Friday, March 23, 2018

I Have a Ninch Social Ediquette

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There are several things that I have discovered since I left the working place, corporate world and started my own business. I recently heard another business woman discussing how does one do well as a woman entrepreneur.

 The truth is you have to find a group of people who want your success as much as you do. Difficult to find. They have to want their own success, and have to be enlightened enough to understand there is plenty of room for successful people. That’s why I love social edituette. You see, I worked in what used to be “Corporate America” for many years. After two miscarriages and a long commute, I decided to stay home and raise my children. Went back to teaching part time.  Verses the 9-12 hour days I would spend in the office. This wasn’t my bosses requirement, I just wanted to do a good job. This was the blessing of my life. There wasn’t too many people in home based businesses back then. I tried my hand at other things, such as Mary Kay and was somewhat successful.

It always came down to the same thing. Whom did I love more? My children or money?  Every working person has to answer that question for themselves. I believe two miscarriages had a great impact on my life choices. Work/home life balance changes.

Now is a different time. I do know there are more than one way to have income. Yes, I mean a paycheck, money that you can go to the bank and deposit. That will both help your family purchase food, clothing, service and lifestyle. This time when I re-entered “Corporate America” I was hit shockingly by social media. Overwhelmed I did the best I could in helping everyone I could understand that what was hitting the world was bigger than I. That’s when it occurred to me what I am good at in event planning. Social etiquette. I love learning about the apps, what they do and how they will make the life of others better. What I don’t like is how rude and assuming some social things can be. If I assume I am rich and wealthy with money does that make is so?

How does one get respect if your dealing with the head of a corporate app?
  1. Honesty, one has to be honest with ones weaknesses. We all have them. So do apps.
  2. Accept that not all things are good for all people. Not all people are good for apps.
  3. Let’s get real. Products, apps, corporations are about making money. Thats the bottomline. I believe that's what it's called. How one understand how good the corporation is. a) It's product working. Does it work to the standards stated?  b)Does the corporation have a social conscience?
  4. That’s where etiquette comes in. 
That is why I enjoy etiquette. It can test what is being spoken. It is a social conscience. That’s why I enjoy watching certain types of you tubers when they purchase a non-sponsor item and talk about the pros and cons. When they are honest they help thousands. Integrity helps people.

I hope you will take this simple knowledge and apply it into your knowledge base as we explore the possibilities of what applying etiquette to a social situation can produce for you personally as well as your business. 

How social is social?
What good comes out of social?
Are social real relationships?
If in need could I depend upon my socials?
What is the difference between social advice and the advice of others?

Just a few topics we will be discussing in the next few blogs.

I look forward to reading your comments as I explain some of the edituette I learned in my business for social living.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Invitation Social Etiquette

Hi there,

Since my YouTube friends threw a party and I wasn’t invited it got me thinking about how I could react to the situation. After all they did front the fact they were having a party for a 24th year. Pirates, such a good them. I can’t believe they didn’t invite me until after the fact. You see I believe they, my YouTube friends want me to covet of become jealous of the fact that they are young dumb and beautiful. Is that the right song?  In case you don’t know who my friends are I have linked her video to the word YouTuber, that’s what she’s famous for. Be careful she just might take you for a donkey ride. On second thought maybe I'm doing the same thing with this blogm

What is the proper social etiquette for invitation? Acceptance or declining an invitation?  Is there a difference between invitations? How does this affect the attendees also known as guest. The guest of honor and the party planner? In this blog I hope to discuss some of the more dignified social responses. Talking on it on a blog may not be the most socially correct way, however I know my YouTube friend would agree. All joking aside. My YouTube friends are very entertaining and good at what they do. Let's talk invitation.

Invitations make a social statement within the group you are inviting. There are formal and informal invitations for parties. Here is a way of telling the difference of when to use what. All styles of invitations take some time to write them out. Children can help with their own invitations if the party is not a surprise.

  1. Email invitations are considered informal. 
  2. Write in the information such as invitations for children’s parties are also considered informal, although they are more formal than email invitations.
  3. The most formal are the ones I discussed in the blog titled “Invitations”.
  4. Texting and apps are considered social invitation and unless it is a wedding are not always for parties that have taken some time to plan.
I am a believer that people enjoy receiving an invitation in the mail. Although we are a paperless generation, we still can apply the rules of etiquette to a social activity. Here is a good rule of thumb to practice. The longer the party takes to plan the more formal the invitation. The reason for this is the people planning the party have taken a great deal of time and it shows appreciation for their labor.

 This doesn’t mean...I am thinking of having a party for six months doing nothing but thinking about it. The night before the party you call your friends for the party. This means for six months I am working on the party. Planning food, people to invite, invitation, decor, invitations, etc. Therefore, if it is an informal party give your guest a minimum of 30 days notice.  I would say that would be the minimum amount of time. They can RSVP and you’ll know exactly how much food to have.

Invitations act like a keepsake, a placemarker for the day of the event. Plus here is the fun part you get to practice your lettering. I linked one for you. There are many to choose from.  I don’t know about you. For me when I receive an email invitation I react differently than one when a person has hand written or printed invitation.

The email I tend to put it in my reminder to respond and wait until the reminder that I didn’t respond, reminds me to respond. Whereas the written, I tend to RSVP right away. I know it was important to the person that send it to me. They took the time to write and send it in the US Mail also know as snail mail, due to the fact it is slower than a computer. The fact that the mail will take time means I have to react more promptly

The etiquette would say to answer both in a timely manner. A week is plenty of time for you to look at your calendar and ask your significant other if they would like to attend with you. Please RSVP with the correct number of people attending. Also if for some reason that number changes tell the person throwing the party. It's not fun for the person who invited you to know they had to pay for a meal uneaten. It's even sadder to know it will get thrown away at the end of a party at a venue.

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Hi there,

How many times have you walked to the mailbox or gone to the post office to pick up an invitation? Just the touch of the envelop makes you feel like your about to relieve something special, important and like nothing you have received before.

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Have you ever thought about why a paper mail by postal service can feel so special? Before we discuss this let's talk about the parts of an invitation.

  1. Save the date card. This allows the guest to write the information on the paper in their planner.
  2.  The invitation. This usually holds information of whom the party is for. Who is throwing the party. What date, time and location.
  3. The third part of the party is the RSVP card.
These three components of an invitation are to help your guest. 1. Remember your day. 
 2. Feel like they are a part of your day, by having an idea what the party or event is about.  3. Let's you know if they will be attending your event. This will help you know if you know how many to plan for. One should never take the RSVP of someone who says no as personal. They probably have another responsibility on that day. They can't do both. Time restrictions.

There are companies like Evite or that offer party planning services with little expense to you. I will be writing a blog about Invitation etiquette next week.

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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Awh Let's Party Plan!

 Tickets, tickets anyone? This could be a theme for a party. Anyone could choose the silliest of themes. A theme is a thought liked by others to decorate and create a common connection between attendees. Party planning can be overwhelming. As a YouTuber said recently when attempting to plan her sisters birthday party. Watch the video to see whom I quoted. Usually party within the home or house of an individual have themes. Themes are a difficult and overwhelming. They can be silly, fun, complex. What makes a party difficult is carring the theme throughout the whole party. There is so many to choose like balloons. If you choose to many it can Lift you away. If you choose the wrong one it can take you in the wrong direction. Spending your money in an unusual way. Swipe!

The truth is a themed party should be carried through the whole part the day. The store can be overwhelming.    store. Unless you have decided what you are looking for. I suggest making a list before you start shopping. This is why shopping online is helpful. Comparative price shopping. It is a theme you choose for the guest of honor is one she/he likes, is into finding out  or learning or is a part of for the day. It will be in their lives for a while.
As you look down the isle and want to purchase everything. You should stop to consider the following. This is assuming that the theme is picked before you entered the store.
  1. Pick a theme. 
  2. Know your budget.
  3.  Be strong resist temptation.
  4. Pick a color for paper plates, cups, napkins.
  5. Make sure guest know what to expect.
  6. Make sure the surprise is well kept.  If it's a surprise. The best way do do that is by having another person keep the guest of honor busy with something else. 
  7. If your doing this yourself make sure you have plenty of food for the guest.
  8. The average guest will consume more than you think. Therefore, if serving alcoholic beverages. Gather guest keys to prevent anyone driving drunk. 9all them an Uber or Taxi if need. Drinking and driving in the state of California makes the person who served the alcohol responsible. Maybe, I should reword this driving under the influence of alcoholic beverages or other drugs is illegal in the State of California .
  9. Make sure if it is a large party in your home you purchase party insurance. This is an addition to the policy you already have. The reason for this is alcoholic beverages or food intoxication can fall on the homeowner and they can be held liable.
  10. Remember to keep it light and when people tell you how great it is, never tell them how difficult it was planning it. If it get back to the guest of honor it will offend. She / He might take it personally.
  11. The truth is: it is difficult. Your doing all the work, the guest are having all the fun, just understand that's normal. You'll be alright.
  12. If the party is out of control. Walk into another room and call the non-emergency local police. I recommend to all people to look this number up and have it in your cell phone. The local police will help you get your guest who is causing problems out of your house.
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Friday, March 9, 2018

Back To Nature

Hi there,

Have you seen the recent fashion for season 2018-19 fall and winter? It is inspired as usual. I just don't know how he does it. Such an artist for this generation and beyond. His knowledge of the woman body and proportion are amazing and Chanel would still be so proud of the accomplishments achieved today. It is clothing appropriate for many generations without loosing Chanel original goal. He is true to the company believes!

The colors for fall and winter are a little unexpected, however they are non-the-less more applicable and serious tones. I'm not sure if anyone remembers Carol Kings album years ago named tapestry ,  that's what this year's fashion line reminds me of. A beautiful tapestry with the rich colors of fall and winter. They are rich and deep colors. Maybe, Musee d'Orsay Paris or The Apocalypse Tapestry in large medievil French Tapestry commissioned by Louis I, Duke of Anjou. I not sure if this was his intention, it is a definite work of art.

Take a look. Let me know what you think. In the comment below. 

Items can be purchased at Chanel . I believe you have to pre-order for 2018-19 Fall -Winter Season

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Is There A Difference?

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls,

What is important to you? I thought this blog
would have produced more fruit. Fruit the Christian way of saying blessings, food, sustainability. However, what I discovered is that fruit and moninization are two different things. Are they? Is a blessing in a person's life worth rewarding with paying them? If I m feeding you with words that help you, isn't reasonable to think I'd be paid for it? Monetization?

Is the work place different that my place of church? Did it become one big mess when I entered the work place, due to my chosen profession? It took me a while to understand this when I entered the work place it affected my worship. Why is this? Should it have?

The differce between being a Christain stay at home mom and a Christain mom who is employees. The biggest difference is the employed mom gets paid for her donation in the workplace. She not considered just a mom. She has more roles to forfilll. She's no longer the fruit tree people expect her to be. She has to lay down her cross. Ha! Therefore, they have to become their own tree. If your looking for a lemons. Then you need to be the lemon for your own cause. That how to produce fruit. Isn't it?

The most naivee thought is that one stops being a Christian when you enter the workplace. When the reality is you know that you, me, us, Christian woman we hold ourselves to a higher standard. That's what we tell ourselves anyway. Sometimes people think she was in bible study, therefore she should behave...then they (people add their expectations) as if you had an obligation to them to give them something due to them causing you pain or problems. Calling it persecution. I want from Jesus therefore give me.  You have a personal relationship with Christ he made saints, therefore make me a staint. It doesn't work that way. Look at it this way. Jesus didn't volunteer to be persecuted. He came so people would know truth. Who's truth? God's truth.

What if you looked at it as volunteer  vs employment.

Volunteer vs Employee 

  1. Volunteers are always needed, if you look at it as a numbers game. Very few people choose to volunteer. Most volunteers feel like they are contributing to a cause worth while. It worth of their time.
  2. Volunteers are recruited or asked to take a position of they have the skills? Some do some don't. If they don't they grow into it, or they are not asked the following year.
  3. Volunteers may or may not have college education.
  4. Volunteers are task specific.
  5. Volunteers at the end of the task usually receive some type of thank you.

  1. Employee are always needed. Employees usually are plentiful if they pay is good. The money received in exchanged for goods or services. Most people employees feel it is worth their own time.
  2. There are employment positions that are recruited. Usually the higher up the corporate ladder the more likely the employment position and employee are looked for. The person to fit the position posses a certain skillset. Education.
  3. Employee may or may not need a college education depending on the position they are filing.
  4. Employees may be task specific.
  5. Employees at the end of task, may or may not receive a thank you. The task might just be in the job expectations and not about a thank you.
Do you need money? Find employment? Stop volunteering ask or the place your volunteering if they have a paid position.. Don't stop attending the things you believe in. For everything their is a season. I pruning my blog to see if it will bear fruit. Yes, in the form of money. If it doesn't then their are specific next actions I will take. Fruit of bloggers is monetization. Payment for their writings. Pruning is important for good fruit.

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Thursday, March 1, 2018

National Wedding Planning Day

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls:

Known for June 21, 2018 hosted by Wedding Certification. Hosted by the National Wedding Council, is the official annual kickoff to wedding season!  The perfect day #sharetheLove, celebrate marriages and thank our talented wedding professionals.

The Knott magazine is offering several free items for you to start planning your day! If you are looking for a wedding planner you can look on Instagram @MKPDE for live stories, visiting my website at    

To honor the day I will give the bride a wedding bouquet of value up to $500.00 with the booking of MK Pure Diamond Events for wedding planning services, from start to finish. For first three wedding planning services booked with a sign contract to plan wedding from start to finish.

Please visit The Knot to see what services they have to offer you on this day!
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Hope in 2020!

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