Saturday, January 20, 2018


Hi there, Diamond Glamor Girls:

How's 2018 treating you so far? Here is what I have been up to.

1. I didn't make any new years resolutions.
2. I didn't purchase any new technology items.
3. I decided I am doing just fine as being myself.
4. I decided that it is better to be myself than be in the pit with a bunch of snakes.
5. A tag is not a tag until you test what it wants. (Same works for a moleskines).

Most of all I decided I am worth more than those who know me want me to be. I'm not worth it for them. I am worth it for myself. I don't have to be perfect. Perfection is for the movies. When you think of it that type of perfection is the actress or actor at work, doing their craft, something they love. Getting paid very well for it. It is the results of years of studying their craft.

This year I decided I am worth every penny I spend on myself. Every breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee, soda, vegan, non-vegan, (you understand what I mean) food I purchase for myself is acceptable I am worth much more to myself.  I am blessed with the belief it  people who love me and don't want anymore harm coming to me. I've had some really sad things happen the last few years. They know I tell them just about everything I do. I trust them. They know who they are.

It is when one expenses the good and bad of life. One realizes the importance of oneself. You see if you can't be honest with yourself. You can't be honest in relationships. I have personally been through things others don't want. That was God doing His thing. I still love. Good, bad ugly, through it I did my best. It wasn't great or big. It didn't bring fame or money. It brought truth of myself and the desire and nature of man. What helps with that? A book I read have read every day.

This my organization is simple. Clean. Quiet. Plain and beautiful it is truth. My truth is not your truth and my organizer doesn't have fancy to do list, budget pages, goals, wish list or funnel systems. I find it like a breath of clean air or a drink of clean water. It has times, dates, months, year. I just write in what I need to do in the time slot and do it. I see if I really need more thought the year.
There is such a need between need and want. I am blessed to know the difference. That's what I treaded myself too this year. Organization.

Hope you are blessed too.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

The Art of Love

Hi there, Diamond Glamor Girls,

Thank You

Have you ever really thought to yourself what is Love and how should Love be expressed?

In poetry books, and in times. It was an art form. Everyone shared it. Few had it, even less expressed it. What is love. That books talk about man's desire for it. The eyes list. Her bussom called him. Yet, he couldn't go near her for he would fall into pieces. Burst with desire? Sounds like list? Why is it forbidden in some ot the books in the Bible? What is the difference between love, must, romance?

It doesn't Matter Where One Writes
Just Practices. Right?

I loved reading the bible when I was a child. (Still do.) It has everything in it. Action, mystery,  adventure, fighting, romance, love, lust and more. Read this and compare it to today's political books, poetry books,  or just a good mystery. You might even compare it to video games, or movies. What is it saying. Listen. Do what is right for you! I was once asked why do you enjoy blogging? That's why.

Love is an art. Like a diamond in the sand. It's beauty is greater than our ability to posses it. We try, in many ways mistreatment just kills it and it leaves you stuck in the muck of it. Learn how to treat it. Hold it. Uphold it and you'll understand how rare it is.

What is LOVE to you and how does it define you? Love such a simple word, such complex emotions. Without understanding what love is and isn't (which the bible clearly states) you won't understand what is truth in your life. I've read and been told

Write down how love defines you.

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Friday, January 5, 2018

People Complain

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls,

When I was a child, I rested as a child now that I am a child I put away childish things. This doesn't mean we forget them. It doesn't mean we don't have our inner child. Who needs to be nurtured, loved, touched. It means we don't respond the same way to things, people place.

For example: when you're in your teens and twenties, a male or female looks at you and one thinks several things. "Yes, I'm cute. No I'm not yours. Look but don't touch. I got it together. Is there something wrong, out of place. Do I have something on me to make you stare?" Depending on the circumstances one can think lots of different things.

As one matures the responses change. " What does he / she want. Don't touch this. Stop staring I have nothing for you. That's stupid. Ugly. Get away from me. I don't have to carry you or want to." Yes, the older one gets the less the price we want to pay. We paid the price for the success we had. It's a matter of understanding the persons pin sarrow and reality of what it cost them.

A placesetting is like that. Some of my clients can afford placesettings of gold, silver or copper. Others can not. Who am I to judge who's plcesetting is better? The simplest placesetting might be the richest. The sincerity of their heart is more beautiful than gold or silver. Yet, the client with all the money he everything for their guest. They assume the money can purchase whatever they want. Richest are deceptive or are they? It depends on the one holding it.

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Tuesday, January 2, 2018


Hi there, Diamond Glamor Girls:

What family traditions do you have? I love the Four Seasons. Living in California you have to really look to see them. People say we don't have the. The truth is just like the lifestyle it's very Suttle. You have to actually look for sign of them. You might even have to actually drive somewhere to experience them.

That's winter for us who live close to the coast in San Diego, We have experience rain, cold winds, temperature dropping however snow? Unheard of.

It's time to get out your calendars an plan that traditional adventure. What days are best this year the guess is yours. We have the local mountains with their delicious pies. Cute small towns where where locals know each other. Almost like a Hallmark movie. Yes these little towns still exist.

Then we have our ski resorts like Mommoth Lakes and Big Bear. We're all winter sports are avaliable. Even winter fishing. Although I confess, I haven't tried all sports I gave  tried enough to know, I don't enjoy ice fishing. I do enjoy many of the other activities. It's to cold sitting waiting to catch a fish. Now skiing down a mountain will keep you nice and warm plus physically fit.

Here a couple places I recommend. However , you know things are subject to change.

Big Bear Lakes


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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Halloback Girl - Happy New Year!

Hi there, Diamond Glamor Girls,

Do you remember the song 2009 "Haller Back Girl" ? Gwen pretty much talks about what woman feel in the middle of a bunch that wants and don't want to give back! Here's the video, take a look and let's talk.

What is it that the countdown to New Years always brings, one that one special morning we are all Halloback Girls! We all yell with the loudest voice we have 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4. 3, 2, 1, 0 HAPPY NEW YEAR! PoB there pops the confetti,  champagne glasses toasting and kisses flying. People embracing and love is in the air for a split second after waiting hours, days, years. That monument has gone. What is left as we watch the celebration on TV?

What and how do you see the New Year enter.  Here are some questions for you to consider.

  1.  Do you see the New Year like confetti? in many colors?
  2. Do you see it like a circle of love, friend and families gather together?
  3. Do you see it as "Father Time" the old leaving and the new coming in?
  4. Do you see it a a quiet time to give thanks and let yourself take in the moment.
  5. Maybe, you have a young family and you and your husband decided to stay home. While the kids sleep you both sit on the sofa and fall asleep watching a movie, only to awaken for the countdown and a New Years Eve kiss.
My point is. It is all acceptable. Lonely not lonely, married, divorced, widowed, single, gay, straight there are others just like you in the world. For that countdown moments they are all Halloback Back! Wishing you a Happy New Year!

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