Saturday, May 31, 2014

I Am Who I Am

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls;

You know I love the idea of speaking out for woman, woman's issues and most of all the right to be a "Christian" woman without the stereotype that we have to be so humble we become the doormat for anyone and everyone. Christianity, goes back further than the United States and womanhood begins before Eden. God knew what He was doing so, who am I to question Him. He made me woman and he clothe me.

I am who I am (Ex 3:14) and I humbly say I love clothing. Thank God it is more than a leaf. (Gen. 3:21) I was on facebook yesterday when I came across a post.  It is a new company that brings "personal stylist" to your fingertips. Now you can go shopping with a "personal stylist".  Men unclothe us we go shopping.! Cost them money. I am all for that! If they had righteous thoughts towards us then they would be. The last thing I would want to see is my preacher, teacher, speaker, etc. without cloths.

You've heard the old saying they tell speakers. It is to look out into the audience and imagine them naked. The funny thing is for some of speakers that is a terrify thought more than getting up in front of  people and speakers. The thought of naked people starting back at me all shapes, all sizes, all colors, with all different types of agendas. Wow, I would rather go shopping!  (You are suppose to be laughing at this point.)

A Professional Shopper aka Personal Shoppers defined in the dictionary as:
an individual who is paid to help another to purchase goods, either by accompanying them while shopping or by shopping on their behalf.

Before you ask me. The name of the company I am talking about is "Stitch Fix'. I can't recommend them, I can't not recommend them. My friend shops this way. She enjoys purchasing her cloths this way. Basically, what the company offers is a personal shopper who goes out and purchases cloths for you. They ask you a series of questions about your shopping habits. Then they send you shipment of clothes they shop for you. You decide how often the shipments arrive. Every other week, monthly or every two months. The clothing is an average of $65.00. What I discovered for myself from looking at their website is I enjoy shopping. It is fun and away for me to express my personal style. If you take out the relationship part of a personal shopper than what is the point? You judge for yourself what you like. Having a personal shopper in my time meant a person who would get to know you, your body type, your style and then find things you would look good in. It is part of wedding and event shopping for our clients. We get to personally know them and shop for their event. The online method felt rather cold to me. That's my thoughts. Let me know what's yours what your thoughts are.

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Friday, May 30, 2014

High School Graduate

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls;

Prov. 4:7

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.
Have you ever thought what you would say if you could go back in time and graduate all over again. Yesterday, I drove by a graduation, since I spoke at my graduation I didn't have that desire my speech covered it. (Mat. 10:20) As I drove by I saw all the students cheering on the field as the speakers concluded their talk. The talks no one really listens too. When they are a student.

However, as a adult with day to day living experience you get a different view points. I was thinking to myself "what if". "What if" thoughts came from the speech of a college graduate I just listen to. Why, did I listen to this talk? It was on a blog I was reading to understand an app I was trying to apply to my blog. Yes, this blog.

My savvy children who understand apps, understand things I do not. I would normally ask for help. Help with daily living. A life that has changed since my high school age. A era that is filled with computers, technology, wisdom from foreign worlds, that now expressed in television movies, with the exposure to internet tv. Before the child is even a child they are expose to more information than needed. Proving faith has become a complex. (11 Cor 1:24) It was in my day a simple art form filled with love.

International exposure changed the playing field, changing the love, art and beauty to a battlefield. That's what children are exposed to a more complexed battlefield, where the internet now plays a daily role. The elder who don't modernize get left behind and those of in between years are looked as people to abuse. When maybe they are trying to learn what is good in pleasing to the Lord in this new world that they have been thrown into. The gentleman that spoke talked about how he had to use his first interview for employment as an "acting opportunity". (Det. 11:7) He knew what he wanted as, he also knew that if he could convinces someone to employ him in a field he didn't know anything about he would succeed in his field. This actor believes it is about "Greatness" achieving that was important to him. (Psalm 103:7)

High School Grad Pointing to University of Choice
What is important to you? What is your greatness? What is your life about? What and how would you use to help yourself in life? Would you take the time to help someone else?  (Luke 21:33) What are your personal goals? Focus on those and you will succeed. For me and my house, we will serve the Lord and he directed our path off to college. I love the Lord!

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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Dead Man Speaks I'm Not Listening

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls:

Now my transition from youth to junior high and then high school was not an easy one. Things happen I didn't expect. My dad, my love was trying to help me transition from prayer to Job's Daughter (book of Job) back to prayer (Psalms). Do the two work together? Can a daughter of Job have the heart of David for prayer? Could she be "God's Beloved"? The transition presented some challenges. Many of them we didn't anticipate. I think there is a song about this. "Anticipation". It makes me laugh the stupid memories I have of both of us. Can a junior high or high school study pray for school work, friends, college, grades? Is this acceptable? How do you do it all? Is it any different praying for your children when you become a mother?

It presented new challenges for my dad, he was a strict man who believed in being highly organized. The transition into womanhood his daughter didn't count on was boys interest in her and the need for them to look good, showing off, etc. I remember the different boys that would come by the house before I was old enough to date, to see if I was interested. I assure you I was never interested.

One showed up barefoot.
Barefoot Prayer
 He didn't met my dad's qualifications for dating. Please don't ask me for a timeline on these gentlemen caller, that is irrelevant. I know it started when I was in about 5th grade with mothers bringing the sons over to introduce them to my dad and it went on until my junior year in high school. How un-american I would tell them. I don't want to marry a latin. Good for nothing men who cheat on their wife. (Forgive me that is a cultural non-politically correct statement, but a teenagers only defense. As a mature woman I have discovered cheating on your wife has nothing to do with culture, more like character. It also affects both men and woman.) The young man visiting was unexpected. I invited this young man in introduced him to my parents, next they were playing a game of chess. After the game which lasted more than hour closer to two and half hours where I was only allowed to speak to the young when it was my dads turn to move his chest piece. I was board. When the game was over my dad, asked the young man to follow him. He took him into his bedroom, I followed carrying on, like a teenager and watched in shock as he open his closet door, showed him all his suits, his shirts, pants, shoes, lined up perfectly neat in the closet. He asked the young man if he wanted some of the cloths in the closet. The young man said no! Then he respectfully told the young man that he was inappropriately dressed to call on his daughter. If he wanted he would loan him his cloth if not he need to get out of his house until he could dress like a man who had good intentions, honorable. Until then not to call on his daughter for a date. I was so embarrassed. This young man couldn't get out of our home fast enough. He never spoke to me again not at school not when I saw him around town. Guess sometimes dad's know best.  Today, I get the point of making it sure a man needs to respect, his daughter. (Lam. 5:12)  Now that I think of it the young man was not respecting his elder. Old school isn't such a bad thing when you are trying to learn, what is pleasing to "The Lord, God".

Later, while in Junior High there was a young red man (much older than I he was in high school) who use to come by the school with his friend. I had just joined the club I had mentioned earlier. His interest was in his friend being with my friend who I had just met. I was quiet as a young lady, learning from my dad to question the intentions of the heart of young men who were interested in me, in this case my girlfriend. I watch and listen. We were both quiet as they talked. Afterwards, I told my friend, she shouldn't be with a young man so much older. She had an older brother and explained they were his friends. This happened a few times until the mother daughter get together for school when I asked her mom privately, if her daughter was allowed to date. (Song of Solomon 8:8) We were both at that point in our lives learning, growing, knowing I wasn't ready for dating and my parents wouldn't allow it. Would her's.

Helpful College Prep Study Guides
Now it is about listen to what is righteous my dad taught me. (Psalm 119:142) The goal is to find righteousness, love mercy, gain honor. (Proverbs 21:21) For the Lord is righteous, He loves righteousness; His countenance beholds the upright. (Psalm 11:7). I spent the next two and half, years learning what it meant to be a daughter of Job. You know Job had many daughters, they each had their own character trait.  How a young man should treat a young lady. I shed my share of tears for maturity is not always painless. The bible speaks of many things including being betrayed by those you befriend. Girls turn on girls for boys, call you names, say stupid things, boys yell things they should for power. I learned "Dead Men Speak, I Don't Have To Listen or Obey".  Actions speak louder than words when it comes to knowing in the midst of trouble there is no greater love than the love of the "Father" for his children. (Matt. 23:9) Doing what is right isn't always about  looking the prettiest or knowing. It is about knowing what is right for you. Hopefully, it will be right for the other person too. In this case, my girlfriend was able to invite these two young men to her home. I lost a girlfriend for talking to her mom, she felt betrayed. I was prevented from knowing which Jobs daughter she was. I felt relieved that she was safe, her parents could supervise the intention of these young men's hearts that were calling their. The cool thing is their was no hatred between us. Just respect. I escorted her brother to his prom at her request. 

College Prep Study
I also spend the next two years with my favorite English Teacher; the youngest teacher the school had ever known, the new guy learning what it would take to become a teacher. He helped me with the thoughts of being more than just a high school graduate. We wrote to each other until I graduated from high school. This hip new teacher, helped me focus on what was important to me. It was also important to my dad. Did you know that if you kick boys out of your thoughts, there is a whole lot of room for studying for college? College prep classes and test took up enough time. I thank him at graduation, where he asked me for a date. Unfortunately, I was already dating the man that was the "Love of my Life", I told him I was grateful, no thank you. I will always remember him as the cool new teacher the only young teacher our school had. 

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Why choose Babel or Is It Bable?

Why choose Babel or Is It Bable?

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls,

I think I have drifted from my original goal to be a gossip about the shallow things in life and make a living from it. Instead I write about the things that have affected me. I will eventually place a new tab on the website. Affect by life, what happens to a person when forced in spirit or in truth. How it changes the life of a human.

Who would choose Bable or Babel? If you don't know the difference then I suggest you look them up. Cultural differences and stereotypes affect humans. As a child I was learning what was pleasing to God. Here in the United States, California, it is different than Puerto Rico, I was told it is different. Why I wondered? It is the same God is it not? My mom's goal to help me understand was different than my dad's goal. My dad would take me to the bible to read what pleased God. My mom would take me to see. God is sovereign I was always told by both.

  • Psalms 109:21 (GNBDK)

    But my Sovereign LORD, help me as you have promised, and rescue me because of the goodness of your love.
  • Psalms 109:21 (NKJB) 
  • But You, O God the Lord. Deal with me for your name's sake. Because your mercy is good, deliver me.
The stereotypes of life. I remember, attending a prayer night given by long time friends of my mom and grandmother  (Tete and Saturno). I was with my grandmother and mother, as safe as it gets. My grandmother loved praying with me and I with her. When it was over there was a celebration. Don't really remember why they got together to pray, I just know this couple had weekly prayer time at their house. Their teenage daughter then asked to attend the party she was invited to. I was asked to attend with her, however she was much older that me. She was a teenager and I was a youth...just on the brink of teenage hood. Here is what I remember. 1. The party was walking distance from her house. 2. Their daughter was excited to finally be able to hang out with her friends. 3. When we arrived their were so many teenagers that the house overflowed into the street with teenagers. At that point I stopped. She commented come on lets go and I said you go. I think I don't want to enter that. They are a little to old for me to hang out with.  She sent her girlfriends to come talk with me. How fun it was to be a preteen teen. After awhile they went about their way. I went back to the house and we left. My mom and the others continued to be friends. I continued to be friends with their daughter, with an occasional phone call. The stereotype of the "party lifestyle" was not exactly, my thing.

During my teen years, I did attend parties that overflowed into the street, some with alcohol, some with no alcohol, most without drugs. The party lifestyle isn't what it seems. To me it is a form of bable, babel. People overflowing with a purpose to have fun. With no real purpose. Each person trying to find a place to fit in. A person to fit in with. It is when someone looks for something they can't find so they look for other things to satisfy them. I don't think my parents intention was to teach me the party lifestyle looked like, however the lesson learned that night was one of "Sovereign God' also know as 'God the Lord" wanted me to learn. It definitely was a lesson on self control. It is knowing that God is Sovereign over all.

Shout! Thank you!
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Class Reunion

 Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls;

Have you ever attended a class reunion. I had what is today called my 'peeps' in high school. They were certain girls that I hung out with. I loved these girls and they me. The funny thing is as a "Cheerleader" one would think that I was popular. The popularity was irrelevant to me. I was focused on getting to college and learning to be the best I could be.

High school cheerleaders today, go through really intense screening today. They not only have to be able to perform dance, coordination, leadership, they also have to be intelligent. Yes, I said intelligent. Beautiful looks help not a requirement. If you look up the word, look it up in the "GNB", it has a different definition than the "NKJB". Either way it is the importance of knowing the truth.

I attended my class reunion to share Thanks with friends, I had not seen in a while. Well, actually there was one friend I wanted to say thank you to. During my high. My close friends from elementary school were still the same. How fun is that. I attended this one with a friend from Junior High. We both had common things we had both raised two young men who were in college. She married a "Rocker" band guy and I married and educator. She would always find me when she needed to vent about life. The other thing we had in common was our moms. Both her dad and mine had passed away.  I had lots of fun.

While I was in high school three people committed suicide. One jumped off the bleachers. One that my cousins knew, that was sad because I went on one date with, he joined the military, was dishonorably discharged (drug use) married, divorced, wanted to date again. I wasn't interested and my aunt was trying to force me. However, I said no. Later, I found out he took a gun to his head. The one that affected me the most and why I wanted to attend the reunion to say thank you. Was a young man who I walked home from school with. It was several miles from home and most of the time I would catch the bus, however if practice ran late I would miss the bus and walk home.

This young man and his friend that I knew from elementary school must have been walking home as well. The funny thing I don't remember the first time we walk home together. I do know that the friend from elementary school recognized me. I didn't talk to people or strangers on the way home. After about a year of walking home together on and off his friend asked me out. Like usual I hesitated. Turning him down many times. They would come to the house and just talk. Long story short, I went out with him. Broke it off. He invited me to church, it was closed took me to meet his family, no family in the house. Made a usual teenage pass to kiss me. I asked from him to bring me home.  Guess what! He brought me home. I shared the story with my dad.

Later, not sure of the timeline. My dad who was also conservative didn't want me walking to school begin driving me to school. We would talk on the way to school. He would ask questions if the young man was still bothering me. For some reason at a yellow light he said something to me that was unexpected. He told me that I needed to talk with the young man's mother. I looked at him and said about what? It's over.  There was no dating policy established in my mind. This happened my sophomore year.

One evening, my parents were not home and his friend came running over. That the young man I dated was about to commit suicide, because I wouldn't date him. I told the guy he was ridiculous no one does that. Anyway, his parents were home. He needed to tell them not me. It is acceptable to say no. He told me I had to hurry and go to his house, they lived a few blocks away and we could run there together. I said no my parents weren't home and I didn't believe him anyway. (Honestly, I never heard of such a thing.) we had gone out on a couple days and he had escorted me to homecoming princess and the dance. telling me he loved me.) What is love when you are 15 or 16. Definitely, not worth suicide. The young man continued to follow and pursue me. (Today's terms stocking.)

Somewhere in the midst of drill team, homework, staying home, dance club, gymnastics, track, after school employment. The young man took a riffle to his stomach and pulled the trigger. Today, looking back at I wish I would have listened to my dad and talked with his mom. I didn't want to see him again, because of what he tried. However, not knowing his mom made it difficult to go talk with her. (Unfortunately, the young man left a note. Talking about this deep love he had for me and that I wouldn't marry him therefore life wasn't worth living. Talk about a difficult thing to hear from a mother, who blamed me for the love her son felt for me. My thought was  "Lady, we walked home from school together or rode the bus, it wasn't a great love affair. I didn't pull the tiger. Your son wanted to force me to have sex with him (in his brothers house, while he was gone) using attending church as an excuse, so my parents would give me permission to date. (All I could do was cry.) I wasn't allowed to be rude. His mom yelled at me in the emergency room!

His family called my family on the way to emergency and I spent a year of my life visiting him in the hospital. Talking to him on the phone and trying to give this young man a reason to live (outrages phone bills), trying to give this young man a reason to live. I even remember falling asleep holding the telephone I talked for hours about all that is good. My employment went to paying my parents off for the bills this young man caused. Once those were paid I was able to use it for the extra expenses high school brings.

There was one young man at school who had the courage to come up to me and confront the gossip stories and rumors. He asked me what had happened. I was able to for the first time tell the story to a peer. He also with a girlfriend of his, took me to visit him in the hospital. They cared in an unexpected way. The three of us talked with him in the hospital. Spent who how many hours, minutes. Honestly, I hated the young hospital patient by this time. (Psalm 139: 22) I was filling the responsibility all the adult wanted me to fill. (Jer. 23:16) I have never felt hate for another human before. (Psalm 109:5) On a dare I was told to kiss him to wake him up. I looked at him lying in the hospital bed, with his dry lips, and his wounded body, he blamed me for. I confess discuss and sorrow maybe pity, is what I felt. (Palm 26:26) Duty to keep someone alive and love don't always go hand in hand. You can feel emotions, you don't always have to share or act on it. I kissed him. Grateful to the young man who took me to the hospital that day, (that dare me to kiss him) that was the last visit last phone call till, he returned my senior year of high school as a junior and quickly dropped out. For a brief moment it started again. the anonymous phone calls, the stocking, it quickly ended when I took the position as the telephone operator for the principal of the school, when they starting calling me during this time at school the principal got involved. I was able to tell my story to the principal. Whenever, the young man came to talk with me, the other school students watched. I thank them all for not leaving me alone! If one kiss could save a life and end the endless accusations, then I was willing to do that.

After several reunions were we would miss each other I finally got to say Thank you! to the one person who believed my truth!  My high school years are complete! I never have to attend a reunion again. I went to every reunion trying to say thank you. My senior closed with a cheerleader throwing a pie in a football player face. ;) Fun times! Now it closes with a Shout! Thank You! Best way to end a story in the past. I will just meet my girlfriends for coffee and continue my friendships. College years are story's of a focused married woman.

Shout! Thank you.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Lacking Maturity in Prayer, Getting Maturity in Prayer

Hi there Diamond Glamour Girl;

What do you do when you are asked to pray for someone? Do you run to the nearest closet? Do you hit the person? Do you crucify the person? The misconception of prayers and miracles in life. The average person should know that...

The Bible
     Talks about
        What is appropriate for daily living.

Visit your local Church
When I was a teenager, I missed one of the several proms, I was invited by young men from other high schools and attended those, however none my classmates ever asked me to the prom. Homecoming Princess have everything right?  If they are prayerful, if they have "that"...that's what they use to call it. Teenagers are intimidated. This particular prom, I was dared by my girlfriends to ask someone to the prom and not sit home. The young man I wanted to ask. Kirk or Curt (this is what I will call him) was away at christian camp. He was a camp director and had already graduated from our high school the previous year. I wrote him for a year while he was at college.

Anyway, the young man asked me for a date.  After a year of writing letters. It happened the date we went on was the same as the prom. (I told him I thought of asking him, however I thought he would think it was silly thing to attend since he was in college. He replied; he would of attended had I asked.)  Small talk. It was a way of having conversation.  I wish I could remember, where we went and what we did. I know that he was as kind as can be. The night was foggy and he was a safe driver. my dad being who he was had the two porch lights on (this makes me laugh today) to detoured young men from kissing me good-night he put in 100 watt light bulbs that you could see all the way to the corner of the street. His philosophy, if you're not able to do it in the light, then you shouldn't be doing it.  It was our first date and I get rather quiet on the first date, I watch listen to see what type of man I am dating. Is he fun? Does his interest lie with self? Is he about sex or relationship. Yes, teen boys even then were described to have one thing in mind. How will he lead? Is he a gentleman? Will he open the car door for me? Will he get out of the car and come to the door or just honk. What are his morals, standards, character like? Guess what you can scare any teenager by asking them what they believe in. What their future plans are.

My date was quiet. He was a quiet young man as well and we struggled to find things to talk about. The one thing he figured out was that he would attempt to kiss me in the car before he walked me to the door. Guess he knew what the lights at the door meant. The funny thing is that in fog, lights are brighter. He startled me with his tall lanky arms.  I quickly got out of the car and told him. I talked to him later.  He went back to camp. We continued to write letters. Prayerful, always closing with "I love you!" Not "I love you" as I want to marry, it was an "I love you" as agape love. Weekends later he came back for a second day...however my sister was engaged and we were about to attend the "meet the in laws" dinner. I forgot about all the date, he was insulted. I can't imagine why. Later, his sister told me how hurt he was. That he had bought me a beautiful cross necklace.  She knew because he gave it to her. I asked her if she thought I should apologize, then I realized I never called boys, so I wrote it in a letter. Never heard from him again. Imagine, I was not desiring to attend the "meet the in-law dinner" and would much rather have gone on my own date. My sisters, cries and young woman, "you're going to ruin my life if you don't attend". I was rude, and I take responsibility for that. No, I don't want to see time today. I love knowing, that the past is the past. I lack maturity in speaking to a young man older than me...I was a Junior in High school and he was a "college man". The test of life that shape our character.
  • Matthew 11:6 (NKJV)

    And blessed is he who is not offended because of Me.”
  • The fact that my parents were fighting about this dinner because they were in new territory of parenthood, wouldn't allow this young man in, my sister got upset I made a date for the same time so I didn't have to attend, the fact that I had to deliver all the messages while they were yelling in the background offend him. I agree I wouldn't have called me either for another date. If my dad asked I obeyed even in insulting a young man. I know that was not my intention, however it did. I am sure he has lead a good life. "Lesson learned"
  • Accepting what you can not and would not change.
    Years later while planning a reunion for "Job Daughter" I came across a friend I knew from Junior High. Her mother called me and asked me to pray for her daughter. This was unexpected. Her daughter, was well organized and loved planning the reunion. She was having so much fun. Looking up people. Reconnecting to friends from the past. I helped whenever possible, but it was her reunion. Here thing. Mom asked if I would pray for her, because she was for the first time in a long time doing something she liked. I got to know her again and like many of us adulthood means you go to work, then home. This woman was signal, worked all day and would go home and be alone. Her mom asked me something no other woman, has ever asked. Her daughter was involved with porn. Job's Daughters were considered prayerful young woman. Not associated with pron. What does the workplace do for a woman? Her dad owned the company she worked for. The cries of a mom's heart are heard. What would you do if a woman mother called you and asked you to help her daughter with pron? She (my junior high friend) invited me to her home. We were able to talk about things that were bothering her. I tried. I didn't know enough about her. Pron is unacceptable in the workplace! It is illegal. I told her to report it to the police. 
  • Learning to Pray Again!
    I like usual looked up bible verses to share and ended up taking her to Ann Graham-Lotz "Just give me Jesus" revival. It was for woman at the time. The problem was greater than I.  I was not interested in learning about "Pron" in order to save her, therefore I went to the source that saved me."Jesus". What better group of people than those woman who prayed to Jesus. I thought she would love singing like we did when we were young. Many of the same songs. Unfortunately, she left early. I stayed finished the conference and continued to pray for her. She is one of those I still hold hope for. "I waited for your salvation. Oh Lord." Gen 49:18  The Lord lives! Blessed be the Rock! Let the God of my salvation be exalted. Psalm 18:35 What I hoped she'd get again is Psalm 18:35. It was not the first time I attended this conference. However, it is a love for that great History book, the Bible that is relevant today.
  • I went to work, that Monday, excited about the school God had me planning and praying for those that needed him. I called her mom and told her I did everything I knew how to do. The rest was up to The Lord, and I would stay in touch with her. My friend talked from months after that and then after a while, she didn't call anymore. Life gets in the way sometimes. My friend needed her own voice...and the spirit within her that made NO mean NO and Yes mean Yes. (Matt.5:37)
  • Shout Thank You!

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Saturday, May 24, 2014


Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls,

Viet Nam War
I hope you are ready for Memorial Day! For those of you who follow my tweets yesterdays tweets were KISSES. When I was a child my sisters friends were drafted to fight the war that no one wanted to call war, "Viet Nam". It was after the 60's riots and it always felt like something terrible was about to happen. Where some choose to battle others choose to stay away from. I used the (GNB) Good News Bible. Some argue about the choice of bible, I figured if Billy Graham was about the good news I wanted to know. There was a thing called POW bracelets. You purchased the bracelets and were able to write to soldiers to encourage them. My thoughts were I was a child (under the age of 12) and didn't really know what to write adult men fighting a war they didn't want to. I would read the newspaper and listen to the news, to young to understand the ramifications the "war" "non-war" would have in the lives of these men (forgive me, back then the wars only had men or at least that is what was mainly written about. Anyway, I got to experience how encouraging the word of God is to men.

During these times my dad would help me with attitude and the importance of it:
  • Philippians 4:5 (GNB) Show a gentle attitude towards everyone. The Lord is coming soon.

  • Teaching me also about the beatitudes. I enjoyed learning what was appropriate and pleasing to God and for a child it was knowing it was a way to have standards, guidelines, measures in her life. It was learning what you can control and what you can't. I could control what I wrote in letters I couldn't control what these men experienced, saw or had to do. They were called to something I was not old enough to understand. 

Convalescent Woman
A few years ago, my aunt was sick in the hospital. I grabbed my bible and sat at her bedside reading Psalms. The love I felt for my aunt at childhood was great. As an adult I read the Psalms in the hope that she would hear me. That she would know love.  I have the best memories of my aunt. Like I said in another blog she was my encourager as a child. She was a nurse, by profession and as an signal mom raising her two children (signal mom) she went back to school to see if she could become a doctor. What a powerful role model for my youth. I watched her and tried to think like her. "All things are possible." One of the things she would ask me is: " What would you attempt to do if you know you couldn't fail." "Faith in God includes Faith in His timing." Hab 2:3  The pain of seeing her there void of herself, was enough to pain myself and cry out for God's grace and mercy in her life. Little did I know that those cries would call a priest to her bedside to give her last communion known to Catholics as Eucharist (last rites). Psalm 6:9. My uncle should up as well. I handed him my bible in the hopes we would pray for my aunt. He read a few verses. When the priest arrived he left. For what reason I do not know, I just knew I couldn't leave her alone without family. I stayed and the priest allowed me the honor of feeding her the communion (the Eucharist). I remember saying out loud I didn't want her to choke, he assured me she could still swallow. He laughed. Assuring me she could still swallow. We both prayed over her. I stayed a while longer after the Priest had left. They moved her back to the convalescent home and she died much later. Later I met my cousin and spoke with her. I confess, I am not sure if I signed in that day, at the hospital. All I know is I sat their praying and loving my aunt the best I could.

Why do I share this story with you? Honestly, I am not sure. My truth is not anyone elses or is it? I believe in the goodness of God. One of those knowing God knew I didn't have to carry my aunts sadness or seeing her die in front of me. Like the men I prayed for. Some got to come back and tell me what the letters meant. Others never returned or if they did I didn't get to hear from them. Those I still remember by name. Those I still carry a remembrance of. Knowing that all things work for the good of those that love Him.

What do you want at your beside when your old?  Attitude of Gratitude (Psalm 90:1). The voice of the Lord is over the waters; The God of glory thunders; The Lord is over many waters. Psalm 29:3  He promises that we will never have more than we are capable of dealing with. I know my Lord is a Good Lord.  Shout! Thank you!

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Friday, May 23, 2014

More Than One Way To Starve a Woman

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls;

SDFC Thank You!
On this cloudy day, where the sky is grey what a blessing for those who have lost their home in the May 15 th (fifteenth) fires. I awoke thinking of many topics to write about something I haven't done in a long time. Most of the time I like keeping my thoughts to myself. Somehow, the shallow topics I write about are the things that keep me sane. Events, weddings, meetings planning is my thing. I do love the word of God, like many after their children prove faith, finding a church as a family became difficult. It isn't the same. You each have different needs.

I use to be the one in the family that would find a church for our family to attend. The goal to stay together was the focus, rather than the mission of the church. It was a deep inner need for this mom to be just that the mom of my children. I no longer had the "call" to serve. I did have the call to attend and worship.

  • John 4:22 (NKJV)

    You worship what you do not know; we know what we worship, for salvation is of the Jews.
    • John 4:24 (NKJV)

      God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.”
      • John 4:20 (NKJV)

        Our fathers worshiped on this mountain, and you Jews say that in Jerusalem is the place where one ought to worship.”
      • The fourth book  "New Testament" I was taught to apply them for practical living. It is the fourth book of the gospels. Mark, Matthew, Luke, John. It is interesting how every time I have tried to study this book, life happens. I have through CBS (Community Bible Study) or BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) studied every book in the bible. This last time my Aunt died. It was a sorrow that left me devastated. How I loved this aunt her name like mine, Maria. No, I wasn't named after her I was named after my father's mother. One might ask why she was so important to me. Because of her and my dad's family I graduated from college, learned to draw and thought of becoming an attorney. In my second or third year of college I changed to wanting to become a teacher. She is also the aunt that taught me how to draw, paint, and write poetry. She believed women could live a life without being depend on a mom, dad or man. Woman should have their own voice and express it. Now how does this lead to starvation? 
      • starve
        1. 1.
          (of a person or animal) suffer severely or die from hunger.
          "she left her animals to starve"
          synonyms:dying of hunger, deprived of food, undernourishedmalnourished,starved, half-starvedMore
        2. 2.
          be freezing cold.
          "pull down that window for we are perfectly starving here"

      • SD firefighters May 15
        Do you consider the word of "God" food?  Do you consider the word of "God" truth? Even if you look at it as a history book it is true.  Nonetheless, would you blame it for the starvation in the world? 
      • Proverbs 6:30 (NKJV)

        People do not despise a thief If he steals to satisfy himself when he is starving.
      • There is physical starvation, emotional starvation, loss of home starvation, loss of employment starvation,loss of clothing, loss of income starvation and the literal loss of healthy food to eat starvation.  Can a person starve because their home was burned by fire? Can a person Starve because they were forced to move someplace they didn't want to. What a thought. Look at all the homeless people we have in San Diego. How many of those will be displaced North County residence who had no place or no one to help them? 
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Thursday, May 22, 2014

KISS is it (Keep it Simple Sweetie)?

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls,

When I was a teenager I was one of those girls....  No, not those girls.... those girls. The girl that the boy wanted. You know they want. They have needs. The girl that they wanted because of my and forgive me for speaking so bluntly, back then there wasn't any way of knowing I was naive, innocent. The stereotype. I was grouped with Maria on "West Side Story" or Maria on a Musical. How many times was Natalie Wood questioned about being a Maria?  Did they want her to be like the person she portrayed?

What happens when someone doesn't fall into the "stereotype"? I was watching the Bachelorette last night thinking about the silliest of things, something her sister and her were talking about. Kiss! A kiss between a man and a woman made public on national TV versus a real kiss between a man and a woman.

The definition of KISS:   (First Three Definitions)


1. Greet all the brethren with an holy kiss. 1Thess.5:26
2. Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth: for thy love is better than wine. Song of Solomon 1:2
3. Greet one another with an holy kiss. 

 Merriam Webster defined:
      1: to touch with the lips especially as a mark of affection or greeting <kissed his wife good-bye>
      2:  to touch gently or lightly <wind gently kissing the trees>

Urban Dictionary defined: (Today's Youth)
   1. The sweetest thing a guy can do without bein an ass.
   2. May I kiss you instead of grabbing your ass?
       an upper persuasion for lower INVASION
       kkkkkkk iiiiiii ssssss
   3. the meeting of two pairs of lips
       He looked into my eyes, and we kissed

If the third definition is the truth, where did the second definition go? There are many definitions describing a kiss in the bible. However, I can't help myself thinking about the bachelorette. How naive is this woman that she would think that the standards are equal for men and woman? Even the military is looking into this. 

Even in the most modern world, a woman is still physically not as strong as a man. Woman are made differently. The anatomy of a woman is different. This is not a statement saying they are not strong. Woman are physically strong, they also have gifts men don't have. Men have gifts woman don't have. That is what makes a couple balanced if chosen correctly. Even the military is looking into this. The military is looking at ways to modify its training for women to help them qualify for direct ground combat roles in the infantry, tank units and special operations.

Now, back to the kiss. Why would a woman want to kiss so many men. Part of her power is in her ability to have self control. "gentleness and self control. Against such there is no law." Gal 5:23. Let me ask you this question...after kissing so many men will she be looked at as
    a wife that is worthy of his respect
        a woman with power
               a woman he would want to have children with
                  the love of his life
                    worthy of putting a wedding ring...
                        the list goes on.....

Have these things changed in her from his view point. From the urban dictionary they change in the heart of our teens, children they are the ones writing the definitions. This is troublesome for parents today. How can you help a young adult that no longer looks at a kiss as what it should be?

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

In a Moment of Panic or is it A Cry for Help?

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls;

I awoke this morning to different noises. Rooster crowing, dogs barking, birds tweeting and neighbors warming up their cars, trucks for the long morning commute to work. It is country here. I am so not here, yet I am here. Do you understand? I am physically here, however my thought are on the home I lost. My life! My mom can't relate, she has never experienced this type of devastation. Her husband, was an immediate 911 call. To old and frie. What am I doing?

Have you ever felt like a child. Not in the normal way, or adult way, as the child that was hurt and needed you mom? That's a feeling that is indescribable as an adult woman. The pain so intense it would make even the strongest of adults cry for their mom. The pain described best by Job 30:16-23. No, I am not Jesus (I know Him) or Job (I am not Job, I have read about him and I once was a Job's Daughter even became Honored Queen), I am a woman from my birth, however I can relate to this type of pain. A pain so intense You just pick up the belongings you have and run to the what you think is safety. It is safety?

Great lead in for a blog don't you think. Intense! How else can one describe the pain one feels when they have to leave everything behind and move in with a mom that is re-married and has a life with her husband and their own way of being. It is a mom who is no longer the mom of your youth, yet you need the mom of your youth to talk to, to share your life with and what just happen.  It is a time when you both don't understand each other. Communication is no longer there in the same way. She can't relate to your experience and you can't relate to hers. She is now older than what you thought and her husband is even older. Instead of allowing us time, he tries to help (by trying to fix things.) There are some things that can't be fixed.
                                                                                                                                      Broken Marriages
                                                                                                                                Broken Hearts
                                                                                                                        Broken Homes
                                                                                                                 Destroyed Lives
                                                                                                        Employment Lost
                                                                                                 Financial Loss
                                                                                          Hurt Children
                                                                                     Burden Lives
                                                                                 Stolen Lives
 I ask myself...
      Would it have been easier if I would of just asked a neighbor for help?
             Would it have been better if I would have gone to a hotel?
                     Would it have been better if I would have asked my local church if I could sleep in their                                       building, so I could have shelter?
                          Would it have been easier if I would have would it have been better if I would have gone to                                my young man's dorm room and asked if I could sleep there?
                              Would it have been better if I would have gone to my ex-husband's home and humbled                                      myself again and asked to sleep there?
                                 Would it have been better if I would have run to the Doctors and gotten medication for                                     the pain?
What is the right decision when that pain is greater than your ability to cope? That is something that even the bible doesn't talk about. Job lost everything. Job 14:22 "But his flesh will be in pain over it, And his soul will mourn over it." I mourn! I mourn! I SHOUT! Thank You!  

"If he offers it for a thanksgiving, then he shall offer with the sacrifice of thanksgiving,unleavened cakes mixed with oil, unleavened wafers anointed with oil, or cakes of blended flour mixed with oil. " Lev 7:12   Is this communion? Does he take even my right to have communion? Fellowship?What does the Lord want, that he doesn't already have? That he hasn't already done? Taken?

I like you am trying to figure it all out. In the wink of an eye my life changed. "Let them not rejoice over me who are wrongfully my enemies: Nor let them wink with the eye who hate me without a cause." Psalm 35:19

What will I do today that will make a difference? In my life? In the life of another? Did you hear my cry?

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