Saturday, December 28, 2019

Hope in 2020!

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls,

It has been a long time since I have written a post blog fort you May of 2019 to be exact. Why now? I am currently asking myself that question.

In the meantime, it’s a new year and I thought I wish you hope. Maybe this blog post you’ll hear my voice. Otherwise I am quiet.

A new year, and old hope. A hope that those that know know...continue on the path for their own lives. Those that don’t know find out what I am talking about. I am not religious, however I believe and on the first day of the new year I listen. Honestly, do I always obey....No! Why, I am only human and mot all things are good for humans.

What do I want you to know....Hope! There is always hope. Even when we feel hopeless. I have been faced with death, drugs, perversion, lust, alcohol, abuse, loneliness, torture souls, and there is always HOPE! You are not these things. I am not these things. These things are in the world. So, for this 2020 year I let go of the world...Call for HOPE.

Let the missing be found, the abused be helped and those who have medical issues medical professionals help them. I am only human.  Hope, Faith, Love one another for this year!

But He answered and said, “It is written, ‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.’ ” 
Matthew 4:4 NKJV

Who is God I as you? This is will be a great to know and understand that question.
Many will have clear vision!

Happy New Year! 2020

Sunday, May 26, 2019

What’s New? 2019

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls;

Divider page from my latest book.
Wedding Planning Planner

What’s new? In this fast pace of everything and everyone moving faster than I can imagine. I have run a race worth speaking about and I am looking forward to just that. You see technology changed the world. It hits us daily with the bloggers, the trend setters and the what’s important and what is not.

Not much different than before at the same time totally different. Why because I now too confess at how easy it is to get my hands on the information at hand. I cheat! I confess I cheat now. I cheat at instead of picking up the recipe book I look at my phone or device to look up a recipe and then I think, that’s different than I remember it. Of corse it’s different. It’s not from the book or the person who wrote the book that I am looking up. How silly is that to look in a new place for something old.

Non-the-less that’s what I think is happening to many of us. We decluttered ourselves away. We want that old familiar person, recipe, favorite thing, however we are using a new way. What is it with humans that we need the comfort of old. We need to feel like people care more than a DM or Text Message. That doesn’t fill the void of being near someone we love.

We read all the time how so and so broke up their marriage over a text message. Now we have photographic evidence that her husband is having an affair, his wife is seeing someone new. What do we do, snap a photograph and text message it. Rather that going to that person and telling them the truth. We don’t want to be involved. We want to win in the race of life. Not understanding how painful listening all the time to the yelling can be.

I still am amazed at the insensitivity this new age has brought us. We are in a new age when we think faster is better. Is it really. I was recently confronted with the reality of my childhood friend who has been married many times allowed her family to have a sister-cousin. It has taken me several years to understand what that meant. Being of a different religion, I have no words of comprehension how how this has affect her and her believes. What makes that acceptable. Hate the sin, not the sinner I have been told. We all have sins of choice. Addictions we battle within ourselves. Who am I to judge, I ask myself constantly. Yet, does my opinion matter if I gave it. It has been years and I have been avoiding talking with her. Mainly, because I don’t have words to express what I feel without sounding like a judgmental bitch. I wan’t her to know I love 💕 her. Yet, I am, angry that she allowed this to happen. I am also angry at myself for feeling the way I do. We all fall short. So who am I? Who am I to have such strong opinion that I want to yell at her spouse! I can’t, so I don’t, therefore I won’t get involved in my childhood friends marriage. That has left us with pleasantries during the Christmas holidays. Short little somethings that fit onto a postcard style Christmas 🎄 Card.

What’s new in your 2019?

If I keep it all business then this is what I would share. I am close to finishing my second book. It looks like social media is playing a part in telling me what they like. This makes my second guessing myself, so much less and I am happy to report that it is a slow going. Event planning continues to be on the cutting edge of technology mixed with business. Cookie cutter weddings still continue to be a way to cut back cost of weddings. Weddings in San Diego are averaging $35,000/year. I have added a new service to my business. It’s a business that can travel wherever the client want to pay for me to plan their event. This makes things interesting.

I hope your mid-year 2019 check is doing great things for you!

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Don’t Meet Me In The Middle

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls,

It’s the middle of inktober and I have to tell you. I’m there... don’t meet me there. You know it’s like the work day when you had to stay in the office late the day before and the day before that. I remember planning fundraisers and the week leading up to the fundraiser everything gets checked and double checked. Still you know that there will be one thing or another where you feel like you just can’t, don’t want to, and won’t.

Another example would be dating a co-worker who you don’t want to date, however you know that if you don’t date him he will just keep asking. Something like sexual harassment. When over and over again you say No!  Who was the politicians that said NO is the new Yes! Stupid man. Thank God I don’t remember his name. No means NO!  This is a little dramatic.

The truth is it is knowing your in the middle and want out. However, the only way out is forward. Forward means you know that I know that some of my artwork hasn’t been my best. Some hasn’t been my worst and most are just in the middle neither good nor bad. Just nothing work talking about.

If your curious you can take a peek....opps you perv. Let me know who you are when you look at my artwork on  I am at the realization that history is a little complex. Therefore, I hope the complexities didn’t frighten you away.

To those that are following. Thank you. To those that are using the hashtag #HisTober2018 Thank you. I am really enjoying what your doing and seeing how creative you are. So much more than I am. Thank you for sharing.  They are all beautiful works of art. Why because you just tried. That’s all I wanted you to do is try. Thank you!

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

New This Year 2018

Hi there Diamond Glamour Girls:

Every one has dreams and one of mine has been to add a clothing line to MK Pure Diamond Events. From Europe nations to Canada to Alaska and the African nations there is a tradition wear clean clothing. Remember the United States not to long ago use to participate. We use to wash are cloths and hang them on the clothing line. Now we wash and dry them and writhing a few hours we can wear the cloths we took out of the washer. Clean Landry. How our lives should be so clean?

I have been experimenting with this clothing company to see if any of my followers would be interested. I’d love to hear your thoughts about this new design. I think it is very cute and I am really excited to present to you my first Christmas T-Shirt. Christmas Bells.  Click on the link.

I love Christmas and enjoy not only of what it brings to the world 🌎. What the truth is. How many of us stay centered in the fact of all “in the fact it will happen to other people”. The truth is I have had my share of person Love, Hope, Faith. My share of tragedy. My hope is if we all ring a bell. Shout out loud, whisper in a crowd Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas 🎄, Happy Hanukkah or whatever brings you to the spirit of happiness and joy. That will empower you to feel Love, Hope Faith in 2018-2019 is what the season is about. People find truth in different ways. I hope, trust you’ll find yours.  This is MKPDE’s way of saying Merry Christmas!

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Saturday, October 6, 2018

Inktober aka HisTober 2018

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls,

It’s funny how some man would come up with the concept of refining his skill by using the month of October to improve on his skills. Then taking it a step further to improve on what he was doing by working on his line work to discover how good could he really be at his own trade. Career as it is called. 

Then a silly art teacher understood the concept of what he was doing and changed the rules to fit her needs in teaching children. The same concepts, only more by adding a history lesson with it. What better way to develop penmanship than by adding a story or music. Straight lines how straight can you draw them.

The developmental mind works differently for boys vs. girls. It’s just human nature and the ways our hormones and thought life developed differently. The goal is to develop the individual desire to learn. Learning and accepting the person where they are at and who they are no matter what age is important. Put it another way, when was the last time you were with a friend and they didn't accept you for who you are? They where always trying to change you. How did that make you feel? Yep, pretty bad. That happens to both male and females in school. Imagine how they felt. 

What I changed about inktober is the type of ink. Ink can be used by older children when they have already mastered writing. Then they can get a quill, a thin paintbrush and learn to create other things. I understand not all agree with the concept. Development learning is different for each individual. It's purely my thoughts on the inking trend and how I enjoy teaching the subject of art.

If one trades out liquid water color instead of ink, the child will still feel the same feel of what it it like to ink. Allowing them the freedom to develop the like soils.  However, they won't have the stains and mess of inking. Clean up is easier This allows the child the confidence to learn there are no mistakes in art they can't correct.

If you'd like to see some of the work from other people Google #HisTober2018. The painting you see are my own creation.  Having control over the tools used in art and writing can lead to career that is fofilling and rewarding for the child, after adulthood. For additional career information

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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Design Style Glamour and Beauty are all the things I love? Right?

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls?

What am I doing designing T-Shirts. I am laughing at myself. My business keeps changing. I went from meeting and event planning to planning t-shirts and writing books. Say WHAT?

I was working on a children’s book about this little girl. She was/is the cutest little girl who was pigeon toe. The story I was working on was / is rather a funny one. When I got to the part where she fell. I then had a thought I should make t-shirts. So I did. The book is on its first draft. Currently looking for an editor or publisher that comes with one.  I love this story.

The I found myself designing a t-shirt. Is this a bigger plan? This spontaneous move now has my artwork for sale. Is it good enough? What is really good enough. I grew up with standards very high. My father expected a lot out of me and I do my best to please him.

Testing. I am now testing my designs to see if people enjoy them. I hope they are accepted and pleasing to the purchasers. Honestly, I found myself enjoying making them. Another unexpected self awareness moment.  Who knew.


I hope you’ll visit the website and let me know what you think.
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Almost forgot the t-shirt designs are on the website named spread shirt. There is even a black and white t-shirt I designed of what I imagine a spread shirt could be. I named it Black/White. How silly we are in life. Who better to help us than out Father.

New 2022 Blogpost will begin In June