors speciality is about.  What makes them good at what they do. Why they are in their speciality.  In this quest to find out what is more important, if I as a wedding planner, event planner was missing I discovered some things about this industry I am not liking.  Do you remember when you were young, your parents would take you to the local store to purchase a book for you, or a toy?  They would let you look at things, get a feel for what you wanted. Now the local book store has been taken over by Barns and Noble, to compliment them they allow their customers to feel, to touch, to read their books for hours before you purchase.  Other stores are not this way.  The Internet is not this way.  It will let you look and you can certainly touch the screen, but in now way can you get reality from it. 

Here was my experiment:  I called several boutique owners to find out what has happened to the wedding industry that has changed brides couples from personally shopping for the biggest day of their lives.  I lined up several "brides" that were going to pose for pictures.  I pre-called high end boutiques to make appointments.  Some of the boutiques returned my calls, others did not.  What was most amazing is the boutique owners, found it an inconvenience to have brides, or future brides come look at their dresses.  An industry of glamour, fashion, beauty has lost all these things to the Internet.  The "mom and pop" or "neighborhood merchants" stores are being sold out to the fast pace of  "I want it now".  Here is the saddest part.  Just a year ago when you look up "event planning" you would find event companies all owned by people like you and me.  Now the top 10 companies are company's that are Internet based.  I don't mean they just have a website.  The whole shopping planning of the event is done on line.  They have taken the personal out of the event.  Strangers  show up at your wedding or event.  Maybe they don't show up.  It is so impersonal you don't know what you are getting.

Events are special because of the people you celebrate it with.  They are remembered by the people who attend.  They are created by the people hired to plan this for you.  Yes, it is "big business', yes, it is 'big money'.   It's your money, do you not want to know something about the person who is planning your wedding, your celebration?  Don't you want to remember them?  They will be in you pictures. 

The story has been portrayed a thousand times at Christmas.  There is "Scrooge".  There is "A Night Before Christmas"  There are movies that talk about how dehumanizing it all can get.  Yesterday on the news, it talked about all the military children that will not get toys.  Is this not an event?  Why because we are all at our computers ordering our items for Christmas instead of shopping in retail stores, in boutiques, at your local merchants.  We forget about how to follow our spirits, how to have etiquette with one another.  We are all about ourselves. 

If this is what the event planning industry is turning to I am concerned.  It is the interaction between humans that help shape the events of our lives.  To go on with my story.  One of my brides wanted the information.  It was free.  She wanted to meet with the boutique store owner. The other one never called back.  The boutique owner got upset with me implying I was wasting her time, because the bride never purchase her dress.  She closes her shop down during the month of December. The bride I am still waiting to hear from.  I am sure she will make the right choice for her.  That is what we do, help brides make the right choice for them.  Not the vendors, not about spending money, but about what is right for her on her day.  It's allot of responsibility and unselfishness.  The camera battery was low so the pictures where not taken.  Some might look at this as all terrible things.  I look at it as part of the "Joy" of Christmas.  Not that it was joyful because things didn't turn out my way, but because it is remembering what the season is about. The interaction, that makes our lives spirit filled and fun.

Shop locally.  Talk to people.  For the most part, they too are looking to be respected, cared for and wished good things in their lives.  We all are human beings, we all desire the things our nation are founded on.  We all share things in common with other humans, therefore shouldn't we care about them as well?

To all you brides out there who will be looking for things for your wedding.  Take the time to educate yourself on what the vendor you hire will really be giving you.  What you see is not always what you get.  Internet companies.  Have some integrity and ask your vendors for business license number or some type of credential before you allow them to advertise on your site.  If you don't have control like I do on this site, then say so.

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Friday, December 14, 2012

Togs (Part 1 Men)

Hi there, Diamond

Togs defined as: 
: clothing; especially : a set of clothes and accessories for a specified use <riding togs>
There is a traditions when a bride gets married she get a new clothing before her honeymoon.  From lingerie to everyday wear.  Things she will take on her honeymoon or business clothing. The tradition is there because she is a new women.  
Do men have the same tradition?  Do they purchase new items for their honeymoon or wedding?  Since they are the ones that traditional propose, I thought I would take a look at what is new in fashion for the groom.

Men look out fashion designers are are taking tuxedo's to a new best.  Vera Wang is just one of them.  The cool thing is you can rent or purchase.  For Spring 2013 lighter colors are in.  For formal wear vest are in.

The tuxedo jacket is one that varies.  You can choose bow tie or traditional tie.

Suits are also a new option for the outdoor wedding, or formal event.  The suits very in quality, cut, and style.  Many men are choosing to purchase a great quality suit for their day then to rent a tuxedo.

Grooms and their groomsmen are choosing comfort, creative styling over the traditional lace up square toe or wing tip shoe.

Diamond Glamour Girls have nothing on men.  They have their own type of accessories.  Some traditional some not.  The main thing is for women to encourage their Groom to express themselves with style in their own unique way with their friends.  I have to admit the best weddings I have planned are those where the couples have a sense of self and a sense of them as a couple. 

Thank you to Men's Warehouse, Encinitas California for the interview and allowing MK Pure Diamond Events to take pictures.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Making a Christmas Wreath

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls;

Like you, I have walking around town looking for certain things for the holiday season.  One of the things I love to do is decorate my home.  Its funny I take all month to decorate for a few days for people to see.  But I love it.  There are very few moments in life as special as "Christmas" It is the fun of making it great for other people.  Even if you spend it alone.  Make it special for yourself.  I have spent Christmas alone the last couple of years.  Gather up your angle wings.  Put them on and do something for others or yourself they don't expect.  It's a matter of making sure you don't feel sorry for yourself.  With people or not, it is a blessing to live.  To remember each person has a perfect will.

Christmas Wreath

Here are some simple steps to making a Christmas Wreath.  Make it as beautiful as you want it is much prettier in person and with the lights on it lovely.

1.  Purchase a Wreath Base, they can be found at any craft store.  This year I choose white.  Normally I purchase a live one when I purchase my Christmas tree. 
2.  Purchase a Flowers you like.
3.  Purchase Ribbon  (thin and thick)
4.  Battery or solar powered lights.
5.  Floral wire.

Here is how you Put it together!

1.  Get the base wreath.  It usually come all together so spread out it's leaves.  If it is a live wreath.  Soak it in water for a couple of hours.  To help it last longer and prevent drying.

2.  Gather the flowers you have and connect the together to make a smaller wreath.  I use floral wire for this part.  I weave them together with floral wire by putting floral stem with the flower in a line.  Then connect the two ends.

3.  Place the floral wreath on the base wreath.   Use the base wreath to bring up the leaves in between the flowers.

4.  Place the small ribbon all around the wreath in a random pattern. If you look closely I choice a gold color.

5.  Now that you have those layers on.  Turn your wreath on it's front.  Place the lights in through the layers.  You have to manipulate each light so it is seen from the front.  I know it sounds funny, but it is a way to not let the wire show.  At this time also to tie the thin Robbin to have a place to hang it.

6.  Turn wreath back over and move or manipulate the leaves until it looks good to you.  It takes some time.  Be patient.

7.   Tie the ribbon.  If you don't know how to make a bow.  Purchase a ready made bow.

8.  Hang in on the outside or inside of your home.  The wreath is all done.  Look at your work and congratulate yourself for job well done.

Other use for wreaths.

  1. Center piece with a bowl in the middle with floating candles.
  2. Hanging form your ceiling lights.
  3. At the base of the Christmas tree.
  4. Each of the door handles.
  5. Over the fire place.
  6. There are many uses. Get creative.
  7. Above stand alone lights.
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Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 10, 2012

The Importance of Timing Holiday Parties with Ex (PART 2)

Hi there Diamond Glamour Girls;

As you know as ex's we get blamed for things we didn't do. I think it is self reflection of what they see in themselves. Kind of like the song "Trojan's in my Head". Men, women, people as a whole hope for things that are not in "His" will for our lives. My advice is to be the best you can be no matter what.

Injury, Abuse, Lack of Respect, it all happens, our goal is to have self respect! If you know that you did the best you could with want you have then that is the best. Do not fall victim consistently. Call them on the behavior and continue to love the person as best you can.

Timing is important. If they are abusing call for help right away. If you felt abused do not let them put even a hand on you.

Here are my helpful tips.

1. Shake hands with your ex. Set your boundaries.
2. Speak highly of him in public. (What happened in the court, stays in the court and between the both of you and your attorneys.) If your children on of adult age and they want to know allow them to read the court paper. I assure you after they read the court papers they will think both their parents are stupid.
3. Mingle will all the people at the party. If it is your way to visit with your children assure the children you can be respectful to them. Put your children's feeling first.
4. Catch up on the things you have missed in their life throughout the year. Use the time to enjoy your children. The meaning of the Holidays and the good times you once had as a family.
5. Allow the healing to begin. Do not point out a person's fault. You both have one thing in common and that is what is best for your children.
6. Self respect is part of saying I know and trust my Gods perfect plan for my life. Although I tried my best in this marriage it didn't work out. Therefore, I trust my children love me and they are the best the marriage created.
7. Here is where timing comes into play. You know best were your limits are. If you hit the place within you were their is to much pain, you have the right to say so.
You have the right to ask your ex to leave if it is your party. They have the same right if you are at their party. If your children are of driving age ask them to drive separate cars, therefore they too can choose to leave the party if it get to painful for them. Celebration are about the joy of the season in your life. Make it a happy one. Make it a hopeful one. YOU ARE ALWAYS A FAMILY. DIVORCE IS FOR THE ADULTS. PARENTS DO NOT DIVORCE THEIR CHILDREN. THEY ARE ALWAYS YOUR CHILDREN. IT'S JUST A NEW BEGINNING!


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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Pacific Coast Grill (PCG)

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Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls;

First foodie review 2012

Lets talk!  I want to share a little of my day yesterday.  I was gathering information for an article I am writing "Togg".  It will be an article about the 2013 wedding dresses available at your local designers.  I was setting appointments, taking pictures and enjoying the beautiful day in our beautiful city.  I realized it was late so I decided to have an late lunch or early dinner.  Driving along the coastline of our amazing North County, I knew I wanted to the new restaurant in town.

Foodies, get will love this place! The atmosphere is relax, dress casual. The food is over the top delicious! I had the seafood pasta, but there was not one dish that didn't look so delicious. I have to tell you I wanted to go to the table in front of me and ask them if I could have a taste of all they ordered. Since I was alone, it wasn't exactly the ideal to order everything on the menu. I have to admit I was tempted.  
  If you are looking for a venue for a private party, consider this option with their Modern Beach look it can become and elegant evening venue.  I can imagine it with a wow factor with an event planner that can dress the place up and make it formal.  It's acheticual clean lines allows the imagination to see the possiblity of beach casual to evening glamour. 

Your guest would be greeted with vallet parking that is courtious and kind or the option of parking in the beach parking lot right next door.  It can easly become a place wher a limo can drive in and exit just as easily.


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Friday, December 7, 2012

Etiguette for the Holidays and other Events for the Divorced

Hi there Diamond Glamour Girls;

You know the 21st century is different for women and men.  We have been taught to speak anything we want right or wrong.  This creates brokenness within relationships that should not be.  In the case of divorce maybe less said is better in social situations.  Here are some tips I hope you find helpful.

The Ten Rules of Good Ex-Etiquette for Holidays and other Family Celebrations.

1.  Put Children first.
2.  Remember the spirit of the special occasion.
3.  Never badmouth the ex, extended-family members, the host, or others.
4.  Get organized well in advance.
5.  Don't be spiteful.
6.  Don't hold grudges.
7.  Use empathy when problem solving.
8.  Be honest and straightforward.
9.  Respect each other's turf, holiday rituals and family traditions.
10.  Compromise whenever possible.

These tips I found in a wonderful book " Ex-Etiquette for the Holidays and Other Family Celebrations"

Now here is the truth as I see it.  You were at one time under the impression your ex was the dream of your life.  That they could do no wrong, or would not do any wrong.  They did you divorce, separated choose a differently life.  Now you have these social moments where you could spend time arguing fighting about all the things.

The truth is, you both were wrong.   "It takes two to make a marriage it takes two to break up a marriage."  Do not ask your children to save your marriage.

If there was violence involved then the person who hit was wrong first it is a safety not be around them.  Make sure you have someone to help you.  If you don't have someone who can attend with you then don't.  Give a polite excuse.  If you have children and it is an event or celebration for your child attend. Be around others and quietly leave without victimizing yourself further. 

If he becomes violent in public...make a scene and let it be known.  (EVEN IF VERBAL OR ANY ACTION THAT IT IMPLIES)  Do not go to an isolated location to have a conversation! Maybe someone will help you.  Do not isolate yourself.  I am sorry if this offends.  It is wonderful you have children but your life matters as well.  Let other know that you have been threaten.  I know it is not etiquette and your children might not understand.  Adult abuse excised.  Be safe.

Etiquette works for those situations where you are or have to be polite.  When the children are little it is one thing, but when they are adults they need to know that you "Do Not Want to Be a Victim."


Be safe.   Merry Christmas!  Happy New Years!

Dear Journal (Part 5 Meeting with Pastor B.)

Hi there Diamond Glamour Girls:

Dear Journal,
Today is the day I met with my pastor and the other person he wants.  Who ever that is. 

Dear Journal,

I have so much to write down my mind is thinking faster then I can write.  I got to church feeling nervous,  filled with anticipation. of what this conversation was going to be about.  Pastor B was his usual caring self.  He asked me how I was feeling, how the planning was coming along.  The he introduced me to the lady standing in the room, Lee.  We both said the usual " Nice to meet you."  Pastor B asked us both to sit down.  We did.

 He began by asking, if I was wondering what he wanted to talk to me about.

 I laughed, jokingly said "no," and then  said "It has had me extremely prayerful.  Did I do something wrong?  I feel a little like I am in the principles office."

"Principles off? When have you ever been called to the principles office?" He laughed.

I started telling him the story of when I was called into the principals office and then realized I was rambling in my words and not letting him speak.  I thought to myself (I am so happy I am speaking with my pastor otherwise anyone else could,would just be upset with me for rambling with my words.  When I am anticipating something I tend to speak of random things so I can just settle myself down into feeling comfortable with the person I am with. I know I tend to want to be respectful sometimes to much.

He sat there patiently listening to me.

I want to tell you we are now in the place in pre-marital counseling were we separate the couple and begin with individualcounseling.  In individual counseling I will be meeting with you and Ree.   

What will be doing?  I asked.

We will be discussing subjects that are sensitive areas to a marriage.  Ree will be here to help, she has been married for a long time and my assistant for a long time so she understands the sensitivities of women role in a marriage.  She also understands the role of a Pastor in marriage counseling.  She will be an advocate for both of us. During this time we will be discussing things like a women's role in marriage, a man's role in marriage, finances, when two become one, the sexual relationship and the ideal of what God indented.  You know all of this will is in the word.  It is truly covered in the bible. Please bring your bible each week.  As we go through and discuss Gods best for a women.  The role Jesus should play in a marriage.  You know that if you are living together you must live in separate homes during this time.  We will be discussing many topics and I think you will enjoy this time of prayer, education and growth in the "Word."  We will also be introducing to you all the people who are involved in putting together your wedding.  Our wedding coordinator and the other members of the body who serve in this ministry.  Pastor B concluded with saying I don't want you to worry, it is a time of blessing you as a women and as a bride.  

I was thankful it was just an information meeting.  I wasn't really prepared for how detailed Pastor B is.  Lee seemed nice, but then again everyone is nice in my church so I never expect anything less.  I did get to explain that we were really living together, but... Pastor B stopped me and said he already knew, that need to stop as well.

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Friday, November 30, 2012

Dear Journal; (Part 4 )

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls;

Dear Journal,

Worried about what my Pastor wants to say to me.  My boss is now upset with me because of the way I talked to him when he wanted to give me a promotion.  I just wish he would of given me the promotion before I became engaged.  It makes me feel like the engagement is what was important not my work ethic.
My Pastor wants to have a conversation about what?  What could be so important that he want to see me out of the usual once a week marriage counseling?  My parents want me to have this huge engagement party.  Since the wedding isn't for another year.  My fiance in the midst of all of this is all about work and not listening or helping me with all the decisions that need to be made.  My best friend just keeps asking me the same question my sister keeps asking me am I your maid of honor.  My sister is married technically it would be a matron of honor, but when I explained this to her she got upset and told me I was calling her an old women.  Now she isn't speaking to me.  "Why did I what to get married?";  I ask myself.

Dear Journal;

I called my sister to try to explain it again.  "I am not calling you old, I was telling you that a married person is called a "Matron" of Honor."  she hung up the phone on me.  If I try to talk to my girlfriend about this she will get all over me about who else is going to be in my wedding.  The whole girl power thing.  God how I hate, those moments when I have to tell everyone "STOP" this isn't about you, it's about me.

Dear Journal;

 Mom called to ask me what I said to my sister.  I explained what I had said.  She got upset and then started laughing.  She was married and had a matron of honor, so she didn't understand what the big deal was.  She asked if we set a date for the engagement party.  I said no, not sure I wanted one.  She again stressed the importance of one.  Asked if I was ready to start shopping for the wedding dress.  Explained that Pastor called me for a meeting.  She said it was probably nothing.  Don't make a big deal out of it.  I asked her if she knew how much the budget I was getting.  Mom said she would ask dad.

Dear Journal;

Meeting with wedding planner:  Introductions went well.  She was awesome.  Really gave me a sense of knowing I was doing the right thing by meeting with her.  She didn't ask any real detailed personal stuff.  We both have homework.  #1 on the list.  Find out what our budget is.  #2 Read and sign the contract if we both agree we can work with her.  She needs the budget amount to put in the contract.

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