Monday, August 28, 2017

Woman in Pink Dress

Hi there,

There are things I love about life and things I hate. The one thing I do enjoy is being a woman! That's the way I was born I love and have always enjoyed every minute of being a feminine female. From head to toe. All the things female I enjoy!

Invite me to lunch, dinner, maybe we should saty out until breakfast. It really doesn't matter I am blessed with knowing who I am and how God made me!  Female! I think the is why I love attending fashions shows when invited. I hope you'll enjoy this one.

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Friday, August 11, 2017

From Hobby Blogger to Blogging as a Career

Hi there,            

What a career choice? Blogging! English who likes the subject? The truth is I didn't like it much when I was in school. I grew up in a household who only spoke Spanish. Yes, we are legal born citizens of the United States and honesty I hate the question. What does that have to do with learning another language? The truth be told I grew up learning both. I didn't like English because of the Grammer rules. Same reason I didn't like Spanish. Grammer rule. I use to get them mix up. The writing rule can sometimes be different.

Then I got better at it. College I think. College English classes. Maybe, that's when my brain matured and I could compare the rules and understand how Spanish and English . Maybe, it was then college English teacher at Long Beach State that's had such a passion for the subject she and he were teaching. They made me listen. Listen to what? Words! Grammer and reading, classical history stories, the romance, passion, mystery ,and quiet expressed. Then I began to understand the importance of words.

Then business meetings teach  a different kind of English and Spanish. Then back to learning new things. How one expresses oneself more formally. That's the excitement of blogging. Finding creative ways to express oneself. To allow oneself to have a voice and be heard by others. Stranger's who have similar I interest.
Learning, what you are writing about. Leaving comments and opinions when one is expressive enough to engage them enough to evoke  a response. That's when you know you have written a good blog. That's when you think could I make this a career.

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