Monday, April 30, 2018

Chanel RSVP

Hi there,

I was recently invited to a Chanel event. RSVP only. I was so excited I wrote down the time in my Louie Vouton planner. The best one I own so far planner that is. Everyone ask to see it. I want they want wedding, meeting or special event,  we all want  wedding, meeting or special event. This one cost you baby and I'm not cheap. $50.00 dollars just isn't enough to plan your event. That's what I do for a living I plan meetings weddings event. That's what happens when I open my amazing Louie Bouton planner. Everyone wants, it's like they want to live there.   

Chanel like always is first class. Not only in its packaging also in the presentation space and class location. It was so much fun to try some of the new products as well as some of the old. You know it is one of those things that people don't understand until they have tried it.  

Step by step and explanation of the product. It's use and then the way to apply it. I offend recommend to brides to hire a make-up artist for the day of their wedding or special event. - never recommend a product I think it's a personal choice. I still get called and told this person is trying to sell me product. I want you to know this is what I recommend.

1. Get a skin care regiment that will help you take care of your skin. Cleaner, Freshener and Moisturizer. Clean skin makes for a better Make-up application 

2. Choose with a dramatic look. It's shows up better on photographs. That day there should be a lot of photographs taken. Please do a trail run before. When you hire the make-up artist it should have a pre_day appointment where colors are chosen. 

3. If you have chosen let's say Chanel make-up for the day, then the day of free trail take your products with you. Not all make-up artist know how to use all products. 

Here is my new stand for all new brides. Visit your local Chanel sale location and learn about their skin care. Then if you'd want to pay me to plan your special day I will share with you my favorite people with you. They will make a plan with you. Now that I promote a product, unless you use what I am recommending take your complaints elsewhere. Realistically if you have complaints about Chanel you should just tell Chanel.

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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Romance of Coffee

Hi there,

There are things I really enjoy doing and I have long wondered why. One of them is reading a good book that takes me for a few hours away from the reality of daily life. Not that I don’t enjoy my life or the people around me. It is a quiet whisper I enjoy the most. Like a long walk along the beach, with the salt water at my feet while a soft breeze blows by during the fall when the tourist are leaving my little town.

The first couple of months after school had started I would take my children to the beach after school. We’d stop at home change cloths and off to the beach, throwing the after school routine away. We’d grab a quick snack get our towels, sandals and head to the local beach where it was quiet. The water warm, the sun hot and the breeze soft, gentle. While my children would swim, surf, and just have a good time I would sometimes sit and reflect on how beautiful life is. Like prayer an intimate and personal part of life so are those moments. 

Romantic, idelic and filled with happiness. Listen to the children’s laughter, their screams of joy as for a moment the reality of summers end was gone. For that moment they were enjoying the freedom one only feels when one is a child. The freedom to spread ones wings and fly in the daily life provided. The walk with me during this time. I recall the treasure hunts on the beach of toys that where left behind from those that carried to many, the waves send them back to shore. Some seasons we would gather them up and donate them, other seasons there wasn’t anything to donate. It is these moments when one is spent, that thanksgiving is felt.

Is there romance in a cup of coffee? I asked often. I have never been one of those addicted to Starbucks, Peet’s, Tea Houses. I do on occasion stop at the local coffee shop and purchase a cup. Sit and draw or paint. The walks along the beach stopped. The fall is not here yet this year. The lives of ones young children grow up into the reality of adulthood. The needs and wants of the family changes. Mom’s get older. Dads get older. Now the hand of God changed. From taking care of my own children and savoring the long slow drink of a romantic coffee up to watching my own mom get older. Helping when she allows it. Her mind and the mind of her husband not all there, yet not willing to let me be myself and help.

So I sit and wait in the bedroom for the time to start again the things that I love, I enjoy. I wait. I now ask for prayer from those that asked of me. Who will save me from the reality before me...

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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Daddy Leave More Like Daddy Stay

Hi there, Diamond Glamor Girls;

I'm here to ask you Dad Leave?  Like Mom Leave? I was recently reading a tweet on social media that's trending right now. As many of you know who follow my blogs I tend to have an opinion that doesn't always fall within the norms of society or social media. It read "Dad Leave in theory." Taking about taking time off work after the delivery of a baby. The truth is its called parental leave. Most corporation have this option for parents. Don't they? With a little planning you can create it for yourself.

I think if possible parents should use their vacation time, holidays, sick leave and anything else they have for the first few weeks after baby is born. What qualifies me to speak this way and voice my opinion. Years of being a preschool teacher, preschool director, volunteering in missions, teaching bible study and vacation bible study to children, also establishing several schools for not only my church, also the YMCA. 

During the first few weeks of baby being home there is a great deal of sleep loss for parents. Mom's, womanes your lovers are not in their normal pattern of behavior. They are emotional and physically challenged. This is normal. It especially happens with first baby, second baby one knows what to expect. It takes time for the body to heal. Sharing the responsibility of raising children and helping mom get back on schedule would be great if both parent were avaiable. Therefore, I personally feel this would be a great idea. Paternity leave for both parents in order for them to have time to adjust to being a new parent.

If dad could take the kids to school without worrying he's going to be late to work, the stress would be  off and I have seen it create a better marriage, better family, better workplace. The reverse is also true. If dad stayed up with the feedings then mom can do the extra things in the's important for both to bond with baby.

Here are some tips.

1. As soon as you know mom is pregnant. You know it will take 9 months. That's normal time.  Tell the work place sometime between this month and this month I will be taking time off. The moth before the baby is due and the month after. 

2. Calculate time you have. Vacation time and sick leave. If you have paternity leave add that if you don't. Find out what other options you have.

3. Ask mom when she would like you to take time off. Since she can stay in the hospital up to three days for natural childbirth, have her do so. I'm sharing this from experience. With my first child I came home right away, after 24 hours and regrets. Had to ask for help from family, due to they birth canel completely healing. The second child, I took the doctors advice and stayed the three days. I am so glad. 

(I want any man reading this and be forwarded she'll hate you if you touch that part of her. The pain is greater than you imagine.) 

4. Having her choose will give her a feeling of having some control in the situation. There are many "ifs" when a woman is pregnant. Knowing your in the parenting together will help her.

5. Once she explains her thoughts than do the best you can. It will be okay.

For parents adopting the parenternity leave should be work out according to the delivery or pick up date of the child I'm not sure what they call it.

This what I have witness parenternity leave do for a family.

1. Bonding between family members.
2. The love between couple grows, due to understanding and gentalness.
3. Dad's that are overworked,  Overstreet get to witness those first few days that make the children / parent relationship.
4. Dad's feel more a part of the family.
5. Dreams, wishes and expectations for the child are spoken in whispers. That's as good as it gets between a couple. Don't wake baby before his time.
6. There is nothing as gentle as the touch of holding a newborn in your hands.
7. It is a gift from God above, even if you don't believe it God, you will. It's His will.

ThIs is not the the answer to a perfect marriage. It the beginning of a relationship with a child. You may or may not have made the decision to have. Having it him or her is the beginning of blessings. Sometimes good sometimes bad, count them all blessing. 

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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

I Was Thinking

Hi there, Diamond Glamor Girls;

Help me out. Leave a comment to the question - m about to ask. I was thinking. Since social media is now known around the world (globally) does that change the etiquette rules?

I was recently eating alone in a restaurant which I do often. I don't like cooking for just me some days and other days I don't mind. Some young man sat next to me in the next both. I was glad he was there because be blocked the kios of food photographs for the restaurant and he asked me where is your phone? I thought. Why is he asking me this? His young self made me think, I'm a mature woman, why would a young man in his early adult ask me for my phone? I didn't bring it with me that day. Do people know the difference between being social and social media?

I was there to eat lunch. Not looking for anything else. I happened to be listening to the table next to me. Where two young adults were mentoring another young girl just becoming an adult. Bible study teachings are important those development years. I later asked them what church because I wanted to attend Easter Services. It was nice to see these young woman, helping one another .

The young man asking me that question put me right into my guard myself. Mind, hearth soul. Single life is a guarded life. You can't let go of your believes because your single. Here is my questions. Is social etiquette in social media different for singles vs. married people. Personally, I don't enjoy being constantly in the hole or used everywhere I go, visit, everytime I go out to eat. What is your feelings thoughts on the matter? Do you ever feel uncomfortable in public places because of social media? Do you think social media would help you if you where in trouble or need? Does social media have a responsible to the people who use their app for safety? Should the restaurant or venue be responsible for the social media in their venue? Can and should social media be banned from social events? I know some private events, weddings are stating to not allow guest to bring in social media to events.

Here is an example of a social media, don't, stop, NO! Comment;
What do my looks have to do with it? I wouldn't say this at your workplace what gives you the right to say it in workplace? Is it a form of harassment? Doesn't the United States have laws against this?

Looking forward to reading your comments!

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Monday, April 2, 2018

Favorite Places

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls:

Do you have those special places where memories are made with your friends, family or just a business co-worker?  I know I do. I am at one of those places today. I enjoy getting to my special places every time I am in town. It’s memories I keep all to myself.

When I get my a manny-peddle short for (manicure and pedicure) I usual have coffee or lunch at a certain location. When I get the car repaired I get coffee or breakfast at the same location. Most of all you get to know the people that own the place. That’s when it becomes even more special. I enjoy getting to know the owner of the businesses I patron.  This is relationship building.

Social Meida applies to the favorite place you visit as well.

1. Be respectful to the business your visiting.

2. Know when it is appropriate to interrupt , ease drop or give your advice.

3. If the guest do not reply to your comments then take that as a sign they felt violated, their conversation is private.

4. All reality is important to people and it is important not to disturb that reality. Practical supersedes the world of social media.  This is when mental health comes into play. Know the boundaries of respectful social media interaction.

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Hope in 2020!

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