Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Rate Changes

Hi there, Reader;

You know I believe in our truth as business. Due to the full disclosure I have to pass my cost of doing business onto the consumers. Yea, it is unfortunate however true. The following changes apply affective March 17, 2017.

All foreign countries toll calls will be charged at rate $3.00 a minute. What this means if you want to call MK Pure Diamond Events and vent about your new mother in law, or your bad marriage for 20 minutes the cost would be a cost of $60.00. If I where to make a profit on this I would have to change you more.  Text messages will be at a rate of .50 per minute. No worries however in an however, if your text message is filled with a hundred words than the cost of doing business in that text is $50.00 for example.  I might get picture messages will cost $1.30 per picture, photograph or video. and you send me 10 photographs, 15 pictures and one video I will be changing you per frame that I have to review.  Data is a little higher than most at a rate of $2.05 for information. Anyone seeking information will be charged at a rate of $2.05 for each information I have to relay, the cost of this is approximately $110.00.

I understand this is a little difficult for you that I can no longer give you a bid for you meeting, event, wedding for free. I tried telling you that all things must STOP, however others insisted on their way, therefore I must pass on the cost of doing business to my customers and clients.  I regret and sorrow that this has happened however, you know I must take responsibility for my business as you must for your decisions.

I like, you am in the business of doing what is right for my business and therefore you must understand I am saddened by this change in the ways we must communicate. Therefore, I will leave emails free for now.  I am sure as a consumer of MK Pure Diamond Events Meeting and Event Planning services or Maria Kamon (c)TM Photography you understand the responsibility of doing business and how not only I have to pass the debt to consumers, so does big business. Therefore, now that you have read this full disclosure you understand the importance of the blogpost.

Monday, February 6, 2017

What Am I Going To Do In The Month February

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls;

San Diego has some interesting things going on. Beside the traditional city things in the town you live in there are the following:

February 3-12: Holtville Carrot Festival, in Holtville: A celebration of Holtville claim as the Carrot Capital of the World, with carrot-cooking contest entertainment, arts and crafts, carnival rides, and a carrot-theme parade: For more information: (760) 356-2923

Feb: 4:Mitchell Thorp Foundation 5K Run/Walk, Carlsbad, Annual run/ walk also features entertainment, food, games, vendor booths, and kids' timed  obstacle course. Fundraiser to support families with children challenged by life threatening illnesses. Poinsettia Park (760) 603-8853

Feb 4: San Diego Fermentation Festival, San Diego, Outdoor festival celebrating the reval of fermented foods and beverages in SoCal: check out educational workshops, DIY sauerkraut stations, live music and entertainment, and free samples, San Diego Waterfront Park (860) 337-6368

Feb 24-26: Auto Parts Exchange and Car Corral, San Diego Vendor stalls, a car corral and items for sale. Qualcomm Stadium (619) 599-0708

Feb 24-26: San Diego Jazz Party, Del Mar, Honoring jazz legend Eddie Erickson, pus a cocktail reception, piano solas, and a patron brunch, Hilton San Diego/Del Mar, (619) 787-8792

If you have an event you would like published please send and email. Before doing so please read the disclaimer on the "Contact" Page. Accepting announcements for 2017-2018 activities must be family friendly.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Unemployment is it?

Hi there, Reader;

As many of you know and understand since 2003 I have owned a meeting and Event company. However, since I'm a single mom, who has elderly people to watch over. Life isn't always easy.  This is not a woo is me blog or feel sorry for me it's my reality. This is the second time in this time that I have been unemployed. I have always had to have two employments and continue my education in the ever fast changing event world. As technology changes so does the way people interact with one another.

I am highly impressed with what unemployment is trying to do for its people. I know it sounds silly or ridiculous that I would be impressed with a government institutions with all that is happening in the world. What is talked about. The North County San Diego office is very good at helping it's people. From the little things like getting your resume online to making sure you recieve your card from Bank America to get paid. Here is what also expressed me, they cared enough to ask me since I was unemployed did I have enough to eat. More than my friends of many years have asked. When hard times hit, that's when one knows who a friend and who was just there for the good times. Good wife, right?

I hope you never have to experience what I have as a woman business owner. With technology being everywhere the world changed and it changed the lives of many. If your one of those who followed my family and I then you know some of our struggles. Like many Americans the reality of aging parents, teenagers, college students and the ever changing high expectations of self sufficientcy we place on our youth. It's nice to know, there are still a few agency were we can get assistance when we need it.

First you can get your computer skills checked by several agencies that will certify you for typing skills some are for a fee and some are free. Once certified you wil know which ones you qualify for. I'll write a list below.

Second : Are you hungry? Apply for what use to be food stamps is now called CalFresh. There are workshops you can attend every Monday.

Third: you have to establish identity. Citizensship and employment to recieve unemployment. US Passport or US Card. The list is lengthy.

Fourth: Register with North County Career Center for resume writing, employment search and motivation.

Fifth: iI also have a list of agencies you can contact if you need help.

Sixth: Apply for employment or to enhance your job search with

I'll have all of this posted for you in the next day or so. Til then, get ready...the goal in life is to live a Happy, healthy, productive life.

This is a personal weblog. The opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of my employer.

In addition, my thoughts and opinions change from time to time I consider this a necessary consequence of having an open mind.

This weblog is intended to provide a semi-permanent point in time snapshot and manifestation of the various memes running around my brain, and as such any thoughts and opinions expressed within out-of-date posts may not the same, nor even similar, to those I may hold today.

This blog disclaimer is subject to change at anytime without notifications.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Fashion Modern Style for Less

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls

How fun is this for me. Anyone, that lived through the era of the late 60's early 70's to see the clothing styles return.  Fashion statements have always been a trend. It is so much fun to watch new generations have some of the same things I had had in my youth. What a blessing!

Currently, it is off the shoulder and anklet pants. The off the shoulder blouses were called angle blouses and dresses and the anklet pants were called 3/4 length pants. I have a feeling fashion is going to be big in 2017. Maybe that has to do with Mrs. Trump being in the white house. She has a scenes of fashion that reminds reporters of the Jackie and Bobby era, which I personally loved. I remember I became a DYI young lady. Reality, I was much younger than that. My era if you were female you were always consider a young lady.  I learned to sew and learned how to create fashion for less. It was a battle my mother and I always had. Who was better seamstress. I became very good at sewing a straight line and sewing buttons in. If I could save the money for the fabric then I could use her sewing machine. I started learning how to sew very young with my barbie dolls. I would draw them and she slowly started teaching me how to sew them. I would take my paints, crayons and paper and design fabric, draw dresses and as I grew older tried to make the patterns to sew the cloths. The better I got at it the more competition I had from my mother and others.  It is always a love / hate relationship of who is right? Her fashion, was not mine, her people where mot my people, however we can learn many things from the generations before use as well as the generations after us. Either way it lead me to taking classes and then entering college to study and learn what I could. That's when I discovered how competitive the field is and decided on teaching instead. That's enough about me. What I want to encourage all the Diamond Glamour Girls out there is to do great things with their lives. Whatever, you love doing do it with the best you you can do. I have to be honest and tell you I have a great love for fashion and what you can do with one piece to create many.

Get your fashion books, sketch books, drawing pencils,  and start designing...The Camelot Years of fashion our back and lets watch it develop together. I say this because of all the comparisons of Mr. and Mrs. Trump to the Kennedy's. Although my belief is a little different. Melanie Trump was just a baby then, so it's not a baby thing its a real time, real world thing. I laugh with those that want to stay in an era and not change and I covet those of you who are born and this time with all the new things/ tools, technology and equipment to use in your new lives and career choices. Many new careers will open this year as this first lady expresses herself through fashion. I am excited about what she will do, I believe not like newscasters that she has more to offer than just good lucks and fashion. I believe she will not only make the United States of America proud of her role as the first lady, she will also make woman proud to be a young lady, woman.

 This blouse was called spaghetti straps I'm not sure what they call it today, however I do know for the DYI (Do It Yourself) can sew it up in less than a day..several hours.  The challenge is there for you to take.
 For the mom's who still want fashion off thee shoulders however still want their children to find them dignified, respectable when in public you can always throw on a little cover up like this one.
 The 3/4 pants or anklets are best left to the young woman who can show off that pretty little piece of them. How fun it is to be young and fashion thought worthy.
 The off the shoulder, not. well kind of. It represents the willing to show a little shoulder, however not willing to be off the shoulders.
Here is a simple off the shoulders blouse with that would take maybe an hour to sew. Planned correctly it could look as glamours as you'd like.

Don't want to be spend thee money on trendy clothing? Then I found a cute store that will help you purchase the clothing for less. The name of it is Styles for Less, the fashion is trendy and will last for a season, for those on a budget or just want cloths for a season for the trend.

Disclaimer: The fashion and people mentioned in this blog have not paid for any advertisement nor have they asked me to review their products. I am not currently receiving monetary compensation from  the products or people. At the time of publication I have no knowledge of their advertisement of absence.

Photographed by Maria Kamon Photography. 

Friday, January 6, 2017

Lets Talk Travel

Hi there, Reader;

I am so excited to share this one with you that I will be posting this on all four of my blogs. It is the best there is for Honeymoon or Vacation.  Have you ever heard of getting paid for travel? I had not heard of it either until I read and saw this video from Time Magazine and Money Magazine. Sounds like a great way to save money and start planning a honeymoon to be remembered. Yes, there are couple who sometimes what to forget their honeymoon because it was ill planned. I confess to all of you I loved my honeymoon and all the little surprises my groom planned for us. It just wasn't long enough because work changed the start dates and called him.

Here are my suggestions.

1. Let your supervisor know that you are requesting time off.  Not early, nor late, each work handbook has the number of days you are suppose to submit the paperwork so do it at the appropriate time. I have heard of workers.

2. Don't tell them you are getting married if you are planning a small wedding and not inviting them. If you have to submit a reason why. The put small intimate wedding. It may or may not create hurt feelings in the workplace. It's the same mentality as when your a child and someone doesn't get invited to the birthday party.

3. Take the time to learn the interest of your wife/husband before you plan the wedding. Don't take them to the middle of Africa to camp if they are all about loving city life. It doesn't mean you can't plan a trip like that latter. It is just not advisable for your honeymoon.

4. Know how much your going to spend and then if possible double it. We all have shopping moments Plus when traveling it is better to have too much money rather than too little. Isn't that true about life.

5. Enjoy your honey...It should be a time to better get to know each other. Make future plans. Talk about nothing and talk about everything before the big responsibilities set in. What is that responsibility? You've lived together and dated for a while. Maybe, you don't live together... It's called life and daily living.

This is a disclaimer, although I am registered travel agent, I am not receiving any money at this time from these companies for writing about their magazine and video link, 

From Time Magazine (Click on the Link)
The article from Money Magazine reads like this.