Thursday, June 29, 2017

Wedding Flower Gossip

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls,

I have some delish gossip about a place near Rancho Santa Fe, I think they serve lemonade and cookies when you visit in the Hot Summer months. There is nothing like sitting down for a good old fashion conversation, sweet tea and cookies. Refreshing!

Sometime, in the future we will be sitting with our planners open looking to set the date. Hush now. We shouldn't be talking about this. It's too early to make plans to send out the save the date cards. You see it is said that Sarah might be getting married. You see her parents have been praying since the day she was born. Shhh! Here the come.

Hi there, Sarah. How are you? Just fine. What are you up to these days? The mature lady asked. (Everyone know she always knows everything.) Sarah smiled and answered politely. I working making videos? Video, may God girl don't tell me your selling yourself? She stated in a firm, yet loving judgemental way. No, nothing like that. Sarah replied. Companies send me products and I review them. I always have to look my best. Of course, dear. You are such a cute little thing. Sarah smiled and walk away politely.

The ladies keep talking. Well, that's what I was telling you. She about to get married. Her parents have been praying for years. You know they don't want her to get too old. They are hoping she will marry Mosses, however some guy name John keeps hanging around. Her parents are besides themselves because they don't know who she will choose. Who do you think she should focus on.  The other lady replied. She already told you she is focused on her career and not serious about any young man right now.

Prove started talking: The stage is set! Her parents want her to choose.  That's taking matters into their own hands and it will cause problems. Said Jami who cares, Prove continued when a parent is willing to spend that much money on Flowers I'm there for the party. We will see said Jami. I have an appointment to attend, till next time.  Till next time said Prove. Maybe, we should just 🐝 be until then. I'm sure she'll make the right decision.

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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Let's Shop

OMG Girls,

How I enjoy shopping. Not for me personally for my clients. Yesterday, I went shopping to see if there was colors where trending. There are seasons, when colors trend and everyone is doing the same thing. The department stores all sell simular items. I means simular colors.

That has stop now. Which means people are breaking away and doing their own thing. That is how it should be.

Much success to you all. I'm now existed again about meeting and event planning. My clients will be back at creating their own vision vs what's trending. They (we) are able to create their events from a photograph, an item that they purchased on travel and what to recreate the vision for their friends to enjoy. The home decor is back to doing your own thing. However, I do recommend hiring and interior decorator.

What's your favorite color? Let's plan what your favorite event event. You can also listen to Maria Kamon on Anchor

Friday, June 23, 2017

Security For The Home

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls;

A while back I wrote a blog for my business on event security. This time I thought I'd write about home security and the importance. In this blog we will talk about products and the importance of security and privacy.

What is the best security system for your home? I honestly still don't know the answer to my own questions therefore to advice you is quit difficult. This I do know. I am still doing research.  New security systems are made everyday.

Problems:  a.) The problem is they all have the same problem. If there is a power outage they all stop working. b.) The battery backup only last about 30 minutes. What if the problem isn't fixed within 30 minutes? Do I have to purchase a generator? It's connected to wifi? How does that work?

Positives: There are a lot of positives about the products in the market place right now.  a). You can do it yourself.
b.) You can purchase them one at a time. Therefore, they won't put too big of a dent on the pocketbook. That is not at one time. c.) Most of them have an app and you can see what is happening in your home at all times. The question is do I really want to know! d.) You can visit each website and see a detail picture or video of what the camera sees that your eyes don't see. This reality is an awakening of questions that arises from the reality. Can I call the police or who do I report it too, if that happens to me. e.) Some alarm systems have the option of wires and then they don't connect to wifi. If wires exist can someone cut them and brake in! What's better wifi or wires. Old school or new? So many questions I have.

What I think I personally decided is to purchase one of each. Try them out and see which one works best in my home. I know it sounds silly but each has features I think are worth purchasing. Then after I have a little experience and know what I am talking about I'll call the Geek Suad. I don't recommend you do it this way, The Best Buy Geek Squad will give you a free consultation and explain everything you need to know. You are also invited to listen to Anchor where I discuss why I became interested in security systems.

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Monday, June 19, 2017

Visit Canada and Celebrate 150 Years

Hi there, Diamond Gamour Girls;

There are so many places to visit in this great country's. From cold activities to like local shopping to cold activities.

Why am I writing a blog about Canada? It's not everyday that a country celebrates a hundred and fifty years. Everyone want to plan an event so I though I would plan a vacation.

Let's discuss dates:

1.  What dates do you want to attended?

2. What is our budget?

3. Let's start planning...

4. How many people attending,

5. What type of app shall we use? Hotel app? Flight app? Yelp for local restaurants? Shall we start with old school paper and pencil writing things down?  What else do you think we will need?

6. What app will help us in case an emergency?

Now we are ready, let's start. Let's plan for a family of five.  (All prices are estimates, therefore subject to change.)

1.  Flight :   $205.00 x 5

2. Hotel:     135.00/ night

3. Food:      $127.00/person / week

4.  Clothing:   What you need?

5. Car Rental:  $40-50 /day or $1000-1200 / week for RV rental

6. Misc needs.

The amount varies due to personal preference of families.. This is what makes it difficult in event planning as well. We can start to plan an event however each event has to be personalize due to the individual needs of the client.

Have fun vacation to Cananda.

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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Woman Who Work

 Hi there,

 What an great thing this woman is doing to change the world for woman. Throughout history there has been changes that affect woman. At war time were the first changes. When woman stepped out of the home place and into the workplace.

Then again in the 60's when women tried empowering each other. Flowers power, peace love and the war that no one named a war ended.
Today, we have a young woman who is willing to talk about the executive live and how being a mom is worth learning to control your day.  This book is worth reading. You have to understand what it is like to be an executive woman and how to be empowered by change.

She is willing to help us learn how to do that and I am willing to learn. I don't have to be stuck in the past when I can be Empowerment by Today's Woman.

I hope you'll join me the next few Sundays for the discussion of her book. Listen on Anchor⚓

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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Happy Father's Day

Hi there,

Here is a little get to know my your dad worksheet. Sometimes it is get to know  your dad. Hope you have fun working together to answer the questions. Here a gift your children might be able to afford.
Sold at  Kohls

                                 Happy Father's Day!

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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Maria Kamon ©™ Got a Radio Station

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls;

Right about now in the executive world you'd be hearing all the negative talk from all the women who covet. Like yellow white , Rose, blue black diamonds, or at church what woman has the biggest rock. How big is yours? I most certainly have come to the understanding.

Rock, baby rock, cause there is only one I know who has the biggest rock. As far as Maria Kamon©™ ha! In her own radio station well that part is true. How else is that woman who works so much going to make a living for herself. What about her meeting and event business? When was the last time you called her and booked an event? The same for the photography business. I was told she'd never make any money at anything she does. Rumors have it she a looser mom and The Lord is angry with her tossing her to an fro. Self-hatred? Do you really think so at her age? What is her age anyway? When was the last time you sent her a birthday card or even a birthday phone call. Ha!

She just laughs because if you'd know the truth He is slow to anger and is gentle. She keeps trying to hit that, her jump is a little out of practice since she has had so much adversity. Don't worry,  don't care the dogs are running all around town trying to catch a bone, in the meantime she is Anchored. Anchored? You know Anchor, right?

She will be discussing Ivanka Trumps book Woman Who Work every Sunday at 11:00 it seems to be a good number.  The rest of the 6 days is any subject related to event planning business. She might throw in a photograph or two on Instagram @Nodsish  or @MKPDE. In order for you to know that so you can gossips with her you'd have to be following her. That's only reserved for sinners saved by grace. Who lives that way? Ask Him! He know Best? Who knows Best? Money is not always in his plans or is it?

I have a daddy who loves me he provides for me whenever I travel. He does make sure I have plenty of money and most of all he makes sure I have made a reservation before he makes me travel in real life, real time. He's a good dad. He prepares the way. Doesn't force.

This week on Anchor she will be sharing short Daddy Stories about her own  dad to wish all the dad's she know a Happy Father's Day! Download the app Anchor and call in with questions. What does it mean to be a daddy's girl to an imperfect father? That's the topic at 11:00 on Anchor Maria Kamon©™ @MKPDE. Week of June 12-17, 2017

Check out my radio station on Anchor, Maria Kamon©™ @MKPDE:

Covet Maria Kamon on Anchor as much as you did on her wedding business and let see what happens.

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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Drink of Choice

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls;

What's up? Rumor has it that Starbucks is struggling to keep the meeting and event industry hold on energy drinks for conferences and meetings.  There has been a decline in the people who attend meetings conferences to purchase the coffee.  That's why all the creative new drinks are coming out in the hopes to draw attention to purchasing their coffee and still have sugar high, high coffee an energy drink indiscase.

With competitive such as:

  • burn
Starbucks and others are finding themselves Competing with other beverages. Many think why's hold I spend 5-6 dollars on Starbucks when I can purchase another drink for under a dollar and save money for my future. Is this a new generation of business entrepreneurs thinking or is it just and old generation being reborn? Meaning are values being instilled in this generation that will make them better than baby boomers, or generation X.

Don't forget, you don't have to be on a daily does of energy drinks to service the busy and hectic lifestyle of being employed. There are always a choice of no sugar no caffeine drinks that can be added. For more details listen to Maria Kamon©™ @MKPDE Check out my new station, Maria Kamon©™ @MKPDE , on Anchor! ⚓️  

Friday, June 2, 2017

The LITTLE Black Dress

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls;

This little piece of jewelry would look great with a little black dress. Whether it has short sleeves or long sleeves, maybe it has a full skirt ore a pencil skirt. A little black dress is suppose fit.

What a little black dress does for a woman.

1.  Makes her feel beautiful.
2. Let's her be the woman she is or hopes to be.
3. Let's her be herself.
4. She looks beautiful in it on her best days and worst days.
5. She can wear it with Jewelry or with out. Accessories aren't always what it's about.
6. The point is she can dress it up or dress it down.
7. It's more about simple elegance or classic than hooch mama taste. Not that hoochi mama's can't wear black dresses, it's more like simplistic tastes isn't yelling. "Look at me."

The same thing can be achieved with a black blouse and a pair of black leggings. Make sure the black blouse is not a low next so the necklace has a black background. It gives it a wow factor. One of my favorite looks from work place to evening was a momocramatic black suit. I would take to work with me a pair of dressy shoes sometimes that would be my pop of color, other times it would be my shimmer black shoes depending on what the evening Events where. Light makeup a beautiful lipstick color and a necklace and I have been blessed to attend the fanciest of work Events and get away with it. Saved me a lot of girl drama. 

What does your little black dress do for you? Leave a comment below.

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