Monday, May 29, 2017

Planner World ☕

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls;

The planner world is such a busy place. I'm just never sure if all the YouTube videos are for you to put ideas in use to be with you at all your events or you just want me to follow along and make you a successful. Either way I confess I love all the items sold in planner world

My list of wants is endless. Let's talk. There is Micheal's at 365. With all the cute sticker, stamps, accessories, then when I'm there I walk over to the paint supplies. OMG, I want that to. Now I have my eye on the latest machine. "Mint". It makes stamps. I can use my 40% coupon and save money.  It would be great my planner or cards , gifts etc. Maybe, I can open an etsy store. Maybe Micheals will pay me for employment. After all , I'm a planner.

Can't walk too far and I'm in the cake isle. Remember, Toni Lee's birthday maybe I can bake her a cake. I'm learning this too. Cake decorating. Perfect for bible study to show up with a cake. Christian love it's so perfect. 💞 It just spills everywhere. I think I'll make it with light yellow flowers. Okay, back to my planner needs. Do they have Kiki K here?

I drive to the next store, I heard of this new journal I think I want to try. What's the name it starts with and L and I believe it has a year on it something like 1719 or 1917 is it really that old. Old people, OMG, I have to take care of them my parents, all they do is fart.  OMG, what a terrible thought. I'm a Christian I shouldn't have thoughts like that. Back, focus girl focus. I'm here. Found the book. Now what did they say I should use. Let's just pick up all of it. I have a pen obsession anyway. It will be worthwhile trying out all these new pens

Now for the travelers notebook. Where shall I plan to go? Europe, UK, Canada, South America or maybe I could just visit all 50 states. Do you think they would accept me as a planner anywhere I travel? Get paid for it. Maybe, I should become a speaker on how planners have changed my world. It's more than an addiction. Maybe, it's a life choice. Maybe, I went to lease college and studied how to become one. How is it that one becomes great at something!   Does one plan it? What makes great better than living a quiet life? Who are you to ask? Teach me how and I too will become.

With this Travelers notebook, I'll make my way to Japan where I can order or purchase a real Hobonichi. Will that change my world?

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Monday, May 22, 2017

The Almighty Coffee Pot Challenge ☕

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls;

I guess I should have posted this blog in the "Foodie" tab, I thought it was front page worthy. How many of you have an addiction? Yes. I know no one calls it that however that's what it was called in my youth. Ha!

I was at Target Stores the other day when I found myself STOPPED at appliances. How many different kinds of coffee makers are there for the average man. We know than families with money don't shop there. Plus their coffee pots have fancy names no one can pronounced.  Non-the-less there are: pods, filter drip, one cup at a time, expresso, cone drip, the ones they keep it warm all day, those with auto shut off, those that brew into computer cups, etc. Not sure how many I counted, I do know it was more than I thought.

I started thinking about what makes one coffee let's say Mr. Coffee think he's better thank a French Press? Why is Haliton Beach better than Cuisinart Brew? For that matter who has heard of Kursey, Bodum Bistro, Black & Decker, who can tell me? Maybe it's a YouTube question? In the world of tall, vente, mug, cup, expresso the questions of what type of coffee is not even questioned.

If I purchased lots amounts of coffee from Costco and tried these coffee pots out would it all taste the same? I put you to the challenge. If your willing. Let me know the results of which coffee pot from Target stores makes the best cup of coffee. When you find the answer let me know.

It was requested I post the rules.
1.  Purchase your favorite coffee flavor from Costco or local store.
2. If you use cream purchase that.
3. Make the coffee and then taste. What you judge it on will be taste, flavor, bitterness, smoothness, temperature, features, pricing and value for your money.

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Friday, May 19, 2017

Let's Talk Accessories

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls;

Here are my top choices for accessories.

1. PURSES: They are whimsical this season. Of course there are still the traditional formal and informal one, however if one thinks out of the box and accessories ones formal gown with a little whimsical touch, you would have a conversation piece for that otherwise awkward moments formality brings.

These two clutch bags are a conversation piece. One can talk about pop of color, food choices, shine, glimmer, glamour 

Most of all the laughter that they bring will allow you to free yourself from trying to be that perfect formal date.

These little hair accessories are a cross between a Bobby pin and a combination. They can be placed all in a row to create a head band or in individual pieces to decorate the updue hairdo.

3. Do you remember friendship bracelet? I think this new take on it will be a hit. It looks like a combination of an ID Bracelet and a Friendship Bracelet. With its cute sayings it can dress up any outfit. Not too dressy, just a touch of gold.

4 Now I think I mentioned this the last blog, the new formal casual. It's formal, the dress is long and can be worn on an evening out with the right jewelry. However, put on sandals, casual jewelry and you have another look. You could even ad a belt to dressy it up.

I hope you enjoy my top 4 pick for this Season.
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Thursday, May 18, 2017

2018-19 Spring Fashion Lineup

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls;

I have some fashion gossip for you. Guest what the dress for this year through 2019 for this season are going to be long, flowing and almost fragile looking. They are absolutely beautiful for those of you like myself that like feminine things. I'd post photographs from all the fashion shows I'd attended, however then you'd want what I have. Covet woman.

The fabrics chiffon like flow with the slightest breeze. They are very feminine. The samples I have seen are so beautifully that I wanted to take them home with me.  Stores like Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue Bloomingdale  and Macys already have some in stock. Depending on the fabric one choose, these long dresses can be worn with sandals or 4" heals, to make the legs look long and lean. Add that with a designer handbag or clutch bag and your set to experience what ever event you have planned. My favorite bag right now is a wallet by Prada. It is big enough for your phone credit card lipstick and a few dollars. That makes it easy if you are planning on dance or your favorite man can just hold on to it for you.

There are also a more inexpensive version selling at Styles For Less. The store also has matching purses and shoes. My favorite dress there was a silk evening dress that could be worn to a nice formal dinner or prom.

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Monday, May 8, 2017

Mannie, Peddle, Waxing Oh My!

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls;

Have you ever gone to get a manicure, pedicure and ended up being asked: Would you lime? Salt Scrub, pumice rub, deep massage, gel Polish instead of regular polish, purifan wax and the list goes on. Then your looking at your hands and thinking all I came in for was a polish change. Beauty at a price! Love it! We all want to look good for our man. Not our man's man. There might some woman who want to look good for their man's man. The point I am trying to make is... what is the point?

Positive questions to ask yourself?

1. What is the importance of beauty?

2. What is glamour?

3. How much does it cost?

4. What does it look like?

5. What is your inner intention?

6. Are you glamorous because it your personal choice or are you dressing to impress? I would say glamour is a form of dress. I'm all for it if it's  what you want verses doing it to please someone because of their lack of acceptance of who you really are.

Just remember beauty is fleeting....a

If your following from Encinitas I recommend seeing my girl, her place is on El Camino Real. Ask for Brenda. Tell her Maria sent you. She will listen to your words. She will also sale pitch you for all her services. That's is her business. She is excellent at what she does.

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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Kate Spade Hits a Home Run

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls;

You know how much I enjoy a good story! OMG! This one is one that will be told for years! This darling little purse will be a collectors item. Why? She understands Mother's Day!

I am all for any child who would help out their mother and take a humming bird on the pursuant put him (humming) on a desert Flower. That's like . saying "Don't touch this." What was the saying years ago I think there was a song written about it. "You can't touch this." She's letting mom's know they are appreciated, loved and worth sticking any man who just wants her purse in the desert somewhere to see if they will get away with it there! To all the sons and daughters who help, love, protect their Mothers! Happy Mother's Day! You get what you give!

I always had a saying. "What goes around comes around."

Gossip, Diamond, Fashion, always in style...Maria Kamon©™ reporting.

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Friday, May 5, 2017

The Art of Feng Shui

 The Art of Feng Shui


Hi there, Readers;

I will be posting a blog series on the art of Feng Shui. These series of blogs will be posted on the lifestyle tab starting next will include information about the history of Feng Shui and possibly modern photograph of what that looks like.

I'd like to invite you along for this study of how positive space can affect how you live. Thoughts and reactions. The study of wind and water with the understanding you don't always see wind, water.  Wind and water speaks to the age old search for our house in nature.

What does this special to use. Wind and watermark the two most fundamental forms of energy. We know how important both are to us by our own experience. Follow along as we both discover this art form and how it affects are daily thought, life.

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Hope in 2020!

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