Thursday, August 23, 2012


What is your church of choice?  It is funny, but not really that a wedding, event, fashion, diamond oriented blog would ask this question.  I have to say I am not perfect but planning weddings is one of those things you begin to think about whom you are serving and what you will help them with.

Religion plays a part but so do lifestyle, income, and beliefs.  What I believe does not mean my client believes and therefore it is important to respect their belief without fall into their ways.  I had a strong Christian upbringing, but when my mom remarried she married someone who didn’t grow up with the same believes as I had.  What could I do?  Nothing, that is why it is important to let your yeses be YES and your no’s be NO.

Weddings are a little like that the venue you choose becomes your “Church of Choice”.  Make sure your beliefs fit in.  Make sure you have the right Minister, Revered, Preacher, Teacher, Dr., Pastor, Clergy, Justice of the Peace.  One of the things event planners do, wedding planners do, is we help people find not only the right venue but the right person to marry them.  Some people want to be counsel others do not.  My favorite (only because it makes my job easier) is those that bring their person from their church.  It helps to know what they are trying to convey to their family, friends, and guest.

When I had to interview different people to conduct weddings, I was blessed to learn some of the different believes of different religions.  This doesn’t mean I changed my beliefs.  One of the biggest believes I have is that before you go before everyone and confess your love for one another; make sure you have talked with someone to make sure you are equally yoked.  Individuals have different beliefs and this can create both blessings and curses in a family.  The goal is to make sure you both think enough alike to stay married during your lifetime, a difficult thing even for Christians.  I know I have experience both.  We "I" choose to get married in a church, that didn't have a cross, or a dove, or steeple, I (we) choose to get married in a  Christian church that had a large statue of Jesus.  Our friends, my high school counselor's  wife was our wedding coordinator.  It was simplistic, humble and perfect for two people starting out with nothing.  I wouldn' t have change a thing. 
"Just give me Jesus,"  as Ann Graham-Lotz would say, one can never get enough of our wonderful counselor. 
 That was our profession of faith as individuals and as a couple.  What is yours?

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Focus on Meetings

Every business has its resources.  Churches use the Bible, fellowship and history books.  Executives for the YMCA have certain manuals they use to run their programs.  Attorneys use tons of law books.  We all need assistance in our everyday life.  We get ideas from one another to sustain our businesses, our relationships our being.  Without new ideas our lives grow dull, quiet and alone.

In the industry of event planning one of my favorite resources is “Meeting Focus”.  It is a guide for destination in North America.  It is a source I refer to often to assist my clients.  There are many other ways to accomplish the same goal.  There are companies and resources I can pay for but there is something in picking up a book and reading it that gives me a sense of self that no computer can give me or a company can give me.  Maybe it is because I learned to read from a book with pages, paper, and print.  It helps all the senses; they are hearing, sight, touch, smell and taste.  You know everyone knows not to taste or eat a book.  It saddens me that they are trying to teach children to read on computers rather than books.  Teachers know and understand the more of the senses you can incorporate in teaching the faster and quicker children learn.

I still remember my first reading book and how important I felt.  “Dick and Jane” Do you remember your first book?  Then I remember my first devotional book my parents bought me.  Do you remember yours?  Then when I was older, I remember my dad teaching me how to read the Bible, something he read daily. Do you still read what your parents taught you to read, whatever faith that is?  I am not trying to push my believe system on you; just want you to know that there are certain things that make each industry better for having it.  Quick references are great and serve their purpose, but there is still nothing better than going through a book, looking at each reference and thinking of the person you are going to refer to that resource.

I always ask myself questions about the client who, what, when, where, likes, dislikes.  Then, I think to myself would I want someone to refer me to this venue?  If it doesn’t meet my expectations why would I refer a client there?  My level of integrity is important not only to myself, but to those around me.  If I expect the best and I strive for the best, so will they.  There are no guarantees we will get it, not even in the Bible, but there are promises we can hang onto.   Hopefully the people we associate with make us better than being by ourselves.  That’s the only truth there really is.  That if we treat others like we want others to treat us, we get the best there is relationships built on trust, respect and maybe an agape love.

Friday, August 17, 2012

KISS (Keep It Simple Sister) The working Women and Fashion

One of the things most women have in common is fashion.  We love cloths, not for the reason one might think.  Things seem like one thing when they are another.  Today’s women have to be smarter than the other generations before them, so we think…  The truth is women are supposed to mentor one another.  Men are taught to go for things at all cost, but women are taught compassion, understanding, and wisdom.  Now what role does this play in the workplace?
I was reading the “In Style” the other day when I realized some things do not change throughout time.  Women love being respected for their work.  Cloths have a say in the perception of what we are trying to say.  In my younger years I loved color bright and beautiful.  Men confuse color with women wanting attention.  Don’t ask me why it just was, they think if we dress a certain way we are that.  As I matured in the workplace I realized being noticed by the color I was wearing was not the best thing for my career.  I wanted respect for the work I did, not the colors I was wearing. 

This year Ann Taylor Fall 2012, has my favorite all time way of dressing.  My favorite way to dress is black and white with a pop of color.  I always found this way of dressing allowed me to go from work place to an evening meeting with will change.  It also got me respect.  Women respect one another in the workplace when one is trying to do the best work possible.  Competition is what it is, but respect comes from hard work, focusing on the things that matter most for the corporation you are working for and having your personal priorities in place.  Women supporting one another in the workplace is very important, earn the respect of your pears and you may earn the respect of person who is your supervisor.  The funny thing is there is a balance there.  Earning the respect of the pears cannot supersede your goals.  If the pear is disrespecting you then you have to call them on it.  I truly believe that when you call them on it, does it face to face and in privacy.  If it doesn’t stop then take to the supervisor.  Stand up for yourself but do it in a way you will still respect yourself.  In life, if you are battling for something you want and loose self respect, it’s not worth it.

That’s, my bit of advice…back to fashion.  Ann Taylor, this year’s collection is about sophistication and KISS mentality, Keep It Simple Sister!  She has designed collection that allows women to show off their s lines without being recycled, without being this thing….men want.   We are women with power and her collection lets other know it, without shouting it!  It is a quiet confidence.  It is here I am, I know what I am doing, and I do it to the best of my ability.  Ann Taylor collection this year has it all pearls, ribbons; scarf’s, shoes flats or heels.  It’s a business suit during the day and evening attire during the night.  The Hughes is rich, deep with wealth, richness and comfort.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Experience at the Bridal Bazaar (Part 2)

As you will see the decoration in the booth makes a difference.  The first booth I had was a balloon theme with an scan code competition for prizes.  Del Mar 2012, was an interesting experience and my booth in such a large place, seemed rather small and over looked.

                                                                                                   When I arrived at my space, I found a place I could decorate as I wished to represent my company, MK Pure Diamond Events.  As you can see from the decorations, first on the list to hang were the diamonds.  Little by little the booth came together.  Bridal Bazaar is an amazing company to partner up with for business.  They only want the best for their clients as I do for mine. 

My assistance Princess Kayleigh and Princess Kristin, both modeling the “Princess Kate” Tierra are amazing with their personal skills.  This industry is perfect for them.  Princess Kristin is also employed for a PR firm.  Both ladies have great personal skill in relating to our potential clients. This business like so many others relates to people on personal bases.  We help people with their dreams.  We help them make them true.  My favorite part is when a client is honest with me about their budget and I help them make their dream come true, within their budget.  Helping them be good stewards of their money.  “Many believe they can’t afford wedding planners I believe; you can’t afford not to have one.”

Our booth ended up looking better then the last one.              
 Goal one accomplished. 
Our brides took many pictures of our “Bride and Grooms Table” flowers provided by Third Bloom. Home The jewelry in the background was and is on the website it is part of the MK Pure Diamond Events branding.  We offer a service to assist wedding parties locate formal jewelry for their wedding.  Our neighbor in the pictures was “Grove Pastry Shop”, our other “Laser Away”.  Both company representatives were/are kind and thoughtful.  It was great being next to other woman who are about helping woman and others make their dreams come true.

As you can tell my overall experience with working with the Bridal Bazaar was to promote my business.  When promoting ones business, I believe we are only as good as those we associate our business with.  The “Bridal Bazaar” is one of those great companies, I loved doing business with.  They treated me as I love treating my clients.  With respect, honesty and accountability for assisting others be the best they can be.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My Experience at the Bridal Bazaar (part 1)

There are many different experiences a event planner has, but one of the ones most profound experiences is when you have to represent your business in front of hundreds, possibly thousands of people.  I started planning for this from the minute I finished the first one.  I knew I had to step things up, have my assistants help me and talk to as many brides as I could.  So in this plan to make things better for my business, hoping I would get more clients I decided to video some of the steps I take to plan an event.  I treated my company as it was a client.  Before you continue this blog, I have to ask you to forgive my video taking skills, as you will see you need light in the room for the video to come out clearly and at 4:30 in the morning the light'll see.  

I thank God for my assistants. Kayleigh and Kristin their youth and excitement for this profession makes me remember all the good things in life.  On the first day both of them were busy and could not help out on the set up part of the day.The next couple of videos came out a little was around 7am and the sun was up.  Trying to do it all myself gets a little much, I say this in just.  I don't ever try to do everything myself.  I work with many wonderful vendors, photographers, videographers, florist, and wonderful people that are all in the business of helping others.  We all love to make our clients have a special day and memories that last a lifetime.  Second step was to gather all the things I would be taking for the event.  

The third step was putting it all into the car.  Event planners not only purchase, rent materials but they also have to prepare things so they look perfect for their clients.  On an ideal event we get to prepare the venue the day before.  Reality being what it is it is usually the day of the event which means that the day of the event we are working a 12-16 hour day.  When we are hired for the "Day of " event it always brings a smile to my face because we are limited what we can do.  MK Pure Diamond Events "Day of"  Events always start with making sure I can attend the rehearsal so I can met the family and see, understand how the bride wants things to run.  It is also making sure that day things get started off to a good start.  I do not stay for the completion of the event or the clean up.  The bride and groom are totally responsible for this.  Here is a clip of what the car looks like with all the things loaded up for the Bridal Bazaar. 

 The day of the Bridal Bazaar Bridal Bazaar August 2012 was filled with excitement, anticipation and hope for my future and that of the ladies working.  Like Van Gogh, Monet, or any other great artist.  An event planner sees things in an artistic manner.  We look at the space we are renting much as an interior designer it is a way to express ourselves.  The décor is an expression that can make or break our business, if we don’t represent ourselves, can we represent our clients interest well. 

We decorate our space, like an artist paints her/his canvas.  The colors, proportions, design, scale, height, width, depth all of this plays with our senses, letting us express emotions, relate to people and share a special moment in time with them, creating a memory.  Memories are the meaning of life.  The bible tells us “The memory of the righteous is blessed.” Prov10:7  As you read this blog, I hope you are blessed.

Prior to the event, with months of planning it took several days to find, purchased and design the things we wanted.  In the video clip you can hear me describe that I awake at 4:30 in the morning to put things together.  Trying not to wake my neighbors I put all the items in my car and drove to the San Diego Convention Center.  I wanted things to be perfect for the brides and was trying to make sure I got to the appointment on time I got there an hour and a half early.  This ended up being a blessing because I was able to go to a local restaurant, relax and have breakfast.  Got to share with you MaryJanes  best breakfast in san diego coffee shopclose to the Omini Hotel has the best coffee ever.  It is not bitter and rich in flavor.  I am pretty picky about my coffee so that is truly a compliment.

Back on track with the Bridal Bazaar, these ladies could not have made it any easier for the vendors.  MK Pure Diamond Events MK Pure Diamond Events arrived was told were to drive my car for unloading.  I loved it!  I didn’t have to lift, carry or take anything to my booth.  I was so impressed I can’t tell you how happy it made me.  By the time I parked my car, all the items I needed were at my booth.  It was such a great experience.  Event planners are always catering to others and making sure every need is met, but this time, my needs were being met.  Wow.  It's great when people help you out.

I have to give credit to the ladies at the Bridal Bazaar, they run a program that is amazing.  It is so well run that they know all of their vendors.  They treat them with repeat and help all of us when we need it.  I am so excited to be a part of one of the many vendors the Bridal Bazaar represents.  I hope for many years of doing business with them and pray that God will bless all our businesses.

MK Pure Diamond Events would like to give a big THANK YOU to Patty, Betty and Linda at the Bridal Bazaar for all you do for us vendors.  Answering all our questions, helping us become better for our clients.

I would also like to give a thank you to the Pastor that taught me "All things are possible."  you know who you are.  Love to you and your family.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


 I asked myself…what I know about HONEYMOONS.  I finally realized I know nothing.  On my honeymoon my husband and I called home to see if our new home was ready to move in when his sister said whatever she said, that caused our honeymoon to be cut short.  Who leaves their honeymoon early?  Honestly, we did.  Today I realize that the Honeymoon set a foundation for the relationship.  It is one of those moments in time that when things get difficult it is something you booth have to talk about it.

Here are something’s I would do different if I could.  This is not meant as a complaint, more like if I knew then what I know now.  The wedding and honeymoon are a reflection of the people in the relationship.  What is important to the both of you?  If you are people who like being with each other and want to shut out the world then do so.  Maybe a quiet, intimate wedding and honeymoon is what is perfect for you.

If you are a person who is budget conscience, then plan a small wedding and spend most of the money on the honeymoon.  It is a time to make all your dreams, plans, thoughts of what you both hope for in the future.  It is a time when you should both be equally having fun.  Not one better than the other.  The honeymoon should be a place you both should enjoy spending time together.

Know if you are the type that has a large budget, go for it.  Go Big!  If you go Big on the Wedding, then you have to Go Big on the HONEYMOON.  Why? Hum!  The honeymoon is where you booth start your real life together.  The wedding is the dream.  It is beautiful, lovely and should be everything you both ever wanted.

HONEYMOON, have traditionally been about what the man wants.  That is no longer true.  Men and women desire time well spent on their honeymoons.  Imagine a large wedding spending thousands of dollars and then coming home to a flat.  That how the future thoughts of one another will be, flat, she will blame you, you will blame him, etc.  Big weddings need to have Big Honeymoons so your high expectations of one another can continue.

Setting expectations:  What are their expectations to be set in a HONEYMOON?  We have wedding expectations, why not honeymoon expectations.  How will he perform?  Right!  Men wonder this about woman all the time.  Does your man wear the right lingerie to light the flame within you?  Does he expect you to wear the lingerie and do all the work to get him aroused?  If he expects this from you, are you not supposed to expect it from him?  Equally yoked right?  Expectations of one another are set by so many of social expectations that I make my clients have time to speak to one another of their desires.  No, I am not there when they are talking about it.  But I do help them find help if they are having difficulties talking about it because family members have their expectations as well.  To be able to discuss, communicate with one another on expectations for ones future is the beginning of a relationship that works for both parties.  If you can’t talk about the “HONEYMOON” the relationship part of it all, you just might not be ready to get married.  The “HONEYMOON” is something a couple should be able to discuss throughout their whole marriage.  Without it the marriage is questioned.  Mainly it is questioned within the couple, when the couple is made to doubt about themselves then the world (family, friends) question.  Mainly, because we speak of this to our friends trying to correct it, if you can talk to each other about intimate things at the beginning of the marriage you should be able to throughout your marriage.  You can always start the conversation with remember our “Honeymoon” discussions.  We each have an obligation to ourselves, and our partners.  In Christian marriages it is to our partner and then us.

Hope in 2020!

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