Friday, November 29, 2013

What About "Gay" Divorce

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A friend of mine was sharing some insight into the new life that our industry faces. "Gay" marriages. Many in our industry have embraced it, many say it is another source of income, others are undecided and then there are those like me.  Who always had a clear thought about what the bible says a marriage is suppose to be.  How do gay marriages affect this, I know many religious and non-religious or spirit filled churches are in conflict, they have to stand with the bible.  It is the word of God!

Our law states we are to be supportive of the new rights of the human population.  I grew up watching civil rights and how hard people fraught for the simplest of rights, therefore that point is not the point of the arguments I am faced with.  If an officiant feels that her job is just to make sure the bride and groom are legally married and after that their obligations stop, what does a pastor feel?  During my marriage I remember looking for the pastor or preacher that married us.  I just wanted to share some thoughts of things that he had married us with and challenges we would come upon. He had passed away, I remember feeling sad at knowing he had gone to meet his maker.  sad because not only did I miss telling him how good he was about marriage counseling and how accurate he was.  He taught me a lot of biblical truths about marriage that I always leaned on during hard times.

What about divorce? The wedding industry was hit. Hard by the potential of how this will affect the industry.  Those wanting to make many have already begun the process of doing that by teaching people in the industry, the legal ramifications of "gay" marriages. Money is money right? The medium income for gay couple is higher than the average couple.

What about divorce I thought. To myself as I read all the legalities to the industry's new challenge. Are attorneys being trained on the rules to divorce a gay couple or have they been formed.  are the laws different from a man and women marriage.  There is ediquitee   In planning a marriage, does this apply in an "gay" divorce?


Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls;

Guess what? Today is that day when everyone goes shopping. Focused on the holidays ahead. Whisper, murmurs of what's to come. For this of us who think about what this "Holiday" should be about it is difficult to know that the reality is far from it today! Is the joy of the season with you? If not ask yourself why?

I once was in a place where I was asked to be a leader of a group, my choice from Gods people where to be a "Gossip or a Banana". I knew I couldn't be a Gossip because I was chasten for being that at another place of "Gods" people. They all "Whispered" about what had been done to me. You might wonder what had been done to me? "An elder of a church transgressed against me." I refused to gossip. The ladies of the church, the that knew my guess it was the elders wives because I didn't speak a word where all a gossip. Thank God for a church that believes in the truth because their board of elders who govern the elders of a church does wrote me a letter of apology! It is difficult to before a board of elders in a church as the only woman!


someone deemed to be so insignificant that they are barely an entity; the only evidence of their existence is that someone somewhere heard a whisper of their name, long ago...


Quiet, Understanding person. Mediator and Advice giver to all friends and family.

The Bible says: "Now a word was secretly brought to me, and my ear received a whisper of it." Job 4:12

Does a Father dance with his Bride at a Wedding? 

Let me continue my story, when I got asked if I wanted to be a gossip or a banana, I was already debated and had not healed from the last ordeal. You see I already knew my weekends. That was that I was "raped" at the age of thirteen. Knowing that my own children didn't know this I was just looking for a place that would let me, hear the truth. While I raises my own children. I felt a failure. Consider myself that today!

Truth be told some feel that my story is so terrible that it shouldn't be told. It shows how as Humans we are venerable, as a church we make mistakes in how we treat humans. That for some it is difficult to tell the difference between a church and the world. That to me is what sorrows the heart of God. "His" church should stand different than the world.

I the human needed help, so went to a one of "His" chosen to ask? "What is a banana?" Scriptural I knew what a Gossip was. Funny as woman we get asked to do strange things. I refused to gossip about a Preachers wife. 1. I don't ever position myself against the leader of the church. 2. I don't gossip about someone I don't know. When someone speaks to be I take them at the literal sense of their word. The person I went for advice. (2 Cor 8:12) His reaction was to laugh. Did I get advice? Did I get counsel? We prayed and left it at that.

Later, I confronted by the person I got who asked the original, gossip or banana? She was upset. I explained it again. Another adventure began to prove that I couldn't do certain things because of what had happened at the first church. Funny, salvation means you don't have to do the same thing over and over again. That's the definition of insanity.  
Today, I am a gossip! That's all that is left! I work with police to tell the truth of any situation! To bring the past into reality, in order that I do not live the live of a victim again! 

Thank God for "His" People and the truth! When someone tells you yes, let it be a YES when they say no it's NO. When they say they can't it means that to. Matt. 5:37 guess what this also stands true in a court of law. If you need to know why ask! If they don't tell you respect.  There are people in life that do not believe in going against a church! Why because it is the only thing left in the world that represents or at lest is suppose to represent Gods truth, even though the people are sinners just like me. Forgive me for the sin of "Gossip."
There are even songs written about the whisper know who's "Whisper you listen too!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Can a Church Ordain Divorce?

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I know I speak my truth, but maybe the truth of many. Can a church rise one marriage too much. Use it as an example too many times for the health of the marriage. Can they make it go round and round until there is nothing left. I say to you children grow up sometimes with two different belief systems. Maybe because the "Great Commission" is different than serving in a "Mission". I grew up with parents that had two different looks at the bible. My dad belief was it was the word of God to be read every day. To my mom, it meant a like mindedness in prayer. Both believed in God and both believes that people can be over ridden.

I ask what is the responsibility of a church in a marriage? Can people hold the church responsible for their divorce? Should they? Will they? 

he Losses of Lawsuits


“Dare any of you, having a matter against another, go to law before the unrighteous, and not before the saints? Do you not know that the saints will judge the world? …Do you not know that we shall judge angels? How much more, things that pertain to this life? …I say this to your shame. Is it so, that there is not a wise man among you, not even one, who will be able to judge between his breth- ren?” – 1 Corinthians 6:1-3,5

What is one of the biggest problems our society has today? Dishonor.

Dishonor is defined by the “me first” mentality, the attitude that puts self first before all else and refuses to consider the broader impact of our actions and decisions.

One ultimate expression of dishonor in the Church is bringing lawsuits against fellow believers. We need to take this matter seriously, and I will give you four reasons why.

First, it dishonors the family of God. When we insist on putting ourselves first, even if we have suffered wrong, instead of preferring one another and being thankful for what we have, then it dishonors the whole family. It is especially shameful to bring our disputes before unbelievers, as though they are somehow more capable to decide justice than a wise believer with the Spirit of God living in them.

Second, it dishonors the future. Paul says, “Do you not know that we will judge the entire world, and the angels as well? Certainly we can judge cases among ourselves!” Do not forget who you are or think yourself unworthy to hold the gavel and bring justice, for one day you will even judge the angels! Begin to practice now what will then be perfected.

Third, it dishonors the fellowship between you, your spouse, your kids, your business, or any other relationship you have had which you are now trashing by taking that person to court. We go to court trying to make things right, but we do more harm than all the good we could possibly ever get back.

Fourth, it dishonors the forgiveness we have already received. The truth is that when we bring our issues to court, refusing to forgive those who have wronged us, then we are dishonor- ing the forgiveness we have received. We have been forgiven, and so we must forgive.

No matter what, we lose more in a lawsuit than we gain. Above all, we lose our witness and trash the holy name of Jesus. Flee this dishonor and choose to be thankful, forgiving those who have done you wrong.


Lord Jesus,

Thank You for forgiving me, even dying for me after all I did against You. Help me to have that same attitude toward those who wrong me, that I would rather die for them and restore our fellowship than to see them punished for the wrong they did.


It is a question that I have struggled with while attending church. My husband and I were united in the way to bring up our children. We were untied in what we believed the "great commission" meant as a call in our life as a couple, however for the first time ever, I came across people who didn't agree or maybe they did and used our marriage as an example. Has your marriages ever been used?

If you enjoyed reading this please drop a comment, click on a sponsor, tell a friend,yell it  to someone, just not in my ear most of all call your local church and ask them what is their stand on divorce? While you are there ask them if they are riding the marriages in their church too much? Ask them if their stand on marriage is what God wants and how it is packing our society today? What are they going to do to change it?  If God is against divorce and I may agree with this how is the church helping a couple stay together? An occasional retreat might not be enough any more. The world of technology works to fast and the word is out before life can be breathed into it.

As Christians you fight the Good fight, there comes a point where you start fighting for the rights of humans, even just the right to be a mom and say the heck with church. Then you think hypocrite, I fought my whole life for my marriage because we both believed in " The Great Commission" and my husband worked in a male dominated field and I was always the only female who believed in the call in his life. We both got married before a a Jesus Statue at a Christain church, that is still marrring couples and making sure they are equally yoked. It is not an option for the church to make marriages go round and round and fight to stay together. if the church fights marriages then who holding together the basics of what the "Father" believes. Like many other woman feel we lost the battle...therefore where does that put the church? If they do not understand that some mothers don't agree with their daughters on the Great Commission! Bringing up ones children to understand the difference between , "the Great Commission", a call to "Mission", and the call of God to manifest greatness in their lives without abuse or overcoming your own parents believe is a task in itself.

Without the church putting in the hearts of it's own that marriage is good even though it is challenging. Then their is no purpose. Some woman honor their husbands in a way that may look different to the church! In doing so we can no longer honor our own mother, because of her choices. Not to be disrespectful, but to fight for our own children! If a church dishonor a woman trying to uphold her marriage then is it not did honoring the foundation of which the church is built?

I challenge the church back to the basics of honoring marriage and the people who choose each other! To make public state mrs of what God intents marriage to be! To stop the confusion of "workplace" church, vs public church, vs truth! Honoring means respecting the person and their beliefs even if it is not in agreement with yours! Love means you have to do what the word says in  manner that would honor.

Like I said the church has affected many woman who were upholding marriage throughout time. Divorce although not pretty might just be a way of upholding a person, who could no longer take the round and round or their fruit being pealed!

God help us all who want "His" love!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

"His" Voice vs "Your"Voice

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls;

Who's voice is more important! There was a time that as a child, wan I wondered who was more important! Is the voice of God supersede the voice of " His " people crying out for help?

Today on the news I heard the President of the Unites States say his people were growing contentious.  Contentious, great word. Gods people grew contentions.  Exodus, in the bible is a good example of how Gods people grew contentions. It had to so with time boredom, disbelief that Mosses would deliver what God has promises.

My Grandmother as a child would LwYs tell me God new we yells! The yelling is never of God or righteousness! She would talk about patience, trust, obedience to "His" Word.  She shares stories of when she grew up the nuns would get mixed up about God and obey men and end up pregnant. She also shared stories of what would happen to them. Coat hanger abortions and the sadness the abortions would cast upon the whole town. She explained that not all men who say they are believers Not all men that are good men are men, to learn the difference because a good man was difficult to find. Here stories were her life. I was young and she was patient enough to allow me to ask a lot of questions! 

Her mom and her were somehow evolved in church as a child I listened S she did all types of projects. She taught me how to embroider, make dollies, sew, dram my grandfathers socks ( I laugh at that now but did you know it is an art form, when you so it correctly, the stitches should be the same length and when complete the sock should look like it is brand new). 

I thought about becoming a num until her stories educated me Bout the difficulties of this profession. She never talked bad about the church or its people. She talked Bout the hUmNeA of the profession. Non the less I was over it pretty quickly. 

Listening to Billy Graham change my life forever. He spoke of the freedom in Jesus. Not what you had to give up but what you gain. The price was paid! We didn't have to see what was missing if we saw that from that point on I realized  I had a good that didn't split personality a person!  I had a good who loves! My relationship with my dad changed at that point,  My dads relationship with my grandmother changes at that point. He stopped a lot of arguing with her, my dad was happy for the first time in along time. He began   reading the bible together. It didn't matter what happened to me I have a God who saves! I began to see myself different from my family! I began to pray about my future, my education, my future husband, my children, my home, where we would live etc, I didn't ask to know. I asked for help in recognizing what belonged to me. I asked h to not let others have my portion, my piece of the pie. I was still in elementary school when I knew I wanted to become a teacher. That was fo-filled. All the things I prayed for in my youth were fo-filled, bigger and greater than I Imagined, for this I am grateful.

Now I pray again for my future. My hopes my dream. As I mature and my children are mature adults I pray for their futures their dreams. The relations be blessed, my grandchildren. This is all done with a whisper! Not a dog yelling, or fighting. With a whisper!

I was a cheerleader for my
Children! Everything they do in life I will cheer for them to succeed! I pray you don't hear God yelling in pain. I have! I thank "Him" for yelling in my pain! i told him i sont know how to stop it! It's humbling, therefore I whisper! 

Is Obama speaking to a deaf world?
Are you?

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If you see my children tell them "I love them!" Better yet tell someone you know their mom loves them! Even if she is a terrible moms he did the best she could with what she had! Forgive her so you can feel her love for you! 

Then you both will hear His voice along with your voice together again, in prayer!


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