Thursday, October 31, 2013

Raising Children

Raising Children

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls;

I loved raising my children and the children of others in my neighborhood with scripture! There is no doubt in my mind that they learned the power of the "Lord". I was able to teach both female and males the importance a life filled with purpose.  I was thinking of the generation that grew up with "What would Jesus Do?"

What would Jesus do if people what "Him" to be a vessel?  What type of Vessel would he have choosen?

As a women I once asked a Pastors wife to have women choose a stronger vessel.  I know it sounds silly, but we always love and enjoy flowers! Flowers are put in glass are some of my thoughts.

I have vision of Jesus in the court yard! He throw over the tables in angry. More like righteous vindication for His "Father". Matt:21:12  Where men trying to make "Jesus" a vessel? If this was true, let's say for the sake of this story it was, what type of vessel would he be?

Glass? Metal? Silver? Goal?  I think that he would be the strongest possible vessel he could. I too think that Jesus would want that for women. I don' believe he would want women to just spinal their life away, or be used as a glass vessel always becoming Frey. I think he would help woman not be used by men as he taught Mary. Our vessels are to be respected. There is a difference between "broken" and glass being broken.  Therefore, there is a difference between "frey" and "broken".

Broken if we look up this word in the bible, then we have three verses. Matt. 21:44, John 10:35, 1 Corn11:24  if you look at a dictionary it is defined as "Something / Someone that is good in a particular context that eclipse second place. The second definition I found and thought it interesting. Under (Games) A games object or facility that is to good to excise. It is so powerful that it is unbalancing and hence breaks the game. Every winning player has to use this to be competitive.

Scripturally, there are ways that God calls "His" woman to be dressed, to behave.  The world in business wants women to dress and behave another way. Church wants woman to act and behave a certain way.  What happens when everyone throws in their lots? We all get hurt!

When the child within you gets hurt Because "The Lord" choose this for you and your a woman how do you heal?  What happens if you get hurt in the church that you were bringing up your own children? You become a child again with your own children and have to heal the child within you.  What happens if you get hurt in the church that you were bringing up your own children? How do you do that?  You asl yourself...What would Jesus do?  Would he have tolerated having to become a child again, in order to live a life with "His" family?  Then I say why would a woman have to become a child again and have to life with her family of her youth? Cling on to the truth of what she grew up with for some it is the attitudes for others it is WWJD!

Is it a double standard?  This is the question I was asking when we make a woman a vessel of glass?

What would Jesus do?  What would Jesus have wanted for that woman?

Monday, October 14, 2013

I Plan Weddings

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls;

It is so amazing to do what I do....LOL.  I work with brides that cry, mothers that yell, woman who can't stand it anymore, kids that cry, grooms that don't want to spend any more money, fathers that feel they have to sell everything to afford the wedding, ministers who want the seriousness of weddings to be put back into the wedding, groomsmen who want to get drunk cause now it has put wedding thoughts into their dates and they would have to grow up and be held as men should.  LOL that is how some people see what I do.
Announcing Mr. & Mrs. what is really going on when a person plans weddings.  We have to make everything gel. Gel a positive word used when people get on well with each other and therefore connect.  I just looked up Jello in Urban Dictionary..."Mediocre sex" who has ever heard of such a thing. Youth see things so different than married people. A person who works out relationships is not a Jello, there is no sex involved.  It is communication, lots of prayer and help from each person, as they comment to helping the Bride and Groom have the best day possible.  I would like to say it is the "Best Day of their Life's". That is not always the reality.  Sometimes the best day of the lives is the day they both are in agreement of what their lives should be.  The wedding is only the beginning of their day together.
Banner of Thanksgiving

The word of God is very clear about marriage. "Give me my wife; I've completed what we agreed I'd do.  I'm ready to consummate my marriage." Gen 29:21-29  Wedding is a time of celebration.  A right of passage for many. Men and Women see this moment differently.  Many see it as the above, however I see it differently.

I see it as a moment, when both people are committed to each other.  One asked a question and the other said yes.  My job is to make sure the details are all in place so this can happen. Some of the times in their lives will be good, others not so good.  This is what make the couple who they are, how they will react to life, its responsibilities and the future.  Planning their wedding is the refining fire that puts them together.  How the couple deals with the real issues that arise makes their marriage, and family life what it is.

I am a Yenta, "A person, especially a woman, who is meddlesome or gossipy" A Diamond Glamour Girl, a person who knows how to use gossip correctly.  To help and not to hurt. A "Yentle", a matchmaker.  We help people we do not destroy them. Not all people who plan weddings are this.  Some are Jello and some just look like Jello.

There are people who believe in the "Good" of people, those that see beyond the complaining, the yelling the fighting, those that believe in God as a Good God, The Lord as a Good Lord.  They also know of those that don't.

This Holiday Season, think of who God brings into your life....are they a Yenta? He has a banquet for you were "He" will share of "His" love for you....
Thanksgiving Reception

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Monday, October 7, 2013


Boundaries (What are Yours?) Respect!

Boundaries are invisible fences that have three purposes.

1. Boundaries keep people from coming into space and abusing you.
2. Boundaries keep you from going into someone's space and abusing them.
3. Boundaries give you a sense of control, a sense of " who you are".


YOURS "I have the right to say when/where/how and who is going to touch me and how close I am going to allow someone to get to me.

THEIRS "I have to ask their permission to touch anyone and get their consent.


YOURS " I have to ask choose when/where/how and with whom I am going to be sexual."

THEIR "I Have to have permission to be sexual with anyone and get their consent."


YOUR "I can feel anyone I want to about things. Nobody can tell me how I should feel or that my feelings are wrong."

THEIR "your feelings are valid and you don't have to feel the way I feel."


YOUR " I can think and say anything I want. The consequences are mine. You can't me I'm wrong because I don't believe what you believe.

THEIR "I respect your ideas and beliefs even if I don't agree with them.

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