Thursday, February 27, 2014

Roll Out the Red Carpet 2014

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls:

Each year all we do is think to ourselves who will win? Will all around the world people are throwing parties to celebrate this years winners. What about you? Are you a winner? Do you succeed in life? What is success? Success is knowing that you tried you best at being your self at upholding your belief systems. "Success is a Journey, not a Destination." "Success is obedience to a structured way of life."  Hopefully they have character, truth, understanding and wisdom.

This years "Roll Out the Red Carpet" party ideas begins with planning a party, celebration where you have a red carpet printed with the guest names on it. Place photographers all along the sides for your guest. As they arrive pictures can be taken of them. Later you can use the pictures to send thank you, or just store for next years presentations. The carpets can be purchased at various suppliers. They are also called runners and are used at weddings. Choose the color you need for your event or venue. Traditionally it is red. The printing of the carpet is where it gets expensive.

Invitations: Some of my favorite are the ones that look like the action chalk board. (see picture) There fun and they call your guest to action. To act out the part and RSVP for the event!

Food: Keep it light. If it is a cocktail party then the food should be small in size and taste. People don't like to have a mouth full of food while having to talk with others. The food choices will have to do with your budget and what you enjoy eating or what you think your guest will enjoy eating. If you are having a party more than two and a half hours (2.5) a full meal should be provided.

Entertainment: Make sure it is loud and fun! Like the "Academy Awards" the guest must have a hard time hearing each other. DJ's that know how to get the crowd excited and yet have crowd control. If you plan on doing this then please be gracious enough to provide another room where guest can quiet themselves. "Conversation Room". Also a photography room is a lot of fun! Where Award Winners" can go from the "Award Ceremony" into the "Party Room"

Awards: Awards will look like "Oscars" or "Film" or what is important to your business, company, or personal style.

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Diamond Glamour Girls Pole

Who do you listen to The Good Girl within or the Bad Girl withing?

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls,

How fun it is when we meet people that just let us be ourselves. They don't want anything, they just want to be with someone, not because you can give them something, not because you can create something from them, not because you are who you are, just because you are.

I know it doesn't make since, I have explained before I have friends from childhood who I have kept in my life because they remind me of what was good in my life as a child. When your a child you think like a child, when you become an adult you put away your childish thoughts. When your an adult to you help each other by gossiping and telling each other the truth? Reality?

When I was a child, I was expected to be able to accomplish certain things. I was told after school I had to do the chores, homework and then I could play do crafts or whatever else I need or wanted to do. I think back and laugh. My children had a very different life that I did. Anyway, I didn't know any better. The great thing is most days my sister and I would create games to accomplish the goals.

On the days we would accomplish all our goals it was "Good" or God that we listen to in the form of the Holy Spirit on the days that the goals were not accomplished it was "Bad" or the Devil we listen to. Each of us knew what we had to do. What is really good to "God"? What is really bad? There are things that are clearly defined in the bible as good and bad. Is gossip one of them and can it be used for good?

Gossip as defined by "Urban Dictionary". Exaggeration or fabrication of a story, regarding somebody other than the tale bearer, in the absence of this person who is being discussed-for the malicious purpose of demanding slandering or tarnishing this person's reputation. "Garbage of Stupid Silly Ignorant People"  They spent the lunch hour discussing ways to dispute them and put the rumors to rest. They knew denial would probably make the rumors worse. They decided to laugh them off as if they were the silliest things anymore had ever said.

It goes on to define it even in more detail. What if gossip is used to save someones life? What if gossip is used to inform others in order that they might help themselves? What if a "gossip" came to you to told you that your husband or wife was having an affair? Is it gossiping when they come to you and speak the truth? What if someone came to you and told you your spouse forced them to have sex with him? Would you accept this as truth or gossip? Would you kill the message or accept what they are saying as an act in good faith? Showing them grace?

It is always such a blessing when God brings good things into your life, what happens when he allows your life to be gossiped about? Would you allow it or argue the points. Would you accept responsibility for the things gone wrong in your life, in your children's life, even if you knew you didn't have the ability or the means to fight it. Maybe, I am wrong...I know this is what I have done. I have had the blessing to be able to tell my children the things that have happened to be and them, and I didn't have control over. The truth is my dad showed me how to take responsibility of the positive and the negative in my life and the life of my children, knowing that God, Jesus and all believers would show grace, mercy and peace in my life.

Children need to feel like their parents have control over everything that happens to them. The truth is we don't. Things happen to us at work, at church, in everyday life that we can't always control. We try our best, we pray for protection, we know that the Lord takes care of those who love Him, we do the best we can to accept what has been given to us. To fight the good fight to listen to the truth and achieve the goals set before us. Maybe gossips aren't always bad, maybe they speak the truth in the form of a gossip to help you. Next time you talk ask yourself are you gossiping for pleasure or truth?

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Friday, February 21, 2014

San Diego Teacher Pay vs New Jersey Teacher Pay

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls;

It is another Friday and for today I was working on a project realized this morning the San Diego School District is on Strike.  What does it mean to strike?  I love jogging and while I was on the treadmill I was thinking about this thought. As a teacher, what does it mean to me to strike. To request more money?  How much money is enough money? How much is a life worth?

I thought about the thought while I was watching the program on TV, normally I connect to the Ipod and get in the zone, however recently I have discovered the time is important while I watch TV and think the silly non-important thoughts only fools think.

What if teachers were valued as they are in Japan, where they are highly respected. They are thought to be wise and intelligent, the child knows the child will be taught a life skill.  What if the teachers in San Diego were respected enough to be paid the salary of those in "New Jersey"?  That's the US right? Would this fight continue?

It is the thought of this writer, we sell ourselves and the lives of those we love by not giving credit to teachers, by acknowledging their impact on the lives of individuals. Lets begin with the meaning of Strike:

1. Ignore or cut off communication to a person or group.
2. A racial slur used to describe a stupid person of a Jewish religion or a Jewish person that made a stupid mistake.
3. a skinny person who is good with flame-wars.

Do you feel that teachers sometimes have to cut off communication to get heard? Do you feel that teacher sometimes hear racial slurs, or religious slurs from their students, parents, co-workers, public? Do you think that teachers sometimes are held accountable of things beyond their possible ability or expectations?  Do you think that teachers sometimes have to get in between "flame-throwers or heated arguments"?  If the answer is yes to any of these then I ask why do you think New Jersey pays their beginning teachers almost twice what San Diego does?

The new teacher in the state of New Jersey is paid, $63, 720 year vs the new teacher in San Diego 31, 308 per year. What makes the New Jersey Schools better than the San Diego Schools?  What is the best position for the teachers?  Are they respected more, are they appreciated more?  I know one thing we all value money and think of it as self worth.  It has makes a big difference for me in life when an employer pays me what I am worth vs trying to nickle and dime me.

When the client knows that I am worth paying a good salary vs trying to get the cheaper deal.  I ask you why then do we not pay our teacher less than what we would want to be paid ourselves? I know I have taught for many years, parents always want, need, have expenses, want to save but the truth is so do teachers they are parents too.  I vote for Yes! Increase pay or charge parents to enroll their children into school. Throughout the year they are going to have to purchase, school books, calculators, school supplies etc.  Maybe a solution to the problem is to change parents a small monthly feel.

"The Ugly One"
That's how I am seen by my mom, how I am grateful I am "saved" by grace not by works, so that no man should boast! Teachers speaking out is seen as many things.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Who's the Bachelor?

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls,

Have you ever wonder how different nationalities do things? It's funny if you think of all the negatives you see only the negatives, if you think of only sex, then you see only sex. What about stereo types? 

I caught one of the episodes of "The Bachelor" you know the one with all the light up dance moves. Creative right? Funny right? I challenge the TV and ask are they stero typing? Are they trying to make another Nation look less competent than the traditional? 

Being an American from birth, born in the United States, seeing how others stereo type the Latin, the Puerto Rician, The Jew, The Italian, The Jap  and the tons of money made off these people stereo type, I ask myself is Juan Paulo being made a fool of? 

Oh how we need Grace, as a Nation that millions of American women swoon over his Latin charisma, while others of us are in pain from the stereo type of what a man should be, act, think,romance a woman. Yes, all for the mighty American dollar. 

We are civil, now we have become so complacent with what we think a dream man should be have forgotten what a real man is? I assure you it's not what the TV show is. It's not what is cold or hot, it is what is true about his character. 

Guess time will tell in 5, 10, 15 years from now what this person has done with their lives and for the lives of other. All I know is that watching seasons you only have to catch one it two to understand the get the picture.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

What Does It All Mean?

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls:

Guess, what I was at the gym this morning and the same TV Program was on "Sex in the City". Normally I plug into my music in order to get into the zone.  Again I plugged into the program on TV as I walked my 30 minutes.  I laugh again at the memories it brought back of my own relation with my then fiance and husband of more than 38 and now my best friend after divorce.

I thought of my event business and how I was hired to plan a funeral after party. That was a challenge for me. I knew I didn't really want to plan this event and gracefully decline. He insisted.  It ended up being one of the most amazing moments to know that so many people could show up to celebrate the life of a women. A woman respected by others, a woman knew she was loved, and I wonder how much she really knew about how much she was loved. It was such a peaceful, joyous, worthy of talking about event. Although I never talk about my clients by name, I do talk about them with the caliber of respect they deserve. She was loved and her guest where so wonderful to our staff that I was pleased how great the event was. It was one of those events, I told the client I wasn't equipped to plan, however their grace allowed it to an event without fault.

Anyway, the story was more about new relationships and how during the time of getting to know each other, we experiment with each others desires, likes and interest.  I like carry was all about living a life in the city. I don't think I had ever gone camping (mountain) or ever even thought about it til I met my husband.  We grew to love the outdoors and all the fun that it brought, however I am still more in love with the Encinitas lifestyle than I will ever be with mountain or country lifestyle.  The laughter comes in when a man is telling you things they like and we as woman laugh or is frighten, we call our best friends to join us at the activity, we are just not sure of or don't understand the man. My husband always had a great sense of humor. I wish now I would of watched this series when it was happening. Relationships in the beginning are both humorous and difficult.  Having children adds another blessing and it's whole set of circumstances. You add teenagers and all their friends it changes again. You divorce and starting over creates it's own challenges.

He showed her that the best friend he has in the cabin was a squirrel, implying he was a little lonely, or just a little strange. He was funny as heck trying to find her compassion, or sympathy point. Her sympathy for was was not there. She like many of found it difficult to believe that his best friend was a squirrel. He couldn't find it and she didn't know exactly what to do. There is a point in all of us "women" when we can no longer stand the cuteness of Ren and have to call for support from others.  We might love the man however we don't have to love his Ren.

Relationships are this funny balance of love, patience and a series of "No's that need to be respected. Woman are able to love the person and not want to be with his Ren. The wisdom of knowing the person, and knowing to love yourself as much is a fine balance in a relationship. It is knowing that some females are different then others, it's a matter of finding the right friends, the ones that believe in you, as a friend, woman, sister, and most of all your ability to succeed as a woman.  With integrity to the point that you would share painful information with her if it meant saving her life. Integrity in business, in our checking accounts, in our ability to life a productive life.  Carrie had that.  If you can become that type of woman you can then create a circle of friends worthy of your companionship. The scripture comes to mind that

The difficult thing is as woman we don't all grow up with "Fathers, Dad's " that Ren us. Most of us don't like it in our bodies and we don't life that way on a daily bases.  In the workplace it is known as sexual harassment. In business it is known as a business person against you not for you.  Therefore "Trust has to be developed. Truth has to be established and love definitely has to be a part of. In my business the workplace doesn't always look like an office. It is where ever I am planning an event. It might be the beach or a venue, or event Barnes and Nobles, while I am writing this blog.

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Monday, February 17, 2014

President's Day Weekend

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls;

Another Presidents Weekend, for some it was full of joy, laughter, enjoying family and friends. BB Q's burning and beach picnic, this year you might just be by the TV watching the Olympics. Those people they enjoy company with, for others a weekend of solitude. Where laughter is listening to others or watching TV. What is it that life has to offer you?  What is it that you want out of life.

You know I was working out today and the place I go to work out has more televisions then I have ever seen before.  The funniest part in the women's locker room they are all on the food network, one famous chef or another.  I always wonder the same thing. Don't they know, I am here to exercise the goal is to stay away from food. I laugh to myself because the other woman are there for the same reason.

Anyway as I was saying I was working out on the tread meal, that endless exercise that takes you no where but burns aloft of calories if done right.  The TV was on, the famous TV Series "Sex in the City" was on and I realized as I am watching it that I missed that whole era. I missed it in my real life and on TV.

 I had girlfriends we went out, but none of us did that whole who can sleep with whom and who was better.  We went dancing and made a pact that none of us would let the other either get drunk or leave with a man.  The whole sex (ST D's) was to big for me.  Had to many friends get ill from this reality and we all wanted to be respected. Have happy children and be able to say we did our best in life without sleeping our way to the top.  The reality of having a high school friend die during high school shock many of us into the reality that life is short, it is about how to best use the time on earth.  It is a gift.

I still am friends with many of those woman and although our lives are not perfect, we do know it wasn't because we didn't try out best or love enough.  It is because sometimes even the best of relationships get intruded by past issues that have no business in the future.  Is there anything different that I would do? Would I change the man I married? or the children I had? The house I lived in?  The parent's that gave be birth? The mom that remarried? No, like many I see life as our ability to cope, do the best we can with what we have. It was never my desire to "Make it Big" or be someone I am not.  It was this woman's desire, like many others to have integrity, to be able to be real with people and have them be real back. To own a home of my own, to have children who love me and knew I did the best I could. Knowing that they have both good and bad memories like the rest of the people on earth.

Event, wedding, meeting planning started right away when I was in college and later grew into my profession for a corporation. I still am amazed at what a blessing it is to help other create their day.  I think that is why I love it so much. It is never about me.  It is about my client, the bride, the groom, the parents, the business person, the dad who wants a special moment with his daughter to kiss her on the cheek as he gives her away because he know it will be the last time she will truly be only his.  Yes, she might be a grown up woman, but she is "his" little girl. She will be a changed woman charging another mans name..  Or the moment, the corporations, plans for a year to create a special moment to say thank you to it's employees who have worked with the company mission in mind and met and exceeded the corporations expectations.  How about the board of directors who work diligently for the business without pay, and are treated to a weekend away or a dinner with their wives.

What a different life focus the "Sex in the City" had compared to my girlfriends and I.  I laugh to myself, thinking we all dated, married, some divorced, some didn't. Some married men 10 years younger that them, others married men 10 years older.  The one thing we had in common was the reality to made a decision not to let sex be the driving force of out life. To have goals, set them, and make daily decisions knowing we are the best we can be when we are our own best friend.

On this Presidents Day, may your life be blessed, Full of Bread, your baskets overflowing with with fruit, your families filled with love, your children safe, you home Blessed. That is the American Dream.

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

San Diego Croche

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls:

Have you ever known someone, but not really known them?  That what happened to many of us after living someplace for a long time. That is what happened to me.  The love of music is a funny thing.  When you also have the love of praying for people, in someway or another we are all "His" people.  We are all Gods people we would not have ever been born had we not been created.  I know there are those that would argue. When your young it is like that...

Croche, known by many of us for his talents.  His love of music and knowing how to speak to us with word and song.  How did we survive our youth, without his songs.  Saved many of us from the operator, from the reality, we were to young to really understand the words to the song, however these words spoke to our soul out innocence our love.

Now the new place San Diego Croche as I call it, but many others call it by its real name goes on to continue speaking to people in song.  Jazz is one of those that talks to many. Ingrid, how I applaud your desire to keep music alive for future generations. What a wonderful thing you are doing for our youth and those that know. The Musicians life is not an easy one.  Everyone wants and few give.  May you be blessed all the days of your life.

Named one of Top 3 Restaurant in San Diego  Croce’s Restaurant and Jazz Bar 

May your forever! May we always be young at heart!

Monday, February 10, 2014

National Day of Prayer

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls;

This bit of gossip is something worthy of speaking about.  It is something we should all be doing for our children, husbands, friends, and maybe even our parents.  Ha! What a thought, that we ask our children to pray for us. When was the last time you asked your child, who may or may not be a child to pray for you?  This is what is cool.  They are suppose to want to.

One of my favorite moments of the year is attending "National Day of Prayer"  In the high school it was at the flag pole that everyone met.  In Junior High it was at the entrance.  In Elementary School the Teachers got together at lunch, they couldn't make it a school event where my children attended because of religious freedom activist.  I always tried to attend this event.  Not only because I got to pray for the Nation, also because it helped me I was able to become friends with like minded people who helped me raise my children.  They became friends that lasted until graduation.  We were able to help each other throughout the years, car pool moments, pick them up and when I was in the hospital, they helped me with taking my children to school, picking them up and even brought cooked meals.  Greatly appreciated.  Gave my children a no fear, lifestyle. It's nice to make friends that last a lifetime. Yes, some have been offended throughout the years, no one is perfect.  I know if I called on them today they would receive me as I them. That is what is great about being a Christian, we know we are "Forgiven".  Even though we still have to ask.

This years gossip scoop is that some lady, took it over.  I think it might be someone you might know.  Imagine that a women leading prayer.  Unheard of right.  One woman among many men.  Wonder what her life is like. This is what I would be praying if I were on her team. "Woe, to you, scribes and Pharisees hypocrites! For you devour widows houses and for a pretense make long prayers. Therefore you will receive greater condemnation". Matt.23;14 I think people who talk endlessly and don't say another important fall under this category.  They want, they don't help.  We are called to be steadfast in prayer. Rom 12;12, we are asked to praise Psalms 113;3; we are to ask for mercy, Psalm 56;1-2.  I have to share with you one of the greatest pleasures I have ever had is to be on this person's prayer team. Yes, I have asked all these things not only for myself, also for others.  The friend who might lose her unborn child, the friend who's husband got fired and was about to loose her home, the friend who's husband was seen cheating around town (not the smartest of things to take your children to watch, you know children have a voice), the friend whose home was searched by IRS, the other friend whose husband went to war and she was pregnant, there are so many cries of God's people. His people know you, love you and hope for the best even in the worst of circumstances.  This time I as as a child once more asking for prayers over my life. Protection, Grace, Mercy, Peace, Money, Finances, Home, Food, Shelter, all those things the average American needs and desires. All those things the bible talks about we need prayer for, so do I.  I doubt that she knows who I am, for I was one of many who had the pleasure of praying with her on her prayer team.  God calls us for a reason and a purpose and may her reason and purpose be blessed this year! Congratulations, Ann! On May 1st I will be praying that you Glorify the Lord and Bless this Nation with His Prayer.  Maybe some of those blessings will run off into my life again...too much devastation in a person is not Good for the Soul.

Ann Graham-Lotz, what a pleasure it is to gossip about you as this years prayer Chairperson of National Day of Prayer. Read more about it on  Ann, gossip loves talking about all those "Wounded Worries" life has left along the roadside, or "Just Give me Jesus" is the 'Obsession" everyone should have, Maybe we should talk about "Into the Word" how I tried to fit in but my human body had limitations only to discover my limitations, I had to go and ask a stupid question like "Why?" only to discover I was placed in "His Glory" to then have to claim "I Saw the Lord". Get this the minute I did that my friends thought I was mental, or emo or out of this world which then made me have to explain myself by telling them "God's Story' and asking them to please help me because I was trying to "Embrace God".  They still think, I don't know what I am talking about, I swear it's true...Oh, I don't think as a Christian woman I am suppose to swear, am I?  I have a role God gave me and I am suppose to stay within those bounds, in order that I may serve the Lord correctly. I applaud you for taking this role on, and standing in a place few woman do. I pray it will not only change our Nation's. Maybe we will embrace more woman as Woman who not only know Jesus, we too can be considered "Woman of God" Maybe as we prospers as woman we will be trusted by Men of God, that we want very much the same things God Wants for us. We just have different vision, passion, desire, but still know and want the one true God to Bless our lives.  That it!  That's the next title "God Wants".

Friday, February 7, 2014

Cultural Difference (Identity vs Religion)

There are cultural differences that affect all of us.  Some of us accept others and some of us don't  Part of event planning is being able to identify the cultural differences and use etiquette or manners to identify, help, get the client or the customer through the event of their life.

What to say and when to say it can be the best weapon you have in the fight to have the best day of your life at whatever event you are attending planning.  An event planner who is sensitive to the needs of her clients is an event planner worth every penny.

Affection is one of those that each culture is sensitive about.  For example one culture it is totally acceptable to show affection, (hugs and kisses) where another culture it is not.  The difficult pare it when within the culture it varies between individual.  For example the stereotype of the latin women who shows affection to everyone, because they are kind.  In the Japanese culture greeting someone is not always acceptable.  A handshake is more a sign of respect and affection.

Acceptable affections is a multicultural acknowledgement.  Workplace affections:  What is acceptable in the workplace.

1. Greeting:  Meeting the person you know acknowledgment of their presence with a handshake. Greeting.
Hello Mr.... or Mrs.......   It is a pleasure to see you again.

2.  Time: Punctuality is the second most reason why companies fire an individual.  Be on time.

3.  Alcohol Use: When there are alcohol at an event attending.  Have a glass of your favorite drink, but limit yourself to drinking another beverage to stay sober.  No one likes a drink.  They might be the life of the party at the event, however the next day they will be the gossip of the office.

4.  Gifts: Bringing gifts to the event your attending. This is one you should take the time to find out if it is acceptable or necessary.  Some host may feel the gift is a sign of your generosity, while other feel it is a bribe. "As your host if they have a special organization they would like an money donated to or if there is something special you can bring to the event."  If they say no thank you.  Then accept it as sincere. If you are uncomfortable with this then purchase the gift and tell your host, I know you told me not to but it is my tradition and way to say thank you for the invitation and thinking of me.

5. Color: There is difference in color used as well.  A company in the United States may use a yellow tag on the product, however when they ship the product to a company in China it makes them instantly specious.

6.  Food: Food each culture has food associated with them.  Some cultures you are brave when trying out their food that may be strange or look different. Other cultures see it as peace offering.  I remember at my wedding I had a very American wedding, however we had to offer one thing that was of my culture, as a respect to my parent.  Business is the same way it is about the person you are attending the event for.  Also their are culture food noises is acceptable and a way of showing the person the food is delicious!  Americans tend to judge the person making the noises as not having manner, it is the opposite for some cultures.

7. Clothing: This too can be cultural.  One culture can find a business suit very appropriate for all occasions, Americans tend to dress up or down depending on the event they are invited to.  For example:  To one person they may attend church in shorts and t-shirt, another person may love dressing up or more formal to make it a special time.

8. It is important to know yourself what is acceptable to you as a human being, what you can accept, how you can relate to others, by respecting the differences and honoring their culture.

Referenced: Multicultural Manners Essential  for Etiquette for the 21st Century

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Covering Up Your Man's Sin (Parenting)

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girl,

You know I love talk talk. Lets get to the reality of the matter. The reality is that as a woman not all of us marry perfect men.  We are called to carry one another barrens.  The imperfect life of a child, the husband who in his youth was not perfect and didn't know how to uphold his children, the man at work that insist in his way, the friend from the past who needs his fantasy to keep himself "feeling good". It didn't matter how many lives he took along the way or how many he hurt young or old.

Psalm 55:22 "Cast your burden on the Lord, And He shall sustain you: He shall never permit the righteous to be moved."

Have you ever thought about what you share with your friends.  The sins of woman are much different then the sins of men.  We are both human, however in my experience we confess out need to be loved.  On our wedding day we just want to be the girl that is perfect for our guy.  We want to have everyone of their attentions including the lust for the honeymoon.  We hope they will lust after us as they did for the girl of their youth.

Men confess their need for lust.

When your a mom the lines get blurry or do they?  We are mean if we tell our sons don't date a girl, lead her on, until you know you like them.  Don't go out unless you group date for protection from the one sin that pledges men the most.  Be careful, don't stay out too late.  "Kiss me at midnight when you get home."  I am employed by two people working for two different companies and I am tired by the time Friday Night comes along, so I need to trust you."

The trust in knowing you taught your child the biblical truth, the best way possible. There are points in my life where I have been so burrens by my men that I didn't know how to listen anymore. Especially when you have an aging mom complaining, a sister who wants, young men your trying to raise to be healthy productive, a divorce, a loss of job or employment, not enough money to feed yourself let alone pay rent, phone bill and basic nessecities of life.

You can love "The Lord" with all your heart and still experience devestations?
You can life a life knowing that you can do everything you can possible do to survive and life still happens.  The lust in the heart of others is a lust we don't always know, we are not suppose to know but as humans we are to stop when someone ask us to stop, we are to forgive when we are asked, we are to understand No means NO and Yes means Yes. We are suppose to know the difference between bulling someone and survival.

Do you want the same thing I do?  This is the first thing you should ask your fiance. If not walk away. We are also suppose to trust when we are told we will be taken care of and helped.  What is your lust issue?

Grace...should be without a price, however life on earth may just be another story?  Still questioning where is "David in Psalms when you need someone praying over your life?"  Will you be the one that prays for me today?

Hope in 2020!

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls, It has been a long time since I have written a post blog fort you May of 2019 to be exact. Why now? I...