Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Don’t Meet Me In The Middle

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls,

It’s the middle of inktober and I have to tell you. I’m there... don’t meet me there. You know it’s like the work day when you had to stay in the office late the day before and the day before that. I remember planning fundraisers and the week leading up to the fundraiser everything gets checked and double checked. Still you know that there will be one thing or another where you feel like you just can’t, don’t want to, and won’t.

Another example would be dating a co-worker who you don’t want to date, however you know that if you don’t date him he will just keep asking. Something like sexual harassment. When over and over again you say No!  Who was the politicians that said NO is the new Yes! Stupid man. Thank God I don’t remember his name. No means NO!  This is a little dramatic.

The truth is it is knowing your in the middle and want out. However, the only way out is forward. Forward means you know that I know that some of my artwork hasn’t been my best. Some hasn’t been my worst and most are just in the middle neither good nor bad. Just nothing work talking about.

If your curious you can take a peek....opps you perv. Let me know who you are when you look at my artwork on  I am at the realization that history is a little complex. Therefore, I hope the complexities didn’t frighten you away.

To those that are following. Thank you. To those that are using the hashtag #HisTober2018 Thank you. I am really enjoying what your doing and seeing how creative you are. So much more than I am. Thank you for sharing.  They are all beautiful works of art. Why because you just tried. That’s all I wanted you to do is try. Thank you!

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

New This Year 2018

Hi there Diamond Glamour Girls:

Every one has dreams and one of mine has been to add a clothing line to MK Pure Diamond Events. From Europe nations to Canada to Alaska and the African nations there is a tradition wear clean clothing. Remember the United States not to long ago use to participate. We use to wash are cloths and hang them on the clothing line. Now we wash and dry them and writhing a few hours we can wear the cloths we took out of the washer. Clean Landry. How our lives should be so clean?

I have been experimenting with this clothing company to see if any of my followers would be interested. I’d love to hear your thoughts about this new design. I think it is very cute and I am really excited to present to you my first Christmas T-Shirt. Christmas Bells.  Click on the link.

I love Christmas and enjoy not only of what it brings to the world 🌎. What the truth is. How many of us stay centered in the fact of all “in the fact it will happen to other people”. The truth is I have had my share of person Love, Hope, Faith. My share of tragedy. My hope is if we all ring a bell. Shout out loud, whisper in a crowd Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas 🎄, Happy Hanukkah or whatever brings you to the spirit of happiness and joy. That will empower you to feel Love, Hope Faith in 2018-2019 is what the season is about. People find truth in different ways. I hope, trust you’ll find yours.  This is MKPDE’s way of saying Merry Christmas!

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Saturday, October 6, 2018

Inktober aka HisTober 2018

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls,

It’s funny how some man would come up with the concept of refining his skill by using the month of October to improve on his skills. Then taking it a step further to improve on what he was doing by working on his line work to discover how good could he really be at his own trade. Career as it is called. 

Then a silly art teacher understood the concept of what he was doing and changed the rules to fit her needs in teaching children. The same concepts, only more by adding a history lesson with it. What better way to develop penmanship than by adding a story or music. Straight lines how straight can you draw them.

The developmental mind works differently for boys vs. girls. It’s just human nature and the ways our hormones and thought life developed differently. The goal is to develop the individual desire to learn. Learning and accepting the person where they are at and who they are no matter what age is important. Put it another way, when was the last time you were with a friend and they didn't accept you for who you are? They where always trying to change you. How did that make you feel? Yep, pretty bad. That happens to both male and females in school. Imagine how they felt. 

What I changed about inktober is the type of ink. Ink can be used by older children when they have already mastered writing. Then they can get a quill, a thin paintbrush and learn to create other things. I understand not all agree with the concept. Development learning is different for each individual. It's purely my thoughts on the inking trend and how I enjoy teaching the subject of art.

If one trades out liquid water color instead of ink, the child will still feel the same feel of what it it like to ink. Allowing them the freedom to develop the like soils.  However, they won't have the stains and mess of inking. Clean up is easier This allows the child the confidence to learn there are no mistakes in art they can't correct.

If you'd like to see some of the work from other people Google #HisTober2018. The painting you see are my own creation.  Having control over the tools used in art and writing can lead to career that is fofilling and rewarding for the child, after adulthood. For additional career information

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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Design Style Glamour and Beauty are all the things I love? Right?

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls?

What am I doing designing T-Shirts. I am laughing at myself. My business keeps changing. I went from meeting and event planning to planning t-shirts and writing books. Say WHAT?

I was working on a children’s book about this little girl. She was/is the cutest little girl who was pigeon toe. The story I was working on was / is rather a funny one. When I got to the part where she fell. I then had a thought I should make t-shirts. So I did. The book is on its first draft. Currently looking for an editor or publisher that comes with one.  I love this story.

The I found myself designing a t-shirt. Is this a bigger plan? This spontaneous move now has my artwork for sale. Is it good enough? What is really good enough. I grew up with standards very high. My father expected a lot out of me and I do my best to please him.

Testing. I am now testing my designs to see if people enjoy them. I hope they are accepted and pleasing to the purchasers. Honestly, I found myself enjoying making them. Another unexpected self awareness moment.  Who knew.


I hope you’ll visit the website and let me know what you think.
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Almost forgot the t-shirt designs are on the website named spread shirt. There is even a black and white t-shirt I designed of what I imagine a spread shirt could be. I named it Black/White. How silly we are in life. Who better to help us than out Father.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Air BNB or 5 Star Hotel

Hi there, Diamond Glamor GirlsJ
On what do I choose? I was recently asked this question? My reply, what is important to you?

There are several things to be aware of when traveling.

  1. Know where you are traveling to and why?
  2. When you know what you want to see stick to your itenary. Although locals may tempt you to walk off and do your own thing, not travel agencies do not recommend this for safety reasons.
  3. Do your homework , or research. Know what cities State, countries your visiting and for what reasons. Check their visitors website for things to visit.

Now what is the differnce between a five star hotel and an air BNB.

  1. Most likely an air BNB is a owned and operated by the people who own the property. They may allow you to use their kitchen and grounds, they may not. Sometimes it is part of the house like a bedroom you rent out.
  2. Hotels 5 star hotels have their grounds well out mapped out. They usually have security on the property. The rooms are designed for the purpose of renting for a night or two or more.
  3. The airBNB might have been a residential estate and the owners decided to rent the rooms out when they need money.
  4. 5 Star Hotels have specific amenities. They provide a professional concierge who can help you with any or all travel arrangements. They know people who will help the days travel made easy, comfortable and safe.

Whatever, one chooses the goal is always to travel and return safely. Be sure to check with a reputable travel agency. There is now a magazine named Airbnb for those that prefer this way of travel. It's pretty interesting read and for this writer. I believe it's a lifestyle choice you'll have to make.

Saturday, September 8, 2018

A to Z What’s Your Style

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls:

As I thought about what to write about this week I looked and search for ideas. As many bloggers do. I think one of the funnest things I can do is share what it is like to be woman.

I am woman a song from long ago said. I believed it. There is nothing I can achieve. I though. Expect in the search to find a place to live and all the rejections I have received lately it made me question. What is woman today? The cute generation of lifestyle blogs with the perfection of life. The world where everyone envies me. I laugh to myself.

Definition of "Lifestyle" Refers to the way a person lives. This includes patterns of social relations, food consumption, behaviors and interests. A lifestyle typically reflects an individual's attitudes and one's interaction with the world.

Therefore, everyone has a Lifestyle we each have one rich, poor and everything in between. It’s just another way of saying class, style, design, color, prestige, influence, ability and designer to made ones dreams and ideas come true.  That’s what this blog is really about. Lifestyle, Design and sharing with you one of my favorite places.

Shopping the week I sumbled across some pieces of furniture, I think my son Dustin Kamon (Sept-Nov. 2018) would of loved for his place. His friend would of loved it too. I love shopping for my children and my clients. That is paying clients. Yes, I get paid for helping people create a lifestyle. Meaning customers who enjoy of paying MKPDE to decorate their place. I have said this before and I don’t mean to sound rude. I might be paid for an art piece I create, at Maria Kamon photography, maybe it would be for staging their place for their next event.

This weeks lifestyle choice is a few pieces I found at Z Gallery. I ask one favor of you, when you visit Z Valery to purchase your next home furnishing, it would be so kind if you would mention Maria Kamon @MKPDE on Instagram also known as MK Pure Diamond Event sent you. No I am not getting a commission from Z Gallery, however I am interested in working along side them if they would like to collaborate on a project or more.

The first piece I would like to talk about is the place settings I like saying is Harry Potter inspired. It was one of my child’s favorite books to read. Honestly, I haven’t read it. However, I understand it is a truly wonderful story. The fun thing is watching your child reading skills develop due to the fact he/she enjoys reading. With this came friends that also enjoyed reading. He didn’t act any of the things out like other children. He just enjoyed the books all types and the stories told. I enjoyed watching him learn about things I never thought of. This placesetting he would of loved. Harry Potter inspired or not it's lovely.

I personally though this place settings and tables are lovely. It's elegance will keep your guest talking about your house and home for years.

The "Stella" bed is bed with its high upholstered back. For those that like a tuck look.

My last choice is the look of realistic turkeys on tablets. I'm not sure if they still do this now that I live a different lifestyle I don't cook "Thanksgiving Dinner" . The turkey dinners at the local grocery tore would be sold more economically that I could make it and I would order one for myself and donate one to the local church that was feeding people. I love living in San Diego. People help people making sure they have food to eat, a place to live and help they need.

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Friday, August 31, 2018

History Plus October (HisTober) Let's Create

Welcome back, Diamond Glamor Girls,

Download a copy at

I'm glad I took the summer off from blogging. I think this helped me do what is right for myself. You know doing what is right for myself isn't always right for others. For example: I enjoy certain things like painting, drawing and creating new things, besides getting paid for working. However, for some they might see it as something to covet. Not into art trying using the one words as a blog challenge. Perfect for encglish. Prompt word. Create a short story using the word of the day.

also enjoy improving my skill and making my skill set better. There is a man named ;ohn Parker who developed an activity that helps people become better at what they do. I personally enjoying looking at artwork that has been made using ink, however I don't enjoy inking.

I was thinking about what I would teach if I was teaching. I think I would have my children create a 17 page book. I would get an 8 X 10 paper 17 pieces of paper fold in half. Ribbon down the middle tie a bow. Then on the front cover I'd have the right History in October. I
 I  might even provide the front and back page, having them write their name on it. As a warm up exercise having them color the design on the cover. I think this way the children in class  I also belive I would find stories to read about the word of the day. American history is so interesting and October has both scary and non scary things to talk about in history. Like people who thought the world was square. What if our world was square, would you fall off. 

I would limit the supplies and colors they could use. To help improve the creativity and skillset.
Now if your going to limit supplies for children beware, the children will complain,  whine, maybe even cry about how they can't do it without all the usual supplies. Plenty we are a nation of plenty, what if there wasn't plenty?
Hold strong teachers! You'll battle a few parents on this one. Your stifulling their child's creativity, inaction, personal growth. At the end of the 31 days when they have completed their books and you have read all the stories, Talked about old and new? What was it like then? What does one do when you have nothing? Have a discussion time about what they have learned. What they felt using limited supplies, colors, and what the difference is to live without plenty.

The goal for me are:
  1. Self awareness
  2. Skillset Development (eye hand coordination, knowledge of color, hues, application of shading, knowledge application)
  3. Limitation awareness
  4. Self Talk (positive or negative)
  5. Create something from a word. (Something from nothing.)

Here's the rules:

You can only use these colors:
Yellow light, Gambon (Orange Yellow), Orange or Brilliant Cad Red 
You can use liquid watercolors and pant brushes, markers.

If you do not like these colors choose those that work best for your class or student at home. I'll be doing it too.

Limit the time to the appropriate lesson plan time. You can even read the stories while they are making their books. Allow an extra sometime near the 31st day for any pages unfinished to be finish. This will help distress children.

If you'd like when done. Ask a volunteer to choose the best painting from each book photograph and make it publish a class book.

31 days 31 drawings

For those of you who prefer words Vestober blogs or blog use this as a theme word. What story will you create, shop for or build. The goal is to develop, build and make an original piece to call your own. You may take them out of order to develp your story, however you must include all 31 items in your story.

Hastag: #HisTober #HistoryOctober #HistoryOctober#2018 #HisTober2018

  1. Wheat
  2. Corn, Pumpkins
  3. Feed
  4. Tractor
  5. Field
  6. Horn of pleanty
  7. Pilgrams
  8. Indians
  9. Transportation
  10. History
  11. Placesetting
  12. Wilderness
  13. Moon and Stars
  14. Wild turkey
  15. Squash
  16. Hats
  17. Linen
  18. Candle candlelight
  19. Scarecrow
  20. Wagon
  21. Horses
  22. Maze
  23. House (log cabin)
  24. Fireplace 
  25. Fall Trees / Apple Trees
  26. River
  27. Table set for dinner by a river
  28. Coins / Money 
  29. United States
  30. Family
  31. Friends
Be sure to let me know how your students liked this. I will look at all the hastag photos taken should you choose to.

Remember to have enjoy every moment school year runs fast and this is the busiest season. Stress is high, consider playing, Bach, Mozart, or other classical music in the background very softly. It almost like a white noise effect canceling all other noise in the room. Quiet time.

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Friday, August 24, 2018


Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls:

There are so many things I would like to accomplish in life. What life? I occasionally think to myself.  This life, I reply the one that God has given me. I realize its 3/4 of the way through the year and what have I accomplished this year.

Follow me on this new phase of Diamond Glamour Girls to talk about what is real, not really and totally unrealistic as a woman, mother, friend, sister, aunt.

Postings will start again September 1.

Friday, August 17, 2018

Every Likes a New Look

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls:

I took the summer off from blogging I really had nothing to say. The gossip scene doesn't change much and you know what men think and how they think, so what the big deal right?  The kids are back to school and those that aren't will be. 

With a new refreshed outlook I will be starting again in September maybe October 2018, someime this fall. This new blog will still be about Lifestyle, Being a Single woman in this 2018. What new?

1. Refreshed look
2. Gossip
3. Lifestyle
4. Being a Single in this Era

What is the meaning to define your own. I'm just discovering myself. I wouldn't call it self love like its call by some. I would call it my reality. What I believe in. How true is it today!

What I've been up to lately:

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See you soon!

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Vlog #1 July 2018 Bat's In Carlsbad

Just another month in the life of Maria Kamon(c)TM Photography. This life. It was requested I show I vlog at least once a month an show the art I am creating. Therefore this is my first attempt this year to vlog. I realize I am not very good at it. Please excuse the poor videograpy. I hope I get better at it.

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Thursday, May 31, 2018


Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls:

The battle is over. I am defined. 911 lets New York. That how it feels. Truly I say to you, no bible or man can heal the wounds of this woman. I have tried many distractions. Blogging. Writing has always been a form of therapy for me and I love expressing myself through word. Here is my last story. Will it make a living for me as my children hoped. I doubt it now. Since 2003 I have been posting on this First as MK Productions Meeting and Event Planning Services then as MK Pure Diamond Events and Diamond Glamor Girls my favorite gossip. I also had two other ones while I worked at a hotel in Carlsbad, CA. Men Get Wed, Woman Get Wed.  Today was the final hit. I have to admit defeat. My divorce was finalized. Oh my! God zero. Big fat $0 admited defeat!

Here’s an account of events I have never shared, leading to this day. The Lord hates divorce and I believe this is true. More he hates evil.

I love what I do and if your a woman, you know balancing a growing family and aging parent is difficult working two employments to help with things is even more difficult. However, the income helped pay the expenses of two growing children and they helped by picking some of my household responsibilities. They also at the age of 18 become employees.

In 2009, two friends called and asked for employment. Remember the old saying never mix business and friendship that’s true. The first friend I was able to help through her divorce and abuse from her husband. She needed money. My husband and I helped her start a new life.

The other friend by a mutual preacher. Asked for employment. I didn’t have any to give, so I made the mistake of inviting to a couple of conference so he could meet others who would help him he claimed he was a AV person. My business employees AV people we don't keep them on payroll. I introduced him around. -n the hopes he'd find employment. One in San Diego no luck for him then one in Los Angeles. I was sexually harrassed (now this will go to count maybe) Due to the fact he won’t stop. I had to advice the police in three counties. He still drives by. I have now been advised by an attorney to peruse civil matter in court.

This lead to divorce. Under medical care trying to stop him. My thought was if I told the therapist and doctors what he was doing they could help. In trying to help me my oldest child Dustin Kamon died in 2014. Still my ex and I tried to stop the lies online. To no avail. .y preacher tried. It left me without enough funds to support myself so I moved in with my mom and her husband. Yes I say her husband because I was already married when she called me and said I got married. Therefore, once your parent surprises you with getting married, he's just her husband. Vegas wedding.

With that being said my children both tried to stop the constant lies online and internet. Since that has not worked and all he wants is for me to be worked so others can make money. My attorney has advised me to stop all social medica for a while. It’s not making me a living anyway. Therefore, it is with much regret to inform you. I will no longer be posting on this account and due to this man following me I have to close my social media for a while. Yes, I mean following me in real time.  As of a few days ago he did it again as I got off the fwy.

It is against the law to stock, follow a woman or sexually harass her on-line for self pleasure work her for money in a form of slavery. To all those that follow. Thank you for your support. I regret the advice of my children on how to make a living on line didn’t work. God bless and remember no matter what happens in your life. God is good all the time.

John 8:32 then they shall know and the truth shall set you free.

I was asked why I always use words from the Bible: Here is my best answer.

When a child is born male or female. They do not know. It is the responsibility of the parents to teach.   Roman's 15:6  For them to learn soverign. for the person of: one mind and one voice you may glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Have you heard the song and I don't know the name of it. The lyrics "baby, your soverign ..." God is soveirgnty. Sovereignty of God.  .That is the battle. Many do not want to acknowledge the voice of God withing. It is supposed to be to help the person, become better. Not make them pay for someone else's sins! Jesus Christ already did that for all of us. Therefore, we can live an individual life knowing that Jesus Christ already paid for all my sins. Making me a sinner saved by grace.

This offends some. That why we as humans are called to forgive.

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Thursday, May 10, 2018

What Is It You Want? He asked

Hi there, Reader;

I was thinking about all the employments I have had through out my my life time. I started working when I was 12 or 13 years old. I wanted extra money for some things and my parents didn’t think I should have it. I asked them if I find employment and get paid can I have it? I found this magazine with all types of things for sale. I wrote the owner of the magazine and asked him if I could try selling some items. He said, yes. That started my skills as an entrepreneur. I walked door to door in my neighborhood sold what I could. I sold items to friend and family and managed to save up for whatever it was I wanted. I don’t remember the item it was. It was the fact that I could do it without asking my parents for money.  Once I earned the money I needed I just stop selling.

Prior to that I had gone to the local pharmacy and deli to see if they would hire and employ me. They respectfully declined stating the laws of the state wouldn’t allow them to hire child labor laws. I quickly went to school and remember asking my teacher if they would allow me extra time in the library. He gave me extra credit if I wrote a paper about it. Growing up biligual English and Spainish I would always mess up on the grammar and I hated writing. However, I was looking up information and I thought I would why not. Child labor laws, I was shocked to find out what it meant and how people take advantage of children. That started my career and ended up being part of my major in college. Who knew that studying the abuse of children in the past would lead to a fofilling life as a director of children’s program. Opening up several schools for private industry as well as church affiliations.

One simple thing in childhood can influence a discover and love that is unexpected, rewarding and challenging. This has lead to a love of writing ( I shared this story in another blog.)  As I got older and learned the difference between writing a paper for school and writing for an audience. I discover the words we write don’t always sound the same to others. That’s what writing the schools newsletter taught. I had parents, who would always ask me questions. What do you mean? Are you tring to say this or that. Sometimes I would say, No I am trying to say exactly what I wrote. Other times I saw their point of view. Either way through the discussing of my writing I become more confident in who I am. What does that have to do with meeting and event planning. I have written a blog on this platform since 2003. The first one was under the name of MK Productions Meeting and Event Planning. Not until recently have I thought about what I have learned throughout  the years I have learned. It all started with receiving an email from another blogger about making money at blogging.

In five years of blogging time she has surpassed my earnings as a teacher, event planner and blogger. She is now teaching other how to blog and selling her knowledge for a price.  Do I covet that ability. I would be a liar if I didn’t say yes. Multiple streams of income. I read. I knew of affiliate programs and how they worked however some how my blogs just didn’t make enough sales. I know I can sale things with my logo and print things and sell them. I just keep thinking. To some degree. Blogging has been a way of expressing what I learned. Now here are these bloggers telling other bloggers. Look at me I’m making more money than you. Please don’t misunderstand me. I usually make fun of people I respect and am all for them leading me to greener times. Does this mean it is time to change my blog. Blogging style? That is what I am asking you, the reader. Without you there is no blog. No story to tell. No one to help no one to hear my my stories. Do I write about how to make money blogging? Do I keep on keeping on?

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Monday, May 7, 2018

Mother’s Day Shopping Idea

Hi there,

It’s that time of the year when all the men are thinking what do I get. What do I do? Should I ask the secretary or personal assistant to purchase that one gift that only I should be purchasing. Then the flip  side is she isn’t my mother so why should I purchase or acknowledge her in anyway.  I laugh at that thought, mainly I would have to say there isn’t a married woman that doesn’t think of herself as her husbands mom. Not literally, however if your married long enough there is at least one moment in time the person married to you has become your mom to help you succeed. That’s love.

If you don’t believe me here are some sample:

  1. You didn’t want to go to work and wanted to take a what I call a mental health day. You didn’t want you boss to know so you asked your wife to call work for you.
  2. You didn’t want to visit mom for a holiday, blamed the wife, kids or family. She heard you didn’t argue and carried the blame for you.
  3. You asked her not to do something, it reminds you of mom. Bad childhood memories.
  4. You asked her to massage your neck and shoulders after work. They hurt and your stressed out. You taught her exactly what you like stating that’s how mom did it.
  5. You like your cloths in a certain way or the laundry folded a certain way. She does it why? It pleases you.  Why? That’s how mom did it.
  6. She makes certain recipes that are just like mom made. However, she never makes it good enough. You just don’t want to be married to mom.
  7. The coffee in the morning has to be a certain brand. Breakfast placed a certain way. That’s just what you grew up with.
  8. You don’t want her or anyone else to know how much the smells of childhood bring back memories you love. This might be mom.
Therefore, this year as I was thinking what to purchase my own mother I went on a hunt for the scent of my youth. I would smell her frangrence when I was a child. Not a hug or a touch just when she walked by. I would think that’s mom. I walked into the fragrance department and thought. How lovely it smelled. Like flowers, feminist, style and elegance. It was definitely a day for men to be shopping for all the sales people smelled of fragrance from spraying it all day. 

I thought to myself. Do my own children remember my frangrence? Does my husband? Now my ex. If he does this is the time for me to use it. Just joking. I enjoy the thought that when you plan weddings one of the most thought about moments is what will the frangrence be. If too strong it will overwhelm the guest if too little it will go unnoticed. Therefore, I say to all husbands, sons, lovers, boyfriends purchase your girl a fragrance that will forever remind you of each other. For there is one thing we know in the world, love saves. Even if you din’t have the best wife, mother or lover, the frangrence will serve as an alarm and you can rung. Just joking! It really is a way of showing how much you care.

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Saturday, May 5, 2018

Hey Baby?

Photograph compliments of

Hi there, Baby,

Did you know that know one of the most difficult things to watch (for me that is) in a preschool is a child who doesn't know what to do with a doll. It is not natural to love. Children instinctively think of them self. They are thought to be selfish in nature. This is constantly looked at. I know don't leave hate mail take it with you.

There are people who love to argue. If a child is loving and kind it is because of the role models in their lives. They have some who is loving and kind. Dolls are a vital role in the lives of children.

They learn the following;

  1.  How to hold a baby.
  2.  How to feed, nature, change its diapers.
  3.  They can play and act like the parents raising them.
  4. Role model
  5. They learn that it is acceptable to be kind, loving, generous,  thoughtful, gentleness .
For some, when we think of the ramifications it has to people, earth and world. Then it teaches things like, pro-life, abortion, abuse, purchasing humans, slavery, neglect, emotions and all the world issues. The truth is preschoolers don't think of any of it. These are the thoughts of man imposed on others. Children are our future our hope. How they treat others will or could determine how they treat us.

What is your thought on this subject? 

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Friday, May 4, 2018

Affordable Wedding Planning Services

I plan weddings. I plan meetings! I plan event! I do love what I do! What is it that honors a man? God? What is pleasing? What is good? We are good in our own eyes, however is good, good?

Years ago my sister wanted me to plan her children's weddings. I prayed, thought, pondered and because I run a business I asked her how much she w*s willing to pay me. She then explain she wanted it for free. At that point I respectfully declined which angered her.

Here is the thing. If it cost $35, OOO plan a wedding times three. Honestly I couldn't afford it. Her and her husband needed to be willing to pay for her own children's wedding. I offered advice, however that wasn't good enough. She wanted free things. Decor venue, food. I can't afford it, I said. Items to start their household. The anger grew more intense and that's when I learn driving with the cell phone on isn't a good thing. I'd receive angry phone calls. Stressed out mother of the bride or groom yelling at me to give her things. Cell phones today let people know their driving. I wish there was a button you could turn the phone off and still use the other apps. Like music and maps.

What I think is most important is parents understand it is their responsibility to pay for their children's wedding. No one else unless they offer. The event planner doesn't ask grandma for money for or aunty Flo. We have a contract with the parents of the bride or the bride and groom. That is usually the  case. The couple about to get married  if they are responsible enough to desire to get married they are responsible enough to pay the vendors they want to plan it. We don't have an abundance of free items to give you for your wedding , event. We have them when our vendors give them to us. Then we pass it forward. 

Here is what I recommend. Take time and figure out some goals or dates you want things to happen. How much money you want to spend. How much money you can afford from each paycheck. Then you have the beginning of your budget. Life lessons are difficult sometimes, take time to learn them. If I would of had the money and all the free things she wanted I would have given it to her. I didn't.

What is it Opera says: " you do the best you can with what you know. When you know better you do better."

Can't afford a wedding planner? I have a new service I'm providing . You can purchase an hour, thirty minutes or even fifteen mintues and we can Skype, Google chat or whatever way we pre-arrange on your appointment day. Charges apply. Visit website and book appointment today.

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Monday, April 30, 2018

Chanel RSVP

Hi there,

I was recently invited to a Chanel event. RSVP only. I was so excited I wrote down the time in my Louie Vouton planner. The best one I own so far planner that is. Everyone ask to see it. I want they want wedding, meeting or special event,  we all want  wedding, meeting or special event. This one cost you baby and I'm not cheap. $50.00 dollars just isn't enough to plan your event. That's what I do for a living I plan meetings weddings event. That's what happens when I open my amazing Louie Bouton planner. Everyone wants, it's like they want to live there.   

Chanel like always is first class. Not only in its packaging also in the presentation space and class location. It was so much fun to try some of the new products as well as some of the old. You know it is one of those things that people don't understand until they have tried it.  

Step by step and explanation of the product. It's use and then the way to apply it. I offend recommend to brides to hire a make-up artist for the day of their wedding or special event. - never recommend a product I think it's a personal choice. I still get called and told this person is trying to sell me product. I want you to know this is what I recommend.

1. Get a skin care regiment that will help you take care of your skin. Cleaner, Freshener and Moisturizer. Clean skin makes for a better Make-up application 

2. Choose with a dramatic look. It's shows up better on photographs. That day there should be a lot of photographs taken. Please do a trail run before. When you hire the make-up artist it should have a pre_day appointment where colors are chosen. 

3. If you have chosen let's say Chanel make-up for the day, then the day of free trail take your products with you. Not all make-up artist know how to use all products. 

Here is my new stand for all new brides. Visit your local Chanel sale location and learn about their skin care. Then if you'd want to pay me to plan your special day I will share with you my favorite people with you. They will make a plan with you. Now that I promote a product, unless you use what I am recommending take your complaints elsewhere. Realistically if you have complaints about Chanel you should just tell Chanel.

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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Romance of Coffee

Hi there,

There are things I really enjoy doing and I have long wondered why. One of them is reading a good book that takes me for a few hours away from the reality of daily life. Not that I don’t enjoy my life or the people around me. It is a quiet whisper I enjoy the most. Like a long walk along the beach, with the salt water at my feet while a soft breeze blows by during the fall when the tourist are leaving my little town.

The first couple of months after school had started I would take my children to the beach after school. We’d stop at home change cloths and off to the beach, throwing the after school routine away. We’d grab a quick snack get our towels, sandals and head to the local beach where it was quiet. The water warm, the sun hot and the breeze soft, gentle. While my children would swim, surf, and just have a good time I would sometimes sit and reflect on how beautiful life is. Like prayer an intimate and personal part of life so are those moments. 

Romantic, idelic and filled with happiness. Listen to the children’s laughter, their screams of joy as for a moment the reality of summers end was gone. For that moment they were enjoying the freedom one only feels when one is a child. The freedom to spread ones wings and fly in the daily life provided. The walk with me during this time. I recall the treasure hunts on the beach of toys that where left behind from those that carried to many, the waves send them back to shore. Some seasons we would gather them up and donate them, other seasons there wasn’t anything to donate. It is these moments when one is spent, that thanksgiving is felt.

Is there romance in a cup of coffee? I asked often. I have never been one of those addicted to Starbucks, Peet’s, Tea Houses. I do on occasion stop at the local coffee shop and purchase a cup. Sit and draw or paint. The walks along the beach stopped. The fall is not here yet this year. The lives of ones young children grow up into the reality of adulthood. The needs and wants of the family changes. Mom’s get older. Dads get older. Now the hand of God changed. From taking care of my own children and savoring the long slow drink of a romantic coffee up to watching my own mom get older. Helping when she allows it. Her mind and the mind of her husband not all there, yet not willing to let me be myself and help.

So I sit and wait in the bedroom for the time to start again the things that I love, I enjoy. I wait. I now ask for prayer from those that asked of me. Who will save me from the reality before me...

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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Daddy Leave More Like Daddy Stay

Hi there, Diamond Glamor Girls;

I'm here to ask you Dad Leave?  Like Mom Leave? I was recently reading a tweet on social media that's trending right now. As many of you know who follow my blogs I tend to have an opinion that doesn't always fall within the norms of society or social media. It read "Dad Leave in theory." Taking about taking time off work after the delivery of a baby. The truth is its called parental leave. Most corporation have this option for parents. Don't they? With a little planning you can create it for yourself.

I think if possible parents should use their vacation time, holidays, sick leave and anything else they have for the first few weeks after baby is born. What qualifies me to speak this way and voice my opinion. Years of being a preschool teacher, preschool director, volunteering in missions, teaching bible study and vacation bible study to children, also establishing several schools for not only my church, also the YMCA. 

During the first few weeks of baby being home there is a great deal of sleep loss for parents. Mom's, womanes your lovers are not in their normal pattern of behavior. They are emotional and physically challenged. This is normal. It especially happens with first baby, second baby one knows what to expect. It takes time for the body to heal. Sharing the responsibility of raising children and helping mom get back on schedule would be great if both parent were avaiable. Therefore, I personally feel this would be a great idea. Paternity leave for both parents in order for them to have time to adjust to being a new parent.

If dad could take the kids to school without worrying he's going to be late to work, the stress would be  off and I have seen it create a better marriage, better family, better workplace. The reverse is also true. If dad stayed up with the feedings then mom can do the extra things in the's important for both to bond with baby.

Here are some tips.

1. As soon as you know mom is pregnant. You know it will take 9 months. That's normal time.  Tell the work place sometime between this month and this month I will be taking time off. The moth before the baby is due and the month after. 

2. Calculate time you have. Vacation time and sick leave. If you have paternity leave add that if you don't. Find out what other options you have.

3. Ask mom when she would like you to take time off. Since she can stay in the hospital up to three days for natural childbirth, have her do so. I'm sharing this from experience. With my first child I came home right away, after 24 hours and regrets. Had to ask for help from family, due to they birth canel completely healing. The second child, I took the doctors advice and stayed the three days. I am so glad. 

(I want any man reading this and be forwarded she'll hate you if you touch that part of her. The pain is greater than you imagine.) 

4. Having her choose will give her a feeling of having some control in the situation. There are many "ifs" when a woman is pregnant. Knowing your in the parenting together will help her.

5. Once she explains her thoughts than do the best you can. It will be okay.

For parents adopting the parenternity leave should be work out according to the delivery or pick up date of the child I'm not sure what they call it.

This what I have witness parenternity leave do for a family.

1. Bonding between family members.
2. The love between couple grows, due to understanding and gentalness.
3. Dad's that are overworked,  Overstreet get to witness those first few days that make the children / parent relationship.
4. Dad's feel more a part of the family.
5. Dreams, wishes and expectations for the child are spoken in whispers. That's as good as it gets between a couple. Don't wake baby before his time.
6. There is nothing as gentle as the touch of holding a newborn in your hands.
7. It is a gift from God above, even if you don't believe it God, you will. It's His will.

ThIs is not the the answer to a perfect marriage. It the beginning of a relationship with a child. You may or may not have made the decision to have. Having it him or her is the beginning of blessings. Sometimes good sometimes bad, count them all blessing. 

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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

I Was Thinking

Hi there, Diamond Glamor Girls;

Help me out. Leave a comment to the question - m about to ask. I was thinking. Since social media is now known around the world (globally) does that change the etiquette rules?

I was recently eating alone in a restaurant which I do often. I don't like cooking for just me some days and other days I don't mind. Some young man sat next to me in the next both. I was glad he was there because be blocked the kios of food photographs for the restaurant and he asked me where is your phone? I thought. Why is he asking me this? His young self made me think, I'm a mature woman, why would a young man in his early adult ask me for my phone? I didn't bring it with me that day. Do people know the difference between being social and social media?

I was there to eat lunch. Not looking for anything else. I happened to be listening to the table next to me. Where two young adults were mentoring another young girl just becoming an adult. Bible study teachings are important those development years. I later asked them what church because I wanted to attend Easter Services. It was nice to see these young woman, helping one another .

The young man asking me that question put me right into my guard myself. Mind, hearth soul. Single life is a guarded life. You can't let go of your believes because your single. Here is my questions. Is social etiquette in social media different for singles vs. married people. Personally, I don't enjoy being constantly in the hole or used everywhere I go, visit, everytime I go out to eat. What is your feelings thoughts on the matter? Do you ever feel uncomfortable in public places because of social media? Do you think social media would help you if you where in trouble or need? Does social media have a responsible to the people who use their app for safety? Should the restaurant or venue be responsible for the social media in their venue? Can and should social media be banned from social events? I know some private events, weddings are stating to not allow guest to bring in social media to events.

Here is an example of a social media, don't, stop, NO! Comment;
What do my looks have to do with it? I wouldn't say this at your workplace what gives you the right to say it in workplace? Is it a form of harassment? Doesn't the United States have laws against this?

Looking forward to reading your comments!

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Monday, April 2, 2018

Favorite Places

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls:

Do you have those special places where memories are made with your friends, family or just a business co-worker?  I know I do. I am at one of those places today. I enjoy getting to my special places every time I am in town. It’s memories I keep all to myself.

When I get my a manny-peddle short for (manicure and pedicure) I usual have coffee or lunch at a certain location. When I get the car repaired I get coffee or breakfast at the same location. Most of all you get to know the people that own the place. That’s when it becomes even more special. I enjoy getting to know the owner of the businesses I patron.  This is relationship building.

Social Meida applies to the favorite place you visit as well.

1. Be respectful to the business your visiting.

2. Know when it is appropriate to interrupt , ease drop or give your advice.

3. If the guest do not reply to your comments then take that as a sign they felt violated, their conversation is private.

4. All reality is important to people and it is important not to disturb that reality. Practical supersedes the world of social media.  This is when mental health comes into play. Know the boundaries of respectful social media interaction.

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Friday, March 23, 2018

I Have a Ninch Social Ediquette

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls

There are several things that I have discovered since I left the working place, corporate world and started my own business. I recently heard another business woman discussing how does one do well as a woman entrepreneur.

 The truth is you have to find a group of people who want your success as much as you do. Difficult to find. They have to want their own success, and have to be enlightened enough to understand there is plenty of room for successful people. That’s why I love social edituette. You see, I worked in what used to be “Corporate America” for many years. After two miscarriages and a long commute, I decided to stay home and raise my children. Went back to teaching part time.  Verses the 9-12 hour days I would spend in the office. This wasn’t my bosses requirement, I just wanted to do a good job. This was the blessing of my life. There wasn’t too many people in home based businesses back then. I tried my hand at other things, such as Mary Kay and was somewhat successful.

It always came down to the same thing. Whom did I love more? My children or money?  Every working person has to answer that question for themselves. I believe two miscarriages had a great impact on my life choices. Work/home life balance changes.

Now is a different time. I do know there are more than one way to have income. Yes, I mean a paycheck, money that you can go to the bank and deposit. That will both help your family purchase food, clothing, service and lifestyle. This time when I re-entered “Corporate America” I was hit shockingly by social media. Overwhelmed I did the best I could in helping everyone I could understand that what was hitting the world was bigger than I. That’s when it occurred to me what I am good at in event planning. Social etiquette. I love learning about the apps, what they do and how they will make the life of others better. What I don’t like is how rude and assuming some social things can be. If I assume I am rich and wealthy with money does that make is so?

How does one get respect if your dealing with the head of a corporate app?
  1. Honesty, one has to be honest with ones weaknesses. We all have them. So do apps.
  2. Accept that not all things are good for all people. Not all people are good for apps.
  3. Let’s get real. Products, apps, corporations are about making money. Thats the bottomline. I believe that's what it's called. How one understand how good the corporation is. a) It's product working. Does it work to the standards stated?  b)Does the corporation have a social conscience?
  4. That’s where etiquette comes in. 
That is why I enjoy etiquette. It can test what is being spoken. It is a social conscience. That’s why I enjoy watching certain types of you tubers when they purchase a non-sponsor item and talk about the pros and cons. When they are honest they help thousands. Integrity helps people.

I hope you will take this simple knowledge and apply it into your knowledge base as we explore the possibilities of what applying etiquette to a social situation can produce for you personally as well as your business. 

How social is social?
What good comes out of social?
Are social real relationships?
If in need could I depend upon my socials?
What is the difference between social advice and the advice of others?

Just a few topics we will be discussing in the next few blogs.

I look forward to reading your comments as I explain some of the edituette I learned in my business for social living.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Invitation Social Etiquette

Hi there,

Since my YouTube friends threw a party and I wasn’t invited it got me thinking about how I could react to the situation. After all they did front the fact they were having a party for a 24th year. Pirates, such a good them. I can’t believe they didn’t invite me until after the fact. You see I believe they, my YouTube friends want me to covet of become jealous of the fact that they are young dumb and beautiful. Is that the right song?  In case you don’t know who my friends are I have linked her video to the word YouTuber, that’s what she’s famous for. Be careful she just might take you for a donkey ride. On second thought maybe I'm doing the same thing with this blogm

What is the proper social etiquette for invitation? Acceptance or declining an invitation?  Is there a difference between invitations? How does this affect the attendees also known as guest. The guest of honor and the party planner? In this blog I hope to discuss some of the more dignified social responses. Talking on it on a blog may not be the most socially correct way, however I know my YouTube friend would agree. All joking aside. My YouTube friends are very entertaining and good at what they do. Let's talk invitation.

Invitations make a social statement within the group you are inviting. There are formal and informal invitations for parties. Here is a way of telling the difference of when to use what. All styles of invitations take some time to write them out. Children can help with their own invitations if the party is not a surprise.

  1. Email invitations are considered informal. 
  2. Write in the information such as invitations for children’s parties are also considered informal, although they are more formal than email invitations.
  3. The most formal are the ones I discussed in the blog titled “Invitations”.
  4. Texting and apps are considered social invitation and unless it is a wedding are not always for parties that have taken some time to plan.
I am a believer that people enjoy receiving an invitation in the mail. Although we are a paperless generation, we still can apply the rules of etiquette to a social activity. Here is a good rule of thumb to practice. The longer the party takes to plan the more formal the invitation. The reason for this is the people planning the party have taken a great deal of time and it shows appreciation for their labor.

 This doesn’t mean...I am thinking of having a party for six months doing nothing but thinking about it. The night before the party you call your friends for the party. This means for six months I am working on the party. Planning food, people to invite, invitation, decor, invitations, etc. Therefore, if it is an informal party give your guest a minimum of 30 days notice.  I would say that would be the minimum amount of time. They can RSVP and you’ll know exactly how much food to have.

Invitations act like a keepsake, a placemarker for the day of the event. Plus here is the fun part you get to practice your lettering. I linked one for you. There are many to choose from.  I don’t know about you. For me when I receive an email invitation I react differently than one when a person has hand written or printed invitation.

The email I tend to put it in my reminder to respond and wait until the reminder that I didn’t respond, reminds me to respond. Whereas the written, I tend to RSVP right away. I know it was important to the person that send it to me. They took the time to write and send it in the US Mail also know as snail mail, due to the fact it is slower than a computer. The fact that the mail will take time means I have to react more promptly

The etiquette would say to answer both in a timely manner. A week is plenty of time for you to look at your calendar and ask your significant other if they would like to attend with you. Please RSVP with the correct number of people attending. Also if for some reason that number changes tell the person throwing the party. It's not fun for the person who invited you to know they had to pay for a meal uneaten. It's even sadder to know it will get thrown away at the end of a party at a venue.

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Hi there,

How many times have you walked to the mailbox or gone to the post office to pick up an invitation? Just the touch of the envelop makes you feel like your about to relieve something special, important and like nothing you have received before.

Photographs by

Have you ever thought about why a paper mail by postal service can feel so special? Before we discuss this let's talk about the parts of an invitation.

  1. Save the date card. This allows the guest to write the information on the paper in their planner.
  2.  The invitation. This usually holds information of whom the party is for. Who is throwing the party. What date, time and location.
  3. The third part of the party is the RSVP card.
These three components of an invitation are to help your guest. 1. Remember your day. 
 2. Feel like they are a part of your day, by having an idea what the party or event is about.  3. Let's you know if they will be attending your event. This will help you know if you know how many to plan for. One should never take the RSVP of someone who says no as personal. They probably have another responsibility on that day. They can't do both. Time restrictions.

There are companies like Evite or that offer party planning services with little expense to you. I will be writing a blog about Invitation etiquette next week.

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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Awh Let's Party Plan!

 Tickets, tickets anyone? This could be a theme for a party. Anyone could choose the silliest of themes. A theme is a thought liked by others to decorate and create a common connection between attendees. Party planning can be overwhelming. As a YouTuber said recently when attempting to plan her sisters birthday party. Watch the video to see whom I quoted. Usually party within the home or house of an individual have themes. Themes are a difficult and overwhelming. They can be silly, fun, complex. What makes a party difficult is carring the theme throughout the whole party. There is so many to choose like balloons. If you choose to many it can Lift you away. If you choose the wrong one it can take you in the wrong direction. Spending your money in an unusual way. Swipe!

The truth is a themed party should be carried through the whole part the day. The store can be overwhelming.    store. Unless you have decided what you are looking for. I suggest making a list before you start shopping. This is why shopping online is helpful. Comparative price shopping. It is a theme you choose for the guest of honor is one she/he likes, is into finding out  or learning or is a part of for the day. It will be in their lives for a while.
As you look down the isle and want to purchase everything. You should stop to consider the following. This is assuming that the theme is picked before you entered the store.
  1. Pick a theme. 
  2. Know your budget.
  3.  Be strong resist temptation.
  4. Pick a color for paper plates, cups, napkins.
  5. Make sure guest know what to expect.
  6. Make sure the surprise is well kept.  If it's a surprise. The best way do do that is by having another person keep the guest of honor busy with something else. 
  7. If your doing this yourself make sure you have plenty of food for the guest.
  8. The average guest will consume more than you think. Therefore, if serving alcoholic beverages. Gather guest keys to prevent anyone driving drunk. 9all them an Uber or Taxi if need. Drinking and driving in the state of California makes the person who served the alcohol responsible. Maybe, I should reword this driving under the influence of alcoholic beverages or other drugs is illegal in the State of California .
  9. Make sure if it is a large party in your home you purchase party insurance. This is an addition to the policy you already have. The reason for this is alcoholic beverages or food intoxication can fall on the homeowner and they can be held liable.
  10. Remember to keep it light and when people tell you how great it is, never tell them how difficult it was planning it. If it get back to the guest of honor it will offend. She / He might take it personally.
  11. The truth is: it is difficult. Your doing all the work, the guest are having all the fun, just understand that's normal. You'll be alright.
  12. If the party is out of control. Walk into another room and call the non-emergency local police. I recommend to all people to look this number up and have it in your cell phone. The local police will help you get your guest who is causing problems out of your house.
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Hope in 2020!

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls, It has been a long time since I have written a post blog fort you May of 2019 to be exact. Why now? I...