Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Halloback Girl - Happy New Year!

Hi there, Diamond Glamor Girls,

Do you remember the song 2009 "Haller Back Girl" ? Gwen pretty much talks about what woman feel in the middle of a bunch that wants and don't want to give back! Here's the video, take a look and let's talk.

What is it that the countdown to New Years always brings, one that one special morning we are all Halloback Girls! We all yell with the loudest voice we have 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4. 3, 2, 1, 0 HAPPY NEW YEAR! PoB there pops the confetti,  champagne glasses toasting and kisses flying. People embracing and love is in the air for a split second after waiting hours, days, years. That monument has gone. What is left as we watch the celebration on TV?

What and how do you see the New Year enter.  Here are some questions for you to consider.

  1.  Do you see the New Year like confetti? in many colors?
  2. Do you see it like a circle of love, friend and families gather together?
  3. Do you see it as "Father Time" the old leaving and the new coming in?
  4. Do you see it a a quiet time to give thanks and let yourself take in the moment.
  5. Maybe, you have a young family and you and your husband decided to stay home. While the kids sleep you both sit on the sofa and fall asleep watching a movie, only to awaken for the countdown and a New Years Eve kiss.
My point is. It is all acceptable. Lonely not lonely, married, divorced, widowed, single, gay, straight there are others just like you in the world. For that countdown moments they are all Halloback Back! Wishing you a Happy New Year!

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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

What is the Best Day You Remember In Your Life!

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls!

This is my last blogmas for 2017. I decided to only write 20 why one might ask. I am currently not willing to enter the superbowl of blogmas or vlogmas, however I wish you all the best. I thank you for reading my blogs post. It's not my season. In theses things one needs to understand time.

My favorite Christmas of all time is when I was married. First year, how I think back now and laugh. It was so difficult getting use to living in a new place, new house, new husband, new responsibilities. I think it is  called "adulting " today. It was such a busy year. I was employed and a full time student. He was employed full time and working those long hours. It was not unusual for home to be gone twelve-sixteeen hours a day. It was fine, although we fought on who's schedule was more important. Who did what chores. Then your newlyweds so people expect this cute sexiness. That just angered me.

That year we argued about everything, tree lights, money presents. Laundry, groceries, bills, budgets, household finances, you understand the picture. What a Christmas! I hated all the growing pains. The romance of dating was a glass shattering with the reality of married life. How does one balance?

Then it was suddenly Christmas Eve and we spent the whole night talking about the meaning of Christmas. The reality was we were both suffering. It wasn't what either of us expected. Divorce? Always an option. However, somehow we feel asleep by the tree that year and awoke in each others arms. Love still exsisted.

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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

What is the Safest Experience You Ever Had?

Hi there, Diamond Glamor Girls,

When in fear tell someone!
Don't keep quiet!

That's an interesting question. You see in order to know it's a safe experience you have had to have seen danger or experienced danger. Shortly after we moved to Los Angeles, where my grandparents lived. The Watts riots broke out.

The safest I ever felt was with my husbands family. When we were first getting to know each other. My father in law to be at the time a quiet man. Was the funny. It was the first time I met him. My boyfriend at the time picked me up after work and we were going out on a date, so I had to wait until he got ready.

He sat there looking at me. I sat there looking at him. His mom constantly offering me something to eat or drink, however it was a facedown. You know like you have with your friends. You stare at each other and who looks away first. My dad, taught me never to look away first. After several rounds of this he offered me the newspaper to read. Then his mom brought girl magazines to read, fashion, movie star, the gossip. That's when I knew it was over. The stardown. I won. I had their approval to date their son. He was so gentle! Quiet! Kind! He was like that his whole life toward me. That's amazingly comforting.

To this day, I don't know what he called that day. I do know the rest of his days l knew I could talk with him about anything. Good, bad, right, wrog. He would help me just like his daughter. For that I am grateful. I never called him dad, however I felt like he was my dad. He took that place in my life when my real dad passed away.

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Monday, December 18, 2017

What is the Gift you *always" Give At Christmas

Hi there, Diamond Glamor Girls,

Who doesn't enjoy a delicious cookie during the holidays? Okay, maybe I just enjoy making, baking cookies during the Christmas season. Not only cookies, I enjoy baking all kids of food.

Maybe, next year when I'm in my own house I'll be doing that again. For this year Vons and Stater Brothers bakery will have to do. That's what happens when your a grown woman and you move into your mom's house to save money. She won't let you be in her kitchen, because you just mess with the way she likes it to look.
That's 2017 Christmas!

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Hi there Diamond Glamor Girls;

Is Mary, Merry, and Merrie the same word? I when I was a child and I thought like a child I grew up speaking lots of languages. A little, Italian, a little French, a little Japanese as I became older and studied.

However, the main language I was taught to speak at home was Spanish and English. Sometimes at school I would have to ask for an interperter. A person who would translate the language being spoken into the language I could understand. It's a little like attending church with in Latin. In catholicism the priest can speak Latin. It was a universal language. However, as a child I was really upset I didn't understand a word he was speaking. Then I received a book that had his spoken words printed in a language I could understand. I would think it would be like traveling to Korea and not understanding. One behaves in ways that are unpredictable trying to understand.

Now for foreigners in the United States, where English is spoken. I understand the difficulty of the language. Mary, Marry and Margie are all pronounced the same. Yet have different meanings.

What is it that we Americans don't understand and we take for granted. Our English is even different from the English spoken in England. Respect was the only universal language. Respect of what?

I encourage you to make your own list!

  1. Country 
  2. Language 
  3. Lifestyle 
  4. Money
  5. Sex
  6. Race
  7. Creed
  8. If you don't understand then quietly leave the country and back to a place you understand.
There is an app I have found very useful named after Translater Plus here is a link; or look in Google store or Apple apps store.

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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Holiday Gift Ideas

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls;

Saying I have some great fantastic idea for gifts 2017 the truth is for those you care for the ideas should come from withing yourself.

Here are my favorite gifts to receive.

  1. Spa Day
  2. Gift Cards
  3. Weekend away
  4. Manicure pedicure / Manicure 
  5. Something that I wouldn't purchase for myself.
  6. Cloths / Coat
  7. Shoes
  8. Purses or Accessories 
  9.  A pair of slippers
  10. A luxurious longe wear and robe.
How silly is this list. It's all the things you'll be receiving from Santa Claus this year. Just joking. The reality is is Christmas or holiday shopping is difficult when we try to put the person or make them greater than ourselves. Think to yourself. Is this person's taste like mine or not. Do they purchase the household appliances for themselves,  or entertainment or electronic devices that you can afford. If they don't and you know they will enjoy it then do that.

Here's a Giveaway I thought You might want to enter:

Day 12 of our "12 Days of Christmas Giveaways" includes a Billy Graham Library blanket. Enter here:

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Friday, December 15, 2017

What is my Favorite Event To Attend During This Season!

Hi there , Diamond Glamor Girls,

There are so many events one can attend during this time of year. The season is filled with invitations. From formal invitation arriving through US Postal service to electronic invitations, to casual phone call by friends or colleges for a cup of coffee.

My favorite event of the season is a difficult to answer. Many to choose from. The wedding invitations I received in the US Mail. Snow weddings I like to call them even if they are not in the snow. It's winter. That's what they are actually called. Non-the-less some of my favorite events to attend are.

  •  The Christmas production at church.
  • The Nutcracker 
  • Driving around the city and looking at house decorations. Until the publish the most decorated street in San Diego. I always have to see if I can find it before reports do. I found it one year. I'm sure I'll do it again. LOL
  • Watching the football games. Superbowl
  • Invitation Events

I love this time of year.

It's about the reason.

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The reasons the season, what is it?

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Favorite Holiday Drink / Beverage

Hi there Diamond Glamor Girls,;

Holiday drinks are always lots of fun. You have to think about whom you are severing them to. What age group and the food your serving it with.

If you want a list of holiday cocktails then you have to check out these: 100 Holiday Cocktails!

As for a recipe I would create I would take champagne, freeze champaign and editable Flowers in a ring or shape of preference.

Place in a punch bowl place the ice ring and poor champagne.

My favorite way to do this is to use bubbling apple cider and the whole family can enjoy.  Here are additional items you can freeze in the ring if you use bubbling Apple cider.

Orange slices
Cinnamon sticks

If you serve it with apple cider you can serve warm.

Serve with plenty of food.

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Remember don't drink alcoholic beverage and drive. Read for availability of transportation. Make reservations early.

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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

What is Chabbat?

Hi there, Diamond Glamor Girls:

What is chabbat? That's a very good question. I knew many Jewish people and have heard them use this word. I never thought of just asking them the meaning. I thought I'd look stupid. Then by the time I got home. I would get busy and not look it up in the dictionary. It's like when I was a child. Hum... maybe I'll save that story for another day. It's a form of peer pressure.

I have to look up the word. One moment....

Here's one definition from wiki


Le jour de repos assigné au septième jour de la semaine juive; le Sabbat juif
Shalom2.svg Cette page contient des caractères hébreux. En cas de problème, consultez Aide:Unicode ou testez votre navigateur.
Page d'aide sur l'homonymie Pour les articles homonymes, voir Sabbat et Shabbat (homonymie).
Page d'aide sur l'homonymie Pour le traité talmudique Shabbat ou chabbat, voir Shabbat (traité).

Does this help you? It doesn't me. I can't read this language or understand it. Maybe some day I will. For now let's keep searching. What language is it anyway. If you know leave in the comment.

Let's try again. What a moment...could it be spelled differently. There's always urban dictionary we know that one speaks truth.

Hum...lets check
Their saying I spelled it wrong. How can that be wrong? I spelled it like I heard it. Let's search these words and see if we can find the right spelling.
I think this is the one I was looking for.

I finally understand. It's a prayer time and a time to be repeated. Wow, guess what. Christain have a prayer time do we respect it? Do we as Americans just continue to persecuted the same person over and over again for their beliefs? Didn't the Jewish people experience this. Are we doing this to ourselves? 

Like, subscribe, tell a friend. Disclosure on communication tab of this blog. If this subject offends you. I would like you to know I too am offended. Why couldn't my Jewish friend just have the freedom to say we are getting together to pray. Why did she just invite me over to be a part of prayer? I too am often for all their God's are mentioned in my Bible. Forgive in this time of Season and accept that we are all human and need to believe in a God greater than ourselves. In people who care and are not ashamed.

I'm sure what I am suppose to wish you. I wish a Happy Shabbat! Much Happiness, Love and Peace.
Isn't this what we all want?

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Favorite Gift Recieved

Hi there, Diamond Glamor Girl:

Did you know that today is a day we set aside t observe Ginger Bread Houses.

When you look at the house and where the stories of ginger bread came from you know it's a difficult task to bake them from scratch. That's why they market them and sell the kits.
One has to mix all the ingredients by having the correct measurements. You can't have too much or too little. You can over stir it or it will harden and the dough will be tuff or hard. Then you have to roll it out before cutting with cookie cutters. It has to be the same thickness for even baking.

The most difficult part is after you have mastered the measuring, the rolling, the  cookie cutter, you have to bake. Since it is difficult to see if you have over bake. You have to time it just the right amount of time. If you leave them in too long they'll burn. If the time is to short it cumbles.  The frustration is when you know you have done everything right and it still isn't correct. So you just have to do it again until you get it right.

The best part is when it's time to decorate it and the whole family creates their own part. To the average pastry chef it looks like a mess. To me it looks perfectly and wonderfully made. You ask me what is my favorite gift at Christmas. Spending time with the children and family I was given and doing silly fun things together. Isn't what the nativity is. The new beginning of a family?

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Monday, December 11, 2017

Draw or Photograph Your Favorite Christmas Scene


Drawing supplies

Above are a couple of thing you can order from Amazon affiliate program at no extra cost to you.

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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Favorite Christmas Story Other Then The Bible

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls,

What is a story without the truth? You have to understand the truth to understand books. Why? You might ask? Here is why. First the religious truth exist. All other truths are either try to explain the truth or explain it away. That means people can't handle the truth. They have to find ways to blame, cheat lie or just justify themselves in daily living. Reality is difficult for most people, we as humans are imperfect.

My favorite books and I believe that it is my love for stories, tend to be the ones that make one be themselves. Meaning they help develop the person to become better. If you love reading the bible for Christmas stories, they read historical books and law books to understand the biblical times and how the laws have changed to help people. 

I grew up with a local library just at the conor of my street. Whenever I didn't have anything to do I spent my time reading books. From the time I could write my name, I was checking out books. First picture books like Harnold's Crayon where I learned I could do many wondrous things with one purple crayon to endles readings of my place of birth.

My favorite stories this time of year are the ones I would read to my classes about, The Christmas Tree, an explanation of why we have them. There are also books about stuffed animals and children's imagination. How about the ones who explain religion and the complexity of the world to children. Empowering them to truth and rights as humans on earth. Like freedom of choice or religious freedom. It is all education and teachers try to do. Empower their students. That is what I did, as a teacher. You'll have to check with other people, what they do. Each are individuals.

The best and most favorite part is that they are all free at your local library. We also have the freedom to purchase at your local book store. Ours just happens to be Barnes and Noble. Since I am not currently teaching, I am not reading children's book. I have thought about writing a review blog to help parent choose quality books verses reading for pleasure. There's a difference. Currently I am reading for pleasure two Christmas books. Christmas In my Heart written by Joe Wheeler and Christmas Wedding by James Patterson. Both are from my local library.

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Saturday, December 9, 2017

One Minute Name As Many Things YOU Like About Christmas!

Hi there, Diamond Glamor Girls,

Make a list. I love list and what I can accomplish with one. Now writing down all the things I enjoy about this season in a minutes time is just impossible. Plus add typing all the words correctly it's double impossible. 

Here is my list. Yes. I really did time it.

How many things we want as it is Christmas.
Set the timer. Ready set go!

  • Christmas songs
  • Trees
  • Smells 
  • Joyous people
  • Crowds
  • Shopping 
  • Family
  • Christmas story
  • Truth
  • Food
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Friday, December 8, 2017

Name 12 Family Things To Do This Christmas!

Hi there, Diamond Glamor Girls,

I love this topic. If you live in San Diego  then your aware of all the great places to visit. It's easy to make a list of 12 activities for families during this season. San Diego is known for its family activities.

I'm going to my own list of what and where I enjoy visiting. To see the decorations and lights.

1. There is a little tiny store on Quail or Saxony Dr. Close to the botanical gardens in Encinitas that decorates beautifully for Christmas. (I couldn't find the link. I have to drive by and see what thir doing this year. Locals spot)

2. Quail Botanical Gardens. Encinitas, CA the gardens are filled with lights and the children's garden is a fun place for your children to experience and learn something new.

3. San Diego Wild Animal Park please check with link above San Diego Tourism link. At the time of writing this we have a wild fire alert. However, this venue I amazing for young families to experience the Christmas Festivities. It's also the best season to visit the weather isn't hot and the animals are active. There is usually a snow area and arts and crafts for children. Activities change each year. Recommended to check with visitor beauru

4. San Diego Zoo. Great for families with children who can walk a great deal. Plus if they can see over the three feet walls without being picked up its perfect. Lights decor and walking trails are fun for the family.

5. Sea World  this year they are doing a Christmas Nativity Musical. Might be worth seeing. What do you think?

6. Balboa Park with its museums and place of history. The park lights and it iconic way with entertainment and caroling Strolling the sidewalks it's worth a visit.

7. Legoland. A day or two at the park for the holidays might just be a way to spend some of the vacation time. Children can enjoy the rides and spend time building with Lego. Check with Park for times, dates and park hours.

8. Oceanside Pier for lunch at Rubies or Joe's Crab Shack. If your children have never expended a pier then this is the place to visit. You can purchase food and watch the seagulls catch it in the sky or rent a fishing pole and fish for a day.

9. Day Shopping : Carlsbad Outlet Malls  they have the best designer clothes for the best pricing.

10.  La Jolla Prospect Street  filled with boutiques, shops and museums. La Jolla is a place worth visiting. Don't forget to stop at the cove Park and see if the seals are breading. Live births are an amazing thing to watch. Don't try to pet the seals their dangerous.

11. Stroll on 101 Hwy in Cardiff by the Sea this walk has beautiful ocean view. You can always make it a bike ride with local bike rentals plus you can stop for delicious food at one of the seaside restaurants.

12. Staying Home rent a vacation home and just stay a while. Beach front rentals available all year. Light a cozy fireplace and relax as you ready the local newspaper and find out what's new for the season.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Christmas Frustration

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls,

It's funny how some subjects we recognize in ourselves right away. Others not so much. This one I had to really think about. I had to ask myself. What does frustration look like. Not because I don't have the emotion of frustration or the feeling. I had to think about how I express it during this time of year.

Afterall, I am human. The reality is frustration changes as we mature in faith. The more we mature in faith the more frustration is expressed to God and not to people. The more we say to Him help.(he more we know it's changed at that very thought.

Christmas time to a child, youth, teen is all about the things, activities, parties. To the adults it's getting things ready for the children, youth, teens. For the older people it's hoping the children they raised remember them. The hope they didn't damage them to much in raising them and that love still excist.

Now, my frustration or was shopping for decor for my own tree. It's starting over and trying to purchase a house that doesn't have all the family memories. While still trying to keep my promises to my children. Who are now adults and have the right and freedom of choice. My frustration is allowing them to choose and loving them and accepting them anyway.

That's new and it means I sometimes spend holidays alone. That's reality.

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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Write a Peom

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls,

This is a difficult task. I can rhyme a line or two but a poem is a different master. It's a skill of words that one must have a Tasker. What is a Tasker you ponder? Hum! This is a poem Master Tasker.

I know it's difficult to understand a Master Tasker. To understand a Master Tasker you had to have met a Lasker. What is a Lasker you ask? A Lasker is an assistant. An assistant to the Master Tasker. But what is a Master Tasker. Ahh! A Master Tasker is a person who writes a poem when youaskher.

Why would I ask a Master Takers to write a poem? You justaskedher. What I'd, I ask her? I thought I was talking to the Master Tasker? No, you were at youjustaskedher. Confusing I know let me try to explain again.

A Master Tasker writes the poem, however you called for a Lasker. A Lasker is an assistant to the Master Tasker when youaskher. You didn't ask her you called for a youaskedher. A youaskedher is a person who youasked yesterday. They stir the coffee for the youasked. Confusing I know. Did you write your poem yet? We can do this all day. You didn't ask her. Do you understand what a Master Tasker is? Should I get an askher to explain?

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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Best / Worst Gift

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls;

The perfect gift is there ever a perfect gift? I have to think about this one. The worst gift those are easy. Pink elephant's gifts from the workplace or an ill-will friend. It's always easy to name those, vent about them until you can't hear the intention of the other person. The reality is we as humans never want to think we have been so mean that we deserved it. The truth is. We deserve the reality of the moment.

My best gift ever was one year when I was really ill with a bad cold, my boys (that's what I call my children. I raised young men. They acted mature and made me breakfast lunch and dinner. It was the best gift ever. They made coffee and toast soup for lunch and a light dinner. I could hardly believe that they could do such a thing. Then I realized. They knew more than I thought and they were maturing. It is both a moment of realization my young men were growing up. Do they really understand how great that moment was for mom? I doubt it.  Willing to bet other moms do. Thank you!

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Monday, December 4, 2017

Christmas Wishlist

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls;

The Christmas Wishlist is a pretty amazing thing to have. When your a child one thinks like a child. Everything you see is what you want. Commercials influence us. Now parents have tried to stop commercials and we have Comercial free.

The battle between children and parents continue. They want to grow up, mature, experience new things, and we try to hold on to them. Like children the Christmas Wishlist continue to mature and change.

My girlfriends whole family had a place where they put their wishlist called them affirmation jar. They would pray for them all year long. Each years end they would pull them out and as a family go through tem and see what would come true. It was a lot of fun to watch them as I happened to be their one day when it was a scheduled  family time. I asked if I should leave and they said no. They passed the jar around and read the affirmation. They'd ask. Did it come true? The answer was always a yes or no. Do you want it in for another year? Was the second question asked. They did this until they completed all the affirmations. It was a pleasure to witness this family.

There are others who teach time to put their wishes in books or list. The truth is the form in which you create a list doesn't matter. What matters is the faith you have to know it will come true. For this list I will name 7 things. I thought 3 is too short 10 is to long. I'll trust that my wishes are perfect for Maria Kamon and no one else can have what is mine, it was created especially for Maria Kamon.

1. A house on earth to make my home
2. Food and clothing
3. Health
4. Money, paycheck, employment 
5. Family and friends to love
6. Place that is safe for self expression
7. Last not least a good.......I want to keep this one a secret.

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 Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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Sunday, December 3, 2017

Where and When Does One Find The Christmas Spirt?

Hi there Diamond Glamour Girls;

Some people believe that the Christmas spirit is female and it just blows in.  Like nature. What do you believe?
Whoooooo! Soft and rental like winter snow! Others believe... you can buy it at your local coffee store.
Maybe the Christmas sprit come with a price tag?
If a cup of delicious  

warmth Is where 
you think you'll find 
it. Is it so?

Where is that spirit of Christmas? I want to hold it , own it control it? Tell it all kinds of things you'll never know. 

Maybe it's on the telephone wire you'll find it or is this the dirty laundry.  Is this where you find the spirit of Christmas? Ahh! Maybe, it's just decor. Do moose really exist at Christmas? What is the spirit of Christmas and where does it come from? 


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Merry Christmas !

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Saturday, December 2, 2017

What Is Advent?

Hi there Diamond Glamor Girls,

There are many great things to learn about the holiday. Spiritual, religious,  believe, it's so much more than just presents. What is the most important thing to know about the holiday's?  I would have to say, learn why the season excist.

Now back to the question. What is advent?

The dictionary explains it as.
"Advent is a season observed in many Christian churches as a time of expectant waiting and preparation for the celebration of the Nativity of Jesus at Christmas. The term is a version of the Latin word meaning "coming"." Wikipedia

Some believe it is to  focus on the unexpected. That's why the advent calendars that are on sale are important. They have little unexpected surprises. Things, people, places you hadn't pray for that just happen. As I learned it.  it is a time to pray for all the things one wants. However, the reality is that their are things that happen in life that are unexpected. We need to be gracefully gracious accepting God's will in our lives. Continuing to pray anyway and asking God for help and wisdom through good times and unexpected times. n how to have grace in our daily living.

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Friday, December 1, 2017

Best /Worst Christmas

This was not so long ago and I can remember it so vividly. The pain I feel is still like it happened yesterday. I had experienced a series of things gone wrong i would call them spirals. Some might call it "falling".  I at the time called it hitting concrete.

If I could expree the reality of how the pain felt. I would first have to ask you if you have ever used a skateboard or roller skates? The pain felt like when a I was first learning how to skate and I fell down. You know that pain when you hit concreat and you keep sliding? That pain. One feels it too falling off a skateboard. Not until you stop does one feel the actual pain. Then it's so painfull your wondering when will the pain stop. The thing is the pain hasn't stopped.

That's how divorce feels. The pain then on top of that you have to deal with employment or lack of. Bills, children and how does one explain to ones children, they had nothing to do with the divorce? Non-the-less it hit me over and over again to the point the judge told me it looks like you got the worst of it. What hit! Everything imaginable.

1. Trying to be independent.
2, Trying to live on my own for the first time.
3. Trying to run a business as an independent woman and have men respect me.
4. Trying to manage my life, finances, my desires along with reality.

The moment I thought it was the worst Christmas ever. Was when I went to visit some people that needed help and frankly, I could save the money and the first thing I was told...No more Christmas! 

How would you react?

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Hope in 2020!

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls, It has been a long time since I have written a post blog fort you May of 2019 to be exact. Why now? I...