Tuesday, February 27, 2018

55± Do I have To Live There?

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What is this? Aging no longer gives you respect for what you know and ones ability to teach, live experience life?  There, was a saying  that people shouted in fights or in the movies "Just beat It Out of Him!" Like and old had woven carpet. They just take it outside and beat it. With a tool like a tennis racket. I remember helping my grandmother. Then I remembered hiding in between the tent like carpet to irritating her. It's actually very hard labor. One has to use ones muscles. Upper body strength. Hit it too hard it fibers break, too gentel you accomplish nothing. Lesson learned that summer. Making sure everything is out of the fibers except the fibers and they fall into place. This is what happens when grandparents have a say in raising their grandchildren. They share pieces of their lives that their own children didn't get. They were so important in my life. Are the elderly the unheard population today?

As I look to start over and purchase my first home I have met with several Realtors who keep directing me to the place I should live. With people my own age. Really? I think to myself. These 55 or older communities and the other option is a trailer home? Really? That's it. Is this a form of discrimination? Like my grandmother hiding the vacuum so she could teach a lesson is it really about controlling people in order to force them to act like other people their age? Put me back in school cause I missed the lesson that said I had to behave like others my age. Where does it say that? Really? That's what you expect.

I have plans, dreams, prayers of my own and they don't include yours. I don't enjoy golfing. Balls fly everywhere when I golf. There went the elderly putting green retirement home. I don't enjoy shuffle board meeting an occasional game can be fun. I'd rather be free to choice. I'll drive to the golf course. I'll drive to the duffle board game. I can play cricket anywhere I choose. There are many other things I'd rather be doing. Soccer is a sport I enjoy photographing. Like many other sports. I am past the age of playing it. However, just because I enjoy watching the sport doesn't mean I want to live on the green with those that play.

Nonetheless, each age group has its plus and minuses. The point is in the discovery of what the future has for me. Each person has the right to be an individual and not a cookie mold of someone else. I am not my grandmother or my mother or my sister or my aunts and uncle, family children. However, I am. Why? The shared experiences.

The life, this life we live is difficult enough without forcing the elderly or the young to behave how we want just because we want. I find myself in new experiences I never imagined. Why? I never thought I'd be single woman at this age. What is the rest of my life going to be like? I don't know. I never planned  being flug into where I am today. That what happens when the word Stop! , No! Isn't listen to. Don't try to be my voice for you do not know what it's like.   

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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Here is My Pexel Time Offering

Hi there, Diamond Glamor Girls;

We each think we have a beautiful life and I am no exception.  My life may not look good to others or perfect by any means. I understand that living and life can mean two different things.

Life as I see it has more meaning than just the way we live. Life is what has a bible attached. It has meaning, purpose, love, understanding, compassion, people.

In a fast world when apps, cameras, tv's, cars, computer and now home appliances are becoming fast. Are we loosing the meaning of life? It's easy to come off "high" and forget the lessons learned. You see Monet famous artist today saw life in pixels. He used brush strokes to explain what he was seeing and people made fun. They didn't understand or want to take the time to explain.

No one believed him and today they still think he had a vision problem. Maybe he was seeing a digital camera? The only thing is he wasn't an inventor and therefore didn't have the knowledge or words to express himself. Would we have thought he was an amazing artist or just made fun of him? Maybe even just want what he wanted? Personal theft?

In all this time of faster, better, more abundance. Do we forget to live? Care? Love? Understand? Express Compassion? When was the last time you invited your neighbor over? Do you even know them?

How times have changed. Having a cup of coffee with someone no longer means inviting them over. Making the coffee and having a conversation it means. Stopping at Starbucks picking up a cup of coffee and video the drive to where ever or whatever one is doing. Are we pixeling the world? Living our lives in fragments? Like time in a bottle will we put our pixels in a vase and offer them as any glad tithe. Will we place on his table and say that is the best I have. Your will. Will you hide it away? Will He bless them?         
 I honestly don't have an answer. Does fast in the way we (society) does things mean we loose what matters most? The way we believe? I have no answers for you. I don't know what He will say to all your fragments in a vase? Will it just mean money? Is the human body just money? If that is so then I confess I lost the meaning to life and living life. What do you think?

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Sunday, February 4, 2018

Encinitas Lifestyle

Hi there, Diamond Glamor Girls;

I often get asked "What is it like to live in Encinitas?" The reply  "What is it like to live in your city?" Most of the time I realize that people don't really know what it is like to live in their own place, city or town. They ask this to make conversation. Most people want to help, they just don't know how to. They want friendship. They just don't know how to be a friend.

It's important to know who you are to before you ask others who they are. There is a point where one can have to much information, therefore not be able to use any of it, others seek it too.

Here are a few photographs I took of Encinitas, CA the place I call home.

The city is located just south of Carlsbad, CA and north of San Diego.

If you enjoy quiet peaceful living then you enjoy my little city of Encinitas, CA. The temperature is between 60-80. Most of the time the people are friendly and kind.

 Once you see the sign you know you have entered iconic Encinitas. With its historical buildings that are protected by the historical society. The La Paloma threatre is such an interesting place. One can read about its glory days. I had the privilege of asking the owner how he was able to keep the place looking so original. He explained when they need to make repairs they have the fabric and other items custom made. It's new, however it looks old.

Mexican skeletons! Need some? Just stop by the trading post! They have thirty stores in one. I'm sure you'll find the right one for you.  You can probably walk the whole town in a day. I'm sure you'll find the hidden historical first school or the two ships that mysteriously appeared on land. There is always a stop here and there for food, music a beer or two.  Don't forget to stop by the Lumberyard, while your there stop at St. Topaz, order a coffee and pastry. If your not into the classic things or cars then move off of 101 and head towards El Camino real.

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