Monday, October 30, 2017

30 Day Challenge - Thankful Monday

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls;

Traditionally most people do not think of Mondays as thankful. Anyway of the week can be thankful if you just have the right thought life . This is my last blog and for this Monday - I am thankful.

 Having the opportunity to express myself in a way I have never done. Challenging my writing skills.
Being able to write my thoughts. Share pieces of myself and see what fruits return. Will I be rich or will I be poor a song once was written about this. Are my writing skills good enough to take my blogs to the next level? Did I entertain you enough you enough to have you return for more? How can I convince you to click on an advertisement so I can get paid? SEO, adwords, how far will it take me. It's alway public opinion on what will get paid, whom and why?

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30 Day October Challenge - A Day In The Life

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls;

This blog is a little late, it took me longer to come up with a day in a life in. It wasn't that I didn't have ideas it was more that I had already shared about my life. Therefore, I felt I had to be more creative. Today, I will write about a day in the life of a Post-it Note. You can purchase sticky notes with my Amazon link at:

Created in1974 by Arthur Fry I began using them in college. Only people who worked in an office used them. They where only yellow then and honestly I was able to get them from my workplace. 

I used them as a bookmark in my college books. O'Day we have page flags. The most important things were written on them and put in my calendar. Let's use our imagination and think about how far a sticky note can travel.

Wake up you write a note. You put it in your calendar. When you have a moment you write it down. You then you give it to your husband who puts it on the refrigerator. Later he puts the information in his phone. Who then passes to your child. Who writes it down to the next child. That child then puts it back on the refrigerator. What really is a post-it-note. Communicate!

In an office it's even funner to watch how many people it will reach before it returns?

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Saturday, October 28, 2017

30 Day Challenge - What Is My Advice For New Bloggers!

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls;

Have you ever held a sparkler in your hand? Looked at it closely? Watched the twinkle little lights how they fall all over the place? That's how I see blogging. It's letting my light shine. We all have a light. It's how we let it shine that is important as well as the why and how.

Advice 1. Enjoy what your doing.

 Blogger money. If the sole reason for blogging is money, then STOP! Your in the wrong profession. I'm not sure what type of money this really is a photograph of. Bit coin or blogging for Money. The point is its not a get rich quick sceme.

Advice 2. Understand your Motivation.

Write anywhere you feel comfortable. The situation your in does not have to affect your outcome. You can rise above your struggles to make yourself better, stronger.

Advice 3: Writing first happens by the thought; what shall I write about. Look at your options and the start. Procrastination just creates more stress you can always write and erase and rewrite. You just have to start.

What should I use to write with? Pencil,  paper, table, computer is, phone. Whatever you have when the creative thoughts come into your mind.
Many time I get creative thoughts while I'm waiting for someone or at a appointment so I just use my phone. I think it is my preferred method at the moment. It's always ready. Even my laptop has to be turned on. I don't always want that.

Advice 4.  Use what makes you feel like you can get the job done.

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Friday, October 27, 2017

30 Day October Challenge-Day 26 Your Favorite Things About Holidays

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls;

I know you might think less of me after you read this, however I have to be honest. I never think of this season as holiday's. Even when teaching we broke it up into specific days. Holidays implies all of it. I'm not sure if when really is capable of doing all of it! Every celebration on the calender. Is one?

The first thing I enjoy is getting out my hats, scrafts, camera got to be ready to take. Photographs of the people, places, thinks. I'm San Diegian and it is the most beautiful place on earth!

We have our churches that do their big Nativity productions, other do their Navidad production,  while other present choirs that sing. Then their are my friends children who are in plays, skits and productions of Thanksgiving and the meaning of our founding Father's what the meaning of the Holidays means! Plus not all my friends are of the same believe system, when invited I attended their children things or their churches production. That's always fun.
Thank You! for photographers.
Let's talk about lights! So many of every color! I'm not sure if they still do this, the Del Mar Fairgrounds use to have this light show you could drive through. That's San Diego. Then we have the Christmas Boat Parades in several areas of San Diego, check your local news for times and dates. How about the museums, parks, and city parades and celebrities celebrations. Now my favorite are all the personal parties, dinners I'm invited to. Thank You!

Thank you for asking. I hope you'll visit San Diego soon.

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On October 31st I will post a blog about what this blog challenge did for this blog. How much money I mad and statistic.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

30 Day October Challenge - Your Weekend Highlights

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls;

I'd like to say my weekend was so so busy. First I met with my girlfriends and discussed dots. Look how many their our. Too many to count.
We discussed how many colors they come in. They can be found in white.
 They also come in the color black.

When we were both done talking we talked about how white just makes things look cleaner. Does it really? I just keep quiet these days. Everyone has their own opinion.

Then after this I met another,
Thank you, for photographers.

for brunch. You know that thing people do after church before lunch. Thank you for the food and money to pay for it Oh, my Lord. We shared our woes with each other to help each other. Being single means you have to begin to depend only on oneself. Difficult, but true a reality that friends fade. Family might judge, no one pays the my expenses either way. Tag your it! The
What did you do over the weekend? Highlights?

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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

30 Day October Blogging Challenge-Favorite Things Of The Holidays

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls;

What a few of my favorite things. This seasons fall and winter are my favorite for certain reasons. Spring and Summer have their own reasons. What are these favorite things. Let me make a list.


1. Watching the trees change color.

2.  A throw blanket on and watching a movie by the fire.


3.  Visit to the local farm and seeing all the creative crafts people have come up with since last year and are now selling.

4.  Getting out my favorite scrafts and sweaters.
Srafts and 

5.  Photographing the season.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

October Blogging Challenge- Day 24 Favorite Workout Music

Hi there, Diamond Glamor Girls;

Shall we Era the music put it into gernes or just make a list this is so much fun to write. Since I was one of those girly types in high school and college. I was asked to be a cheerleader colleges  I attended. I respectfully declined. I already had a full schedule with school and work.

Cheerleaders T-Shirts.

Throughout my college years I took dance classes. There was modern, classic and jazz, aerobic and Tapp. Now I know that's not really the names of music however the workouts where always amazing.
Dance equipment:

Then there was my step phase. Step up, step down, right, left, spin and do it again faster! Let's not forget our spin classes. Faster, faster, faster pedal up the hill. Listen to the music, breath. Big breathe, let it out slow.


Working out is so much fun. Do you remember the names of the songs or the instructor names? Which is more important? Let's not forget yoga. One of my favorite is Hot Tropics in Encinitas. The room is about 11O degrees gentle and non-invasive. Make sure your hydrate before or you'll get sick. The stretching is unbelievable.

Yoga Equipment:
That's a few of my favorite music now you tell me yours.

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October Blogger Challenge - Day 23 What is Your Favorite Halloween Costume

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls ;

Throughout the years I have had many costumes. Mainly because I directed and taught school. The image we all wish we had vs what the holiday's really stands for is pretty interesting.

Dressing up playing fairy princesses can be a lot of fun. I have seen princesses and kings, monsters, cars. I have seen bears, whales, penquines, dogs, Disneyland characters. I have seen what scares me and what doesn't. I have been blessed by truth. That is reality.

Now I challenge you this blog challenge year to see what you know and do not dare. What is the true meaning of this Halloween holiday? Did you look at history or just today!

Saturday, October 21, 2017

30 Day October Challenge - Day 21 Transformational Saturday

Hi there Diamond Glamour Girls;

Before you read this, be aware it just might offend. Forgive. That is not my intention

Transformational Saturday, I honestly am not sure what to write about this. If you ask me how or what it is. I would point you to church. It's when a "Son of A Bitch" , I laugh at that thought. Did Mary Magadalene have sons?  My point is when a man or woman transforms themselves through the love of Jesus Christ . Meaning the Holy Spirit changes their life to become a person worthy of knowing Him in Heaven. Once they are transformed then it's about applying the bible the best way possible for living your life out on earth. 

Today it has additional meanings. If you read my blog at you'll start to understand that for some people it means the difference from how you look when you wake up in the morning to when you go off to work or start your day.

You'll also see this on YouTube look up makeup. Woman show the before and after of makeup. I admit I enjoy seeing the transformation from everyday to glamorous stage presence. 

However, it is even as bigger thing when you see your dad who was drinking alcohol to much and your friends called an alcoholic suddenly not need alcoholic beverage. That's transformation from people who prayed for him. I believe he drank to kill the inner pain, when gentleness touched then he stopped.

Silly thoughts most people think. Life's battles leave wounds that only " He " can heal.

I have not photographs to show you! I have no great witnesses. You just have to trust and believe.

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If you have an alcohol or substance abuse problems please check your local anonymous program. 

Friday, October 20, 2017

October Blog Challenge - Day 20 * Day in A Life

Hi there; Diamond Glamour Girls;

A day in a life. Have you watched the news recently? And thought, "Oh My God! Poor Child"
 In the news everywhere if you look or listen and think beyond what the news is saying. You would probably learn.

 That after the hurricanes.... there are children who are scared.

Families who are broken up, forced not to be with their children.

There are people without shelter.

Did you know that after an earthquake the same thing happens.

Did you know that after the Mexico Earthquake there where children barrier alive.

Did you know that many of those affected by tragedy young never recover or forget. The pain of the moment can stop them from having normal relationships, marriages, children.

Did you know without medical care their pain will manifest in other behavior. Such as inability to read, write, speek. Because as an adult it happened so long ago they might not understand why they behave the way they do.

Did you know that the pain from being burned alive is one of the most intense pain a human can feel.

Did you know that fires are so intense, that even with all their gear fireman still experience heat from it.

Did you know devastion is long lasting whether your a child or not.

Did you know that listening to someone screaming at you is cause of abuse and as a child, teen or adult you can report it to the police.

Did you know if you really had a choice to live a day in another person's life and you did nothing about it you too are part of the problem.

Call to action help those that can't help themselves.

Please read the disclaimer on the contact page. The photograph used are provided by The children where not harmed in anyone for this blog or blog writer. The photographs are used as a visual art to evoke emotion within, to help you understand the importance of saving children.

The lives of all the recent tragedy will never be the same We can pray for Godspeed in recovery.

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Thursday, October 19, 2017

30 Day October Challenge - Day 19 What Books You've Read

Hi there; Diamond Glamour Girls;

In this lifetime I have been blessed to have been living close to a public library. My love for books started very young.  As soon as I could write my name. That's what the library required. That a child could write their name. With the new computerized system what do they require of children today?

I use to walk a block to get to the library. I remember the fragrant smell of the books on the shelves. The newness of hope, that someday I would read every book in the library. The librarians face as she smiled at me and made me feel proud of the choices I had made. I had spent hours reading books off the shelves before I choose the ones that would come home with me.

I had read all the picture books they had. So she moved me to the first readers my frustration was in trying to pronounce word and figuring out what where the accent went. Learning two languages at one time confuses the brain for a short time until connectors develop. Today there are language emerson programs. I loved the local librarians who would take the time to read with me when she wasn't busy. If she had work to do she was mean and grumpy and I would bother her. At first this frightened me. Overtime, we developed a friendship and a common love for books. The interaction actual helped me learn the responsibility of a librarians as a career choice. Best years ever.

That has nothing to do with the challenges or does it? With all the apps today my favorite is the library app. My favorite is the library app. Check your local library to find out which one to use. Free books for anyone at any place that your device would let you. My favorite device is Nook and Barnes and Nobles has many great suggestions, however my favorite will always be free! Did you know they have a library? That's what I call it the books are free!

For the month of October I am reading.

  1. Money Master The Game 7 Simple Steps To Financial Freedom 
  2. Better Off Wed
  3. 1OO Knock Knock Jokes For Kids
  4. Dead Before The Wedding
  5. Diary of a Grumpy Bear
Spooky Reading............BOO👻

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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

30 Day October Challenge - Day 17 What Places Would You Like To Travel To

Hi there Diamond Glamour Girls;

To dream how many place I would like to visit is the question your asking, right? Other wise to be absent from oneself in spirit is to be with the Lord. Unless I can afford to travel I choose to stay. I travel in real live, not in spirit. Therefore, let's look at the world map together.

I choose blue and green. From the sky I believe I would see it like this. Just joking. I looked for a map simular to the one blogger gives. I travel as far as east is from the west and south is from the north. With a stop at Northeast, Southwest, Northwest, Southeast.

American's are free to travel wherever they choose. I'll allow you (my person asking) to pay for my travel expenses, meals, housing and if it's a permanent stay a paycheck in the form of a yearly salary better Healthcare and benefits package.

Now I have a question for you? The tabs on you for my flying expenses. Right? Those who known know. Those with understanding choose and those with understanding respect the word NO! Respect leads to reality I'm not flying anywhere soon.

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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

30 Day Challenge - Day 17 OOTD

Dare To Wear Men's Underware To Work

Hi there Diamond Glamour Girls;

As many of you know bloggers and many meeting and event planners work from home. Home that four letter word that make everything good. For baseball players it's where you score a point. For computers it's a Hub. For Camera work  it's called a viewfinder. We carry home with us in our pockets, purses or hands. That Changes the meaning of home doesn't it. I want to receive money for my work. Don't you? That brings me to the point of this challenge. It's to attract as many advertiser clicks as one can to provide an income to live off of. If you would like to hear a little of what happened listen to Make sure the music downloads to understand the humor of what she's talking about.

Today, since I work from home. Honestly I'd Wear the same outfit to a meeting just add jewelry and change my shoes.

Today my outfit of the day is.

Black Blouse by Zenana Premium (It's a little big on me, I though it would run small and it ran true to size.)

Short Pants by Liz Claiborne (not tight fitted and are about dress length) At the last place I worked men called my sorts men's underware . Then they Voted to not allow it, putting it in the dress code. Although I have short suits. Matching shorts and blazer. Very comfortable and practical for busy work places when you have to bend over. Like decorating a venue.

Shoe by Blue  Here are some other options they didn't have the ones I am wearing. Blue Shoes

What would I add if I had a meeting;
A blazer and some type of heal shoes. Probably my Patent Leather Sergio Booties. Then a single Diamond necklace, Diamond earrings, Diamond watch maybe a Diamond bracelet, afterall it is the name of my business. It's what people expect. I laugh at how arrogant that sounds. The reality is the challenged asked. Diamonds

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Monday, October 16, 2017

30 Day October Challenge - #16 Links To Favorite Blogs or YouTube

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls;

I'm to add a link or two to blogs I find interesting;

Currently in the following categories I have been reading or watching;

Lydia Elise Millen

Wei Tailander

Wedding Planner

Martha Stewart Weddings

Blogs I Enjoy Reading
 Bible Study Notes.

Bible Maps
Farrell's Travel Maps

Woman of Faith:

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Sunday, October 15, 2017

30 Day October Challenge - Thankful Sunday

Hi there Diamond Glamour Girls;

Is Sunday thankful? I know that sounds silly. Silly is when your changing the clogs around to make them fit. Therefore, I moved this from Thursday to Sunday. That's funny written. What I meant to say is I changed the wording, it fell on the wrong day of the week.

Think about it. Is Sunday Thankful? What do we really know and understand about Sunday. Do you know where the name came from and originated? I'm no expert. There are many that will share their own interpretation of what it means.

However, I choose to believe that it is to mean "the Lords Day".

" The particular "day" that belonged to Jesus seems to have been Sunday, or, by Jewish reckoning, Saturday sundown until Sunday sundown." Bible Study Notes He starts explaining things in Rev. 1:10

What is it that you one is suppose to be Thankful for? is it something in perticular or is it a way of being? 

The truth is if I gave you that answer it would be any fun for you to read this book of mysteries and wonder. The best part is once you understand you too will be Thankful for this day!

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Saturday, October 14, 2017

30 Day October Challenge-- #14 Whats on your Playlist

Dear Diamond Glamour Girls;

At a Playlist since I really don't have one I will share with you the only little black book I know of that helps old. It's a list of medical prescriptions and the negative side affects. That's a Playlist I bet the challenger of this blog didn't think about. Don't have that one yet, however it is a way of expanding the definition of playlist now isn't it.

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Friday, October 13, 2017

30 Day October Blog Challenge - OOTD

Hi there Diamond Glamour Girls;

I work from home, whatever home I'm in and there are days I have to get things done and today was one of them. Today's outfit choice was simple and clean. Since I had to do cures I wanted something comfortable.

After my shower this morning, I wore a sweat pants outfit. Then about have way though the morning had to change my blouse to a tank top it started to get warm. I was trying to do things for my business and in between waiting I would try to do things for my business. Goal accomplished. 

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Happy Friday the 13th!

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Thursday, October 12, 2017

30 5ay October Challenge-Thankful Thursday

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls,

What is there to be thankful for when this year there was earthquakes in Mexico,  flooding in Texas an Puerto Rico and many other places in the United States, fires in the Northern California Valley and so many deaths. Many people are alone and trying to survive.
Financially, spirituality, physically, and emotionally I was I had the answers for you. I don't.

I myself have experienced devastation some so profound that I have now words for. Here is what I consider a good day. Thankful day!

1. When I wake up in the morning.
2. When I receive a phone from my children.
3. When I move into my house that is fully paid for.
4. When I am able to open a book and read without crying. The memories of loss are his playground. His trophies. His honors and his lies.
5. His thoughts are not my thoughts, my thoughts are not his thoughts. This I know for the ____________ tells me so.

That's thankfulness. I'm thankful that I know the difference.

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Hope in 2020!

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