Thursday, November 30, 2017

Did You Ever Listen To Stories In Childhood

Do you remember sitting, listening to stories of Christmas and all the tales of old and new? How fun it is as a child to hear ones parent read stories. The very voice of the parent comforts the child. most children that is unless they have been abused by a parent.

Children are conforted by love. Abuse produces the fruits of fear, self doubt, lack of trust, self denial. It doesn't allow a child to react or respond to a situation with the ability to react correct. One sees it in the classroom when reading children's stories. The most enduring stories can evoke a nervous or anxiety filled emotion when a child has been abused. The parent wanting more than the child is capable of producing causes mixed emotions within the child.

However, on the positive side. Parents who choose to love and nut urge their child will find that children will be comfortable being loved, hugged, and will allow the parent to nurture and meet their needs. As a educator this is one of the most exciting times I find during the year. The weather permits for greater bonding between parent and child. I find that children who grow up listening to story times and parents reading to them, have a greater tendency to become better readers. The better the listening skills the greater the development of reading skill. Studies have proven the corrilation between the parent and child relationship in reading and personal contact create a significant increase in intelligence or IQ. 

That's why this is one of my favorite time to teach. I loved being called out of the office to sub of a teacher. Why? I would be able to see the joy of the students and the excitement for life. We would get to talk about many things that are happening in their lives at this time of year, One of my favorite things to offer parents during this season is book sales. Our school would offer a variety of books for sale seasonal and non-seasonal. The parents would be able to come to school without their children and shop for books.  The books that offered stuffed animals or integrative toys was to help the story come to life in a child. Offering greater creative it's and delopment of the brain.  The one thing I always tried to encourage parent to do is to go beyond the stuffed animal or toy and see how pouch of the story the child understands. Did they get the meaning of the story? Can they draw a picure? Can they read the story to their stuffed animal. 

Play acting is an important part of growing up. Long before I new I wanted to become a teacher I would take all my stuffed animals and dolls and create lessons for them. I would create the lesson plan and implement it. It was lots of fun. I remember I had one teacher who was always yelling at all the children. I don't think I was conscience of it until my dad hear me yelling at the children in my pretend classroom. He walked over to me and asked me why I was yelling? I explained that was hold my teacher talked in class. It was the first break of the year. He immediately made an appointment with the school. Since their were no other teachers of the same grade, I had to stay in the classroom and finish out the year, however the principal was aware and her treatment of all the children changed. That's parenting! One does the best one can with what one knows.

I think that's why I fell in love with books! It's an escape to learn things only one can imagine. Wishing you a the best this holiday season. Much time reading with your children.

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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

What is it you want for Christmas?

Hi there, Diamond Glamor Girls,

Do you remember childhood? When Santa would make you write down your list? Things I want?

When one becomes an adult it changes all that. They forget to see the fun, the wonder (not as in wondering) the wonder, enjoyment, fun, excitement, meaning of Christmas. Things are and cost money. The responsibility and obligations cause burdens that children don't and shouldn't have to experience.

What is the fun of Christmas for adults then? It depends on the adult. For some it is they joy of Christmas in their children's eyes. The happiness they feel. The thoughts, emotions, experiences. One grows closer as a family as one shares the experiences with one's children.

Like the tradition of Christmas cookies. For years I made Christmas cookies. It was my gift to all my neighbors. In return, they would give my family things they baked during the holidays. For some it was breads others cakes. It was fun to learn and grow as families and watch each other children grow. Then the children get older and the traditions fade. Little by little the neighbors stop sharing. Until it was just one neighbor and I. Our children were friends. Was it sad? Not really. It's only sad when you don't want things to change. What's sad is, people move on with or without you. Life moves forward. People trying to relive the past get stuck there.  For those who like to purchase Cookies For Christmas click  on my affiliate Amazon link.

Those that know the truth always have the joy of the truth. Therfore, no matter where they move their spirit will always feel and know the true meaning. The "Reason for the Season" as they say. Go out and make it a great season no matter what your season in life is.

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Saturday, November 25, 2017

# blogmas2017 Calendar

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls;

As promised. It looks like it will be an interesting year of blogging. I hope you'll also write some creative stories. If you'd like you can use this calendar, just hashtag your stories #blogmas2017/dgg so I can also read them. I think the other hastag being used is #DecemberBlogmas2017. Please correct me if I'm wrong. I enjoyed reading so many of them and watching the videos in October I didn't check for December

Creativity develops in many ways.  This is just one way of expression. I did try to include an artistic one for the purpose of trying a new medium. The stories can be fictional or non-fiction it's really up to you.

The idea is to get oneself to express ones thoughts.  I hope you and your families have a Happy Holiday Season!

Here is a list of supplies that might make things easier. By no means are they mandatory. I'm sure you'll find items around the house or school that can be used. The links are to ,



Art Suppies.

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Wednesday, November 22, 2017


Is it going to be a green Christmas I ask myself?

  • One with an abundance of gifts or will I stay on budget? 
  • What is the importance of saving money?
  • Do I spin and spend or stay and save?
  • All these questions I have for myself. Life is different now.
  • Life that I never choose.
  • Expected or wanted. It feels forced.
  • What is the importance of Christmas?
  • What is it for?
  • Maybe I'll claim the pyramids or fall to the floor.
  • Oh no, I guess it's just another Apple store.
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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Traditions of Christmas!

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls,

The traditions of Christmas. We all have the traditions of Christmas in our homes.  Trees, lights, food, decor. We think our way is the best way disregarding the person next door who has their own traditions.

I like white lights they argue. I like, red and green another adds. There is every color in the rainbow. What is it? The lights, what about truth.

I argued with my neighbor what was truth. Her Jewish roots didn't accept my Christain roots. We argued for years on who was best. What religion had more roots. She had to be the best house, best neighbor, best kids, best cloths,  best children. I backed off it was a turn off. To compete on materialism when the season is so beautiful. I couldn't explain it. Her Jewish roots didn't offend me.

It took years to get off the competition and prayer greater than my own for her to understand it was greater than the things we own. I really loved my neighbor and years of arguing allowed me to have respect for her as a woman in her own home. Then one day in front of my house, I got out of my car and she came out of her house. She came over and asked the usual questions. I finally said, you know Jesus was Jewish there is no question. No battle, no argument. Just acceptance. That year she understood the story of Christmas!

To all those who argue religions. Your missing the spirit of Christmas. He already did this for you!

To all my old neighbors. Merry Christmas!
With love, from Maria

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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Christmas Treets!

Christmas Candy Cane Poem about Jesus

Look at the Candy Cane
What do you see?
Stripes that are red
Like the blood shed for me
White is for my Savior
Who’s sinless and pure!
“J” is for Jesus My Lord, that’s for sure!
Turn it around
And a staff you will see
Jesus my shepherd
Was born for Me!

Friday, November 17, 2017

Join #Blogmas2017 with Diamond Glamour Girls

Hi there, Diamond Glamor Girl,

As I search for Blogmas 2017 I have discoverers several list on Pinterests. There plenty of subjects to write about. I have also discovered some rules that I thought were well written.
I'd like mine to be part creative writing experience.  Practice makes one better at the art of writing.

1.  Never Blogmas without telling friends and family.
2. It is more fun if you include your faith, family, friends and know you and them are safe.
3. If you are under age of 18 have your friends and family read your blogs or check your videos before posting.
4. Make sure that you state if your prepresenting a company or business or you are under contractual law. (This should also be verified by your parents.)

If you'd like to read, like to contribute an idea, something specific please make sure you leave me a comment, or tweet @MariaKamon #blogger2017/dgg.

There is only rule I have is that it has to be PG
13 rating if you want me to write about it. Due to the fact I do not allow negative or adult advertising on my blog. This blog is read around the world. I'll be putting together my calendar and will post it after Thanksgiving weekend. Thanks for reading. Let's enjoy this season together.

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Monday, November 13, 2017

#Blogmas 2017 Where is it I can't find it?

Hi there Diamond Glamor Girls,

As we look at new and old tradition I came across a new one that #bloggers have as well as #vlogger. It's #blogmas or #blogmas. What is this new custom I do not understand. 

 I have heard of #blogma you know the annoying words that one read in a blog that gets your blood pressure up. Your annoyed with everything around you, mainly the words you read have as such evoke and emotional reaction within you, your not sure and you can get out of control?

In the search to understand this foreign word, that's how it sounds to me I searched the Internet like most people to only discover a list of things to do. I already have enough things to do. It's the holiday season. Then the search continued. #Blogmas it isn't listed in the dictionary. Hum! There is the word "#Blogwash" is. There are other words related which lead to this overwhelming reality that this modern world has new things to learn everyday. Vocabulary lessons still happen in adult's. This will be an adventure in blogging at Holiday. 

By the way where is it exactly I can purchase blogmas? I went to several stores today and couldn't find it. Can and will you help me.

Hoping it will be an adventure for all of us.

#blogmas have you heard of it? "11/13/2017  Date Stamp" on Anchor: Call in and leave your comments or questions about #blogmas  or you can hashtag if you'd rather I'd read it.

If you'd like me to read your comments or blog #blogger2017/dgg

You might need the following items from amazon for Blogmas. Although I have read it can be done other ways.

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Thursday, November 9, 2017


Hi there Diamond Glamour Girls;

Merry Christmas!

I am a statistic now so I have been told. I was entering a masters program and just after a divorce having someone say that to you is heartbreaking. "A statistic" no longer a part of the elite group of Christians married, battling life to see who can stay married the longest. Who understands the definition of that better than a woman raised by a dad who raised here reading the bible? What? Yes, some of the most competitive woman and men I have met are bible tooting, bible reading, fear of God Christians. Oach! What pain. It took a while to understand. I had to get over myself.

Have you ever heard of the concept of one. I think that the professor was talking about the concept of one. To fully understand a subject you become it. Statistics are one of those subject that are foreign. Like a foreign one has to submerged oneself in understanding to grasp it.

When I look at the statistics for the blogs I feel like I am learning a foreign language and divorce and ones personal life has nothing to do with it. I check my blog daily understanding how important statistics are in my ability to get paid. A paychecks. Money in order to eat and pay rent.

Green Map

Did my statistics new readers? Did it have a consistent readership. If anyone has a blogpost,  then you have a concept of a green world map. Did any new country learn of my name? Staying positive in a world with so many thoughts of what is acceptable of woman and now throw on the statistics of my personal life, we'll it leaves little to be desired. Flys, to numerous to count. How many countries battle  statistics for their woman, children,  families? It's a pleague.

Back to the challenge of learning and understanding I am just one woman, one voice, one candle, one statistic...

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

What Was The 30 Day Blogging Challenge For?

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls,

When my oldest child came home from school one day and told me I should blog. I told him I didn't know what he was talking about. He was kind enough to explain it and help me set it up. He explained I can use it to express all the experiences of running a businesses.

I know this will sound different to some people. Our family when he was a child believed in showing off for each other and telling each other stories about our lives. He knew as a single mom head of household (as taxes or RIS calls it) I needed to make more money to support my fAmily. I know there are thousands of woman like me.  I told him I don't know what your talking about family. Helping my elderly mom and her second husband who is struggling with a bunch of elderly complications. My son, knew how much I was struggling to make ends meet. That's what they use to call it. If I tell my story it's a woe is me, story. Therfore, I don't enjoy listening to it myself, so I don't expect you too. I'll stop with the personal and deal with the reality of blogging. I understand to many bloggers it's made up stories and videos, however this one is true and real and all that.

I was reading about how to get more audience to read my blog when, the "Inktober" was about to start. I thought to myself is there something like that for bloggers. I know how to ink and water color and paint I thought to myself. Then I realized that I would be starting a whole new career. I can't give up on something my child wanted for me. Therefore, I will perservire. I looked up if there were anything like this for bloggers. There is. I wrote blog post for thirty days. Something I usually did once or twice a week.

I had two goals.

1. To grow my reading audience.
2. To learn how to make it a substantial income.

Here's what has happened.

Believe it or not I was able to grow my audience. Not only grow my audience have people return and read the next one. That took me by surprise. It was a pleasant surprise. I kept on. What is it "they" (people who make a living at blogging) do that I am not doing?) I researched and continued trying to understand what I was doing.

I still am like other creative people trying to understand the difference between a good blog, a blog that just writing for the sake of writitn and a blog that has a value. What really is the difference? The reader determines what is relevant and worth reading for their own lives. I started this blog as a gossip and therefore, does it have world appeal.

The second goal to make money. Did I? In thirty days? I'd have to say yes. Will I be paid cash for this effort? In time. How much time I don't know. I think I make money because of two factors one. I added an affiliate program like

Therefore, any products I was talking about I could show the person. Letting them have freedom of choice if they want to purchase it or not. The second reason is that people around the world were kind enough to click on an advertisement. Taking a second or two out of their day to view or read a commercial. Now I will make it a point to do that for others. It's not a have too, more like a want to. Passing it forward.

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Thursday, November 2, 2017

Oreo's for the Season

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls,

 How exciting is this. I use to look forward to the season and all the decor. I may in my lifetime had a Dunkin donuts or two. Now I have the best of the season every Oreo cookie imaginable.

Cookies and coffee for breakfast? Not he healthiest of breakfast and I don't recommend it every day. However, is it really a cookie or a donut?

The other flavors have me a little confused will I be tasting Apple Pie or an Oreo?  How about Cookie Butter. Who eats butter on cookies? Lard?Now for my favorite we have is the question Don't we have enough mysteries to solve? Like where's Big Foot, the University of Encinitas, What came first the chicken or the egg? Where's the pizza oven Fire? Do taco stand or is that Bull? Praying saints do they exist? Which way? Where did God come from? All local mysteries and more. Now you want me to solve the Oreo mystery. Mystery Oreo where did the come from? How do they taste? Will you solve the Mystery or leave it for another? The choice is yours!

Guess you'll have to wait until your Winter Vaca and the Encinitas Holiday Parade December 2017  to solve some of these mysteries.

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Hope in 2020!

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls, It has been a long time since I have written a post blog fort you May of 2019 to be exact. Why now? I...