Friday, October 28, 2011

Why Work From Home

In San Diego, the jewel of California, we ask ourselves, why we aren’t enjoying life; instead we are community to work.  If any of you have ever taken the San Diego Fwy to work, either south or north you look to the west and see our jeweled coastline, on a good day with its entire splendor.  It’s beautiful skyline.  The beauty surpasses all other things except for the beauty of the tropical island which I was born.  The days when the sun is just right and the sea glistens with the glory of all that is good you can see the splendor of heaven on our San Diego coastline, if you believe it can be seen. I do.  It is those days that one is thankful for living in San Diego and one can counts the blessings of what once was, will never be again.  Our youth, our pass and hope are in the future.

San Diego has the highest cost of living than any other state in California.  Did you know that on average the cost of living in our wonderful city is 8 per cent higher than the national average?  The cost of gas is 15.1 percent higher, coffee 20.01 percent higher, even pizza cost more here, 3.6 %.  Hawaii is the next most expensive state.  Sad but true that we work to live and live to work.  Employment is the most important thing we need to survive next to our family and belief system.

I use to tell my friends that my philosophy for raising my children was, God first, family second, employment third.  However, now that my family is growing, I question my own priorities.  Where they good enough?   Were they right?   Was I the best I could be not making money my number one priority?  I went from employment to employment trying to make my mom hood the best it could be.  I knew I would only have one shot at it.  I wanted and needed my sons to know how important they were and are to me.   I finally figured out that I could have both, my family and employment, neither would suffer.  Juggling became my biggest strength.  I could get up early, do my devotional, begin my bible study, get my children ready for school, call my clients, set appointment, afternoon run, shower and meet my clients.  Guess was it was a hectic life. But I loved it!

 If you asked me working from home, is highly recommended.  It allowed me the opportunity to balance my life that employers didn’t allow me.  I was able to be the best I could be.  Here is my advice to you, 1. 1. Passion:  Find something you love to do.  Mine is planning events; yours might and probably is different.  It is a great way to balance the life of a woman who has children.  2. Friends:   We need lots of friends to make our lives work.  In our youth we traveled in packs, remember that.  Our days with female friends who we loved to talk with and knew how to support our discussion and help us become better.   My girlfriends were mainly in my bible study prayer partners, but it doesn’t mean this is how it has to be for you.  They are the only ones, who helped me stay married, that is over so it doesn’t matter.  Life moves on.  Guess what find women that have the same moral value as you do.  You’ll be fine.    I survived.

Now you have what you love to do, and friends that will uphold you by believing in you.  3. Financial investment:  Some begin with a large investment; I preferred to start with little investments in what I was doing.  Believe in yourself.   4. Savings:  When you have made enough money, take out the original investment, put that in the savings and continued to grow the business.  For each new client I would put a percentage in savings and reward myself or one of my children with something we needed or wanted.  The rewards continued to grow.  The fact I rewarded my children with the profits, helped them to understand the importance of employment.

So when asked, do I recommend a home based business, the answer is yes!  Make sure you have high integrity!  Let your yeses be yes and your no’s be no!
by Maria Kamon

Saturday, October 22, 2011


Diamonds come in many colors;

White, yellow, pink and blue, purple;

People share in their desire;

I want!  I need!  Give me!  I’ll take!

The desire of the teacher is to impart knowledge,

The importance of the taker is that they will have control,

The importance of the want person is to show desire,

The person who thinks I need is to show the other they are all the same diamonds.

Every diamond has a personality, she like the person who chooses it.

But who is to say if it is right or wrong;

The need of each is to prove better than the others;

How sad it is that they don’t know how each is beautiful on their own,

When you look at a diamond look beyond what you see;

If you do you just might find you and me.

Friday, October 14, 2011

2011 Trends in Hairstyles/Color

Written by Maria Kamon

Do you remember when “Friends” was the biggest thing on television and we all wanted to have hair like Jennifer Aniston.  This was the last time I remember wondering what the hairstyles were like.  I like many other women wore this hairstyle for years.  Trendy people change their hairstyles all the time.  I was one of these women.  All my life since I was a young girl, I would get a new hairstyle to start school.  Each year it was different.  New school cloths, new books, new teachers, new hairstyle, but the cool things that remain a constant while growing up were my friends.  I am one of those people to say I am blessed to still have in my life girlfriends as young as I can remember third grade.  My best friend all through elementary school, who later become my maid of honor and now that we are older re-entered my life as her mom, whom I also considered my mom got Alzheimer.  Although a sad event to bring friends together, it is also a bless event to know that we still love each other as sisters in Christ. Throughout the years we have been able to remise all the old stories we have lived.  But the one thing that all women have in common with Ophra Winfrey and Jennifer Aniston is we change our hairstyles.

As one ages our hope is that we do it gracefully.  With hairstyle that flatter us.  With hairstyles our children will be proud of and not laugh at us too much.  My favorite hairstyle to this day and the one I wore from middle school until my senior year in high school was long down to my waste and straight.  I know which hairstyles was my sons favorites, the ones I felt like I had finally arrive by this I mean positive, in control and happy to be me.  Proud of what I had overcome and with happiness to looking forward to what the future offered.  Each year a new hairstyle it was my way of celebrating me, the best me I could be.  Sometimes, the best me I could be was just to take it a minute at a time.  But no matter what happen through life what I do know, even in my childhood is that I have always had a grateful heart for the people God has blessed me with, especially, but not limited to the two son’s I gave birth to.  Each son was born to a mom who had different haircuts; one was born when I wore my hair long, another when my hair was just growing out.  Both born in September, the hottest month of the year and the most difficult to be pregnant in…your feet swell.  These are funny thoughts; that delight us, because they bring the memories of the happiness, growing pains and honestly, we sometimes just don’t know what we are doing.

So here is to all the new trend setters, the new fashion styles, the new hairstyles, the new shoe styles and here is to those of us who have been there, done that and choose to stay happy with all of who we have become.  Cheers to us!
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New Hair Color Trends 2011-2012
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Haircolor trends that are hot right now run the range of light to dark, so what ever your personality is you can find the right haircolor for you.
I have showcased some of the hottest hair colors seen today on celebrities and fashion models.
Some of those being rich dark browns, carmel highlights, platinum natural blondes and fire engine reds, so sit back relax and enjoy the colors before your eyes.

At Home Haircolor Trends
It is possible now to achieve the color you want by dying your hair at home with semi-permanent for salon perfect highlights in your natural tone.
If you do not want the sunkissed look you can always opt for the bright pink, blues and greens that have the cyber 80's style.
Fade resistant haircolor is always best especially if you are not committed to one type of hairstyle.
Remember do it yourself DIY hair color products will make it easier and safer to change your hair at home.

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Saturday, October 1, 2011

How to Party Plan (aka KISS, keep it simple stupid LOL)

Step 1    Think of what you are trying to accomplish, birthday celebration, graduation, sweet 16.  Think of the person and what their interests are.  i.e.  sports, ballet, graduation, age, time of date

Step 2    Put the personality of the guest of honor into the theme of the party.  Personal interest is a great way for guest to have conversation starters. This can be done by pictures, past awards, their favorite treats.

Step 3   After considering the above two steps start to think of the details, such as will you be hiring a party planner, a caterer, music-DJ or live band, what type of table service will you be using.  Will this party be formal or informal?

Step 4   Plan a budget.  If you did the above steps then you should have come a crossed the cost of items.  Plan an ideal budget. (If I could have everything, this budget would be this $____)  Secondly, plan a realistic budget.  (I can only afford $____)  Once both budgets are completed; add both numbers together divide it by two and now you have a realistic budget for the party.  The truth is you can plan a party at any budget.  Therefore somewhere in the middle between all I can afford and ideal is the reality of what the party will cost.  Emotional buying during an excitable celebration is normal. Therefore knowing that you will most likely spend more than you, can afford makes the average more realistic for the average consumer.  This also helps control emotional or spontaneous buying.

Step 5   Hire the personal, purchase the food, send out the invitations.  If affordable, send out save the date cards….it’s done.  Party is planned in 5 easy steps.  What I recommend to my clients if the party is not formal is to send an e-save the date card and a paper or formal invitaion.  If it is very causual you can do them both over the internet.  Just know that the paperless generation still does not apply to all.  Some people still prefer a written invitation.
Step 6  Remember to have a good time.  Try to keep the attention on the person you are celebrating, not the person who planned it.

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