Monday, February 6, 2017

What Am I Going To Do In The Month February

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls;

San Diego has some interesting things going on. Beside the traditional city things in the town you live in there are the following:

February 3-12: Holtville Carrot Festival, in Holtville: A celebration of Holtville claim as the Carrot Capital of the World, with carrot-cooking contest entertainment, arts and crafts, carnival rides, and a carrot-theme parade: For more information: (760) 356-2923

Feb: 4:Mitchell Thorp Foundation 5K Run/Walk, Carlsbad, Annual run/ walk also features entertainment, food, games, vendor booths, and kids' timed  obstacle course. Fundraiser to support families with children challenged by life threatening illnesses. Poinsettia Park (760) 603-8853

Feb 4: San Diego Fermentation Festival, San Diego, Outdoor festival celebrating the reval of fermented foods and beverages in SoCal: check out educational workshops, DIY sauerkraut stations, live music and entertainment, and free samples, San Diego Waterfront Park (860) 337-6368

Feb 24-26: Auto Parts Exchange and Car Corral, San Diego Vendor stalls, a car corral and items for sale. Qualcomm Stadium (619) 599-0708

Feb 24-26: San Diego Jazz Party, Del Mar, Honoring jazz legend Eddie Erickson, pus a cocktail reception, piano solas, and a patron brunch, Hilton San Diego/Del Mar, (619) 787-8792

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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Unemployment is it?

Hi there, Reader;

As many of you know and understand since 2003 I have owned a meeting and Event company. However, since I'm a single mom, who has elderly people to watch over. Life isn't always easy.  This is not a woo is me blog or feel sorry for me it's my reality. This is the second time in this time that I have been unemployed. I have always had to have two employments and continue my education in the ever fast changing event world. As technology changes so does the way people interact with one another.

I am highly impressed with what unemployment is trying to do for its people. I know it sounds silly or ridiculous that I would be impressed with a government institutions with all that is happening in the world. What is talked about. The North County San Diego office is very good at helping it's people. From the little things like getting your resume online to making sure you recieve your card from Bank America to get paid. Here is what also expressed me, they cared enough to ask me since I was unemployed did I have enough to eat. More than my friends of many years have asked. When hard times hit, that's when one knows who a friend and who was just there for the good times. Good wife, right?

I hope you never have to experience what I have as a woman business owner. With technology being everywhere the world changed and it changed the lives of many. If your one of those who followed my family and I then you know some of our struggles. Like many Americans the reality of aging parents, teenagers, college students and the ever changing high expectations of self sufficientcy we place on our youth. It's nice to know, there are still a few agency were we can get assistance when we need it.

First you can get your computer skills checked by several agencies that will certify you for typing skills some are for a fee and some are free. Once certified you wil know which ones you qualify for. I'll write a list below.

Second : Are you hungry? Apply for what use to be food stamps is now called CalFresh. There are workshops you can attend every Monday.

Third: you have to establish identity. Citizensship and employment to recieve unemployment. US Passport or US Card. The list is lengthy.

Fourth: Register with North County Career Center for resume writing, employment search and motivation.

Fifth: iI also have a list of agencies you can contact if you need help.

Sixth: Apply for employment or to enhance your job search with

I'll have all of this posted for you in the next day or so. Til then, get ready...the goal in life is to live a Happy, healthy, productive life.

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