Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Rate Changes

Hi there, Reader;

You know I believe in our truth as business. Due to the full disclosure I have to pass my cost of doing business onto the consumers. Yea, it is unfortunate however true. The following changes apply affective March 17, 2017.

All foreign countries toll calls will be charged at rate $3.00 a minute. What this means if you want to call MK Pure Diamond Events and vent about your new mother in law, or your bad marriage for 20 minutes the cost would be a cost of $60.00. If I where to make a profit on this I would have to change you more.  Text messages will be at a rate of .50 per minute. No worries however in an however, if your text message is filled with a hundred words than the cost of doing business in that text is $50.00 for example.  I might get picture messages will cost $1.30 per picture, photograph or video. and you send me 10 photographs, 15 pictures and one video I will be changing you per frame that I have to review.  Data is a little higher than most at a rate of $2.05 for information. Anyone seeking information will be charged at a rate of $2.05 for each information I have to relay, the cost of this is approximately $110.00.

I understand this is a little difficult for you that I can no longer give you a bid for you meeting, event, wedding for free. I tried telling you that all things must STOP, however others insisted on their way, therefore I must pass on the cost of doing business to my customers and clients.  I regret and sorrow that this has happened however, you know I must take responsibility for my business as you must for your decisions.

I like, you am in the business of doing what is right for my business and therefore you must understand I am saddened by this change in the ways we must communicate. Therefore, I will leave emails free for now.  I am sure as a consumer of MK Pure Diamond Events Meeting and Event Planning services or Maria Kamon (c)TM Photography you understand the responsibility of doing business and how not only I have to pass the debt to consumers, so does big business. Therefore, now that you have read this full disclosure you understand the importance of the blogpost.

Hope in 2020!

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