Saturday, August 24, 2013

"Who Has Your Ovaries?" (Standing Up)

I like many others Americans stop at "Starbucks" from time to time. The last few weeks I have had the pleasure of being there when there are a bunch of students.  Two different "Starbucks" more than a hundred and fifty miles apart.

What blessing it was to hear the same conversation from two different locations I say that not only because the towns I was in was different, the culture or the ethnicity was different, their age were different, maybe even their social economic level was different.  What was the same was the conversation "Respect" .

The first "Starbucks" the teenage girls were sitting talking, I was working on the computer and over heard.  The phone of one of the girls rang, another girl said "Answer it!" A third girl responded "RESPECT!" She had authority in her voice and they all listen. They continued the conversation about what it meant to respect. It was such a good conversation that at the end of it I had to tell them I was proud of them.

On another day, in another town, in another "Starbucks". Two students working together doing their homework.
They were talking about school and what happens in it at the high school level when someone disrespects.  I think the conversation was something to that effect not really sure I had my headphones on. I took my headphones off to move something and heard one of the students to say you have to tell them to respect you! Religious or not people are to respect. 

On the way out of "Starbucks" I gave them my business card congratulating them. I told them they should know that respect should be in the workplace too.

"A teacher of the law healed in respect by all the people, " Acts 5:35

Are world has changed when students are taught respect in school it can't be all back, right?  The wedding industry has change forever with prop eight, the Pope has changed his view point, our government in San Diego has been has been affected. Y a lack of it.  For those that know and understand "pray with thanksgiving". 

For those in school today I pray you learn not only RESPECT but the value one person came make in the lives of many! That prayer today is as relevant as yesterday and it will be even more relevant tomorrow. How do I know? The simple answer is: "The Bible Tells Me So!"

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Friday, August 23, 2013

"Who Has Control of My Ovaries?" (The Distroyer)

As life would have it that 13 year old would not see that young man for a long time.  Her friend continued to see the other boy even though her mother was not thrilled.  Funny, how life is.  At the time I though my parents were so strict. There friendship ended in a way, even though there was no anger or words ever spoken that it had ended.  I think the 13 year old knew she was not mature enough for boys.  She had had a summer crush but that didn't end well and she was glad she wasn't about to date.  Dating what is that really about, she was forbidden to date until she was 16, it was a rule set by her dad and she accepted it.

She focused on school and the arrival of a new teacher that was all the talk at.  The staff (teachers) at her school were all old. (Okay, maybe another old they were not old enough to retire. This teacher was just out of college his first teaching job.  He had been a substitute teacher at other schools but it was the first time he got a full time work.  His excitement affected a lot of his students with love of learning. He reminded her of what she had been praying for all her life. To become a teacher.  In her early years she use to line up all her dolls and pretend that she had a classroom teaching her children to read And write.  Her love for books lead her to overcome her reading disabilities she had when she was younger.

The disability had to do more with learning to read English while her family spoke another language. The price one pays for having parents who move to the states before all the formative years. You have to remember it was a time before they had dual learning and a stick policy at schools.  English only.  It is a bit of a culture shock.  Not being able to communicate all and teachers yelling at you. I never really understood why they yelled because I didn't know enough English to understand what they were talking about.  It took me getting into a fight in elementary school for the principal to understand I didn't  understand.  After that my teacher took extra time to teach me how to read and write. I went in the classroom at nutrition and stayed after school.

This teacher took the time to explain the difference of teaching in elementary school verses secondary school. He was a new person who believed in my right to be a well educated young person.  There were the girls that had crushes and talked about all the silly boy stuff. My new found focus was education therefore boys became known as destroyers.  I remember praying all the time "The troubles of my heart have enlarge, bring me out of my distresses." Ps 25:17. That really helped knowing that while I could listen to my girlfriends talk about all thief boy problems I was fine trying to focus on my goals.

"Now we have received the Holy Spirit, not the spirit of the world, but the Spirit but whom is from God, that we may know the things that have been freely given to us by God" 1 Cor. 2:12   One of the greatest things the United States of America has is the right to education. Freedom!

It is an awesome thing when teacher can excite a child about learning.  Where is he now.  I don't know. What I do know is that we wrote letters until I graduated from high school. Every summer we would write and talk about the school year, the good, the bad, and the hopes and dreams.  I learned that teachers like any other person need encouragement.  They struggle with learning new things. They need to know that what they're doing is worth the price they pay. Even though I learned that teaching can get boring I still became one.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

"Who Has Control of Your Ovaries? (2x2)

At the age if 13, yes thirteen I learned the story of Noah. How he built the ark and how he always heard God but didn't always obey Him.  Guess what, that is the age a young lady choices what side she is going to stand on.

It is the delicate age where she is entering womanhood and a dad has influence over her because mom just doesn't understand.  I was blessed because my dad used the Bible to to explain what young boys were doing. The importance of being an being an individual. How great this country is that we can grow up to be better than our parents. Not to let me hurt me or abuse me and especially not to let other women  or people influence me in something I didn't want to do.

Noah goes on to build the ark. God tells him to split up his people in the new land and let each choose the land where they should live.  Funny, thing about parents they want to control every situation. I was a pretty independent child, well behaved so I had a lot of trust from my parents. 

I guess in my mind if my dad took the time to read me the bible and explain things in a growing maturing manner, he desired a daughter that was good. That is such a funny term "Good" . My Christian friends kept trying to safe me, " it's grace they would say you don't have to be good." I would laugh. I knew I was saved and I knew his grace, mercy, peace and was getting more understanding everyday as I matured. 

I knew I wanted to attend college, so I would study and try my best to get good grades. I was for sure my Father's daughter. There were several girl crushes, but there was one boy who my girlfriend like.  He was a lot older than us and her mom didn't want her seeing him.  She would ask me at lunch to walk over to the fence. So I went over a could of times. The first time I just stood there quiet, the second time I was asked as they kissed, "What do you think it is.  I remember saying love, because that was what like a boy was love.  Also, because I learned that if I spoke of it that way boys that didn't have good intentions fear the word.  (Needless to say the other boy didn't come around "Love". A four letter word. Men fear hearing it from women.

They hear things like, marriage, commitment, responsibility, money etc. but what they don't hear is all the blessings that comes from having a life filled with it, Noah loved God enough to build an ark but not enough to let his family choose their own land and life once they landed.  

It is a fine line between loving someone and allowing them free will.  My dad somehow knew that I needed the freedom to find what what type of a women I wanted to be, but smart enough to use the bible to help me find my way. My life was not perfect back then nor is it now, but like it was back then a God fearing life so is it now! whom. In the Alpha the 0mega the great I am. Knowing that he has the perfect plan! Jer. 29:11

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

"Who Has Your Ovaries?" (Motherhood)


Oh girlfriend how many times have you argued with your mother?  How many times throughout your lifetime have you pleaded for your individuality?  Mother's of son, are they seen differently then mothers of daughters?  Either way there are some mysteries that shouldn't be known until it is our time.

A bowl on my head I wear so I may worship Him?  What type of mother does that make me?  Am I a harlot because I gave birth to son's or am I an angle like my sons because we all worship, the one the only true God.  Is a revaluation the truth, or a mystery of God for us to discovery.  I know that there are times when I was growing up that my mother and I argued about who is in control and who is doing what.

I have prayed, supplicated, worshiped, cried, given testimony after testimonies of the miracles my God has done in my life. I obeyed God's word to letter, as my father taught me.  Did it make my life easier?  Did it make my life rich? Yes, I would say my life is rich, it might not be material wealth, but it is definitely rich, those that know the one true God can only claim it so.

As my mom ages and I take care of her, it is hard to distinguish with the past.  She sees the world so different then I do.  She saw my dad so different then I did.  She remarried away after their divorce and became a different woman, now she is old and I have difficulty relating to her because she chose through out her life not to be close to my children and I.

In the attempt to not choose the same things she did I write text messages to my adult son's everyday. They are seen as endless annoyances but it is my way of communicating with them in the hopes of having a relationships with my adult young men.  My mom's believe is that men do not need a relationship with their mom.  My believe is that no matter what age you are or what you choose to do your mom is something you can't change. She gave birth to you.  Good, bad, ugly, beautiful she is your mom.  

Forgive me children if I choose to be a part of your life.  Forgive me for my annoying text messages detailing everything I do.  Forgive me if you are bothered with a mom that wants to be part of your life and would not give that opportunity to anyone to replace her.  Forgive me, for bothering you.  Forgive me for praying for you.  Mom's like me prayed for the day of your birth since childhood, we prayed for you to get healed when you were sick, we prayed for your teen years to be safe even if it meant us falling.  We will continue to pray for young adult lives.  And we will continue to pray all the days of our lives that if we are not together we are together.  We are a part of you, you are a part of me.  No God would ever tear that apart.  I know I am your annoyance, but it is only to remind you you our my love.  Your are the Grace that God gave me to watch over.  You are His gift and my presents.

I know not all mom's think this way, but I am who my Father made.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Fish Isn't Just Fish Any More...Hot Dog!

Fish Hot Dods

Ingredients Needed:
Fish (halibut)
Lawry's Seasoning Salt
Olive oil
Pre-made cole slaw, if you have the time make it yourself it tats le better that way.
Serve with Apple Crisp!

If you like fish as I do there are creative ways to help your children enjoy it.

Season as you wish. I prefer a little Lawry's Season salt, garlic and a little garlic. Let it sit refrigerated for about an hour! 

Grill about 2 or 3 minutes per side. Let sit for a minute.

Warm the hot dog buns on the BBQ.

Slice the fish in half. 

0n the hot dog bun place cole slaw. Place fish on top. If you like you can garish with tomatoes or other garnishes. I prefer plain because the cole flavor with the fish is perfect, it doesn't need any extra dressing.  I occasionally add salt and pepper to taste at this point if needed.

Served with Apple Crisp on the side.

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Who Has Control of Your Ovaries? (Daughterhood)

In 1979 I was married to the man I had been dating since the age of fifteen.  I laugh not really, I had known him since that age but made him wait to date me for 2 (two) painful years. Were they really painful?  From his point of view yes, from my point of view no.  I wasn't old enough to date a man who was five (5) years older than me.  Was I prejudice...certainly not.  I was definitely wise enough to know I was not mature enough to date such a man. Yes, I saw him as a man.  It took time to get to know him.  What does that have to do with this story....well in finding someone Jesus want for you it takes time, prayer and knowing if he is a man of good character.  That is what it took that then twenty (20) year old to prove to me.  That he also had a firm foundation. During those two (2) years this man who was then a college student and teachers aide at the high school I attended was allowed certain things.

1. He could occasionally allowed to drive me home.
2. He was allowed to come to my house and visit.

People always ask the stupidest questions.  Did we kiss, how far did we go?  Yes we kissed. He had to wait.  Not until my senior year in high school did we (did I ) begin to start dating, allowing our dating  to be public.  During that time Goods and Bads happen to me.  Two of my friends shot themselves, I was robbed at gun point point twice working at a part-time job to pay for my cheerleading and drill team uniforms and camp.  Their is a testing to believing that  "Jesus is Lord" I talked with my school counselor constantly because I was being stocked by   someone I didn't know. I even took a telephone operator position in the principles office...Guess what the stocker called me there.  I am so grateful for school police cause they caught him calling me from the school phone booth.  He didn't know about everything that happened but he did not when I got robbed at gun point I was pretty shaken up and he and his family gave me the courage to report the crimes and well as resigned.  

Years later I married this man that proved many things to me.  "I will never regret marring him, not matter what happen later in life. The greatest of these was he stood by me and helped me every chance I got.  He didn't allow my family to stop me from getting an education or getting in our marriage.  He was a believer, like myself and we could both scripture and hold each other accountable which made for both a difficult marriage and one of quality.  Un-replaceable!

and "For this a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife and the two shall become one flesh." Matt 19:3  For this reason I plan weddings and do not meddle in the couples business. It is the gift God gave me to provide an income, during this time. This is what I will continue to try to do.    This is one of those scripture verses that I find now I am now to be interesting living another life, unknowing what it will bring. Knowing that my own mom, when I got married and arrived from my honey, went off and married a man I didn't know. She was too busy to attend our wedding gift opening dinner...Oh my God...the stories go on.  "Forgive and don't my thought you don't have to live the past again... Especially the rapes, the crimes and the violence you left in the past.

Here I am today divorced in her home with that man I still don't know trying to take care of them.  Him with Parkinson's, her with diabetes listen to her telling me to move out all the time knowing, I don't have the finances to do so. Knowing that I can't be her child, knowing what they want is impossible for me to do for them.  They do not believe what I believe.  They did not choose what I choose.  Their marriage was not what my marriage was about.  Do I curse her or love her just because she is the mom God gave me.  Knowing that what I am living is not God's best for me.  Too many people with different believe systems in a marriage is not a good thing.  The one thing that is a good thing is that no matter what happens "Jesus is Lord!"

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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Gung Ho

Gung Ho

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls:

I was asked to write my first product launch review. I am known with by my friends for speaking my mind. I want to share a little bit about my life teaching children and the affects of ADD.  As we all know ADD can affect the concentration of your child learning.  It is not that they do not want to sit still.  It is not that they want to disobey. It is that they can't control their impulsive behavior. This affects the level and speed of which the child learns.

I taught until the year 2012.  Medication for ADD lasted only six hours. What does the child do when the medication stops? What I noticed is they just stop functioning and fall asleep. The sleep is such a deep level that sometimes they can not be awaken.  

I know for my own child I read every book I could find on the subject.  I changed the diet.  I did not allow any fast food products, or processed products. The child was tested for allergies.  There was not any major allergies just allot of little ones.  Wheat, whey, milk, some grains. I was shocked at how many products have filling in it.  Meaning it says its one thing but it has whey as filling or wheat flour.  Once we changed the diet and saw how claim the child became we could decided on the proper medication.

Finding a balance is important. Today, children have these drinks that have so much caffeine in it they get a high from.  I remember as a child my grandparents would sit down for their afternoon cup of coffee.  They would stop after one cup.  But today with busy parents, busy lifestyle many working parents don't get home until five or six o'clock.  To then run their child to practice.

Gung Ho claims they can help with some of the need to go all the time.  They claim they help with concentration, focus and it doesn't have the drop off that other medications do.  
It is also legal to put in your child's lunch box.  I honestly have to say I tried the product myself and did not notice any adverse side affects.

My concentration did last longer and I was able to keep working longer than my usual time.  I also noticed that instead of having my afternoon "soda" the equivalent of my grandparents cup of coffee I used the product. You do need Ninja like strength to drink it.  For those of you like me who are sensitive to taste. Overall, it did produce exactly what it said.

Gung Ho claims it helps with concentration.  (check)
It helps block the crash.  (check)
One may increase capacity to focus/memorize and recall things over time. (check on increase focus, not sure about memorize and recall didn't take product long enough)

As for giving it to your child to help them I am not sure.  I can neither say yes it will work or no it won't.  What I can say is that parents have many choices to make it is one that untimely you will be responsible for. It is definitely a choice that could work for your child. I would suggest you read the information found on the website.  If you still have questions try it yourself or take one to the pediatrician and help them make the best choice for your child.

My overall recommendation is if you need a daily boost it is worth trying.  It will deliver a constant stream of energy.  More than a soft drink or cup of coffee, not as traumatic as a monster drink. It is consistent with the advertising.  I didn't feel a drop in energy. 

My recommendation try it and write me and let me know what you think. 

Check it out for yourself:

Saturday, August 10, 2013

"Who's Has Control of Your Ovaries?" (Aging)

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls,

Mom are Mothers, are daughters, are sisters are aging... Aging gracefully is one of those things I have prayed for for myself, the moment I became a mom of teens.  I realized the aging process was upon me.  How does one do that gracefully?

The thing is, men compare us to our mothers  or their mothers and we see ourselves nothing like them. The other day I was helping out my mom. She is aging with that comes illness, diabities and other things, but generations and culture play a part in our misunderstanding.  It has alway been an issue.  Growing up in California both my sister and I love the freedom women have here.  My mom's mentallity of women is "woman can't do this because if for no other reason they are women".   Yet, her other thought is women can do anything they set their mind to.  It has been this perplexing thing for us.  Growing up we couldn't decide if she was for us or against us.  That's why I stuck with what my dad said.  "Do your best!.  Get a college education. God is Good. "  I confess I loved my dads vision of the "Father, God , Almighty and how good He is."  How He is a clean God, a loving God and one who is gentle."

"Coveting is it bad or good? "You shall not covet your neighbor's house; you shall not covet your neighbor's wife, nor his male servant, nor his female servant nor his ox, nor his donkey, nor anything that is your neighbors. " Ex. 20:17

Let me tell you as my mom ages I am always am reminded of the little things, we use to do together.  Paint our fingernails, fix our hair even cook together.  The said thing is today, she wants control I want control.  I purchase something, she purchase the same thing and tries to out do me.  If it is intentional or not. I am sure, what I do know is that I laugh about it.  In attempt to explain things and to add humor to her aging self.  She doesn't want me to mother her and she most certainly doesn't want to mother me.   I thought okay, I just purchase popcorn and she purchased a bigger bag.  I always brush my teeth after so I went and got what I thought was her tooth brush.  Jokingly, I said to her.  Here you go.  I brushed my teeth after eating popcorn now it is your turn.  She looked and me and said. "Nooooo"!  "What? Where did you get that?" I said, "The shower...where you keep your toothbrush for you dentures?'  My mom got the most unusual look on her face.   Then replied calmly.  "That is not my toothbrush. That is a foot brush. I scrub my toes with it.'  

Oh the aging process...God grant me the love and grace I need to get through it.  Most of all thank you for my mother!

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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Who's in Control of Your Ovaries? (Motherhood)

"And Adam called dhis wife's name Eve, because she was the mother of all living." Gen. 3:20 

From the moment a female finds out she is pregnant life changes.  Shortly after that the back hurts, she becomes tired, doesn't want to be touched, feet swells, face swells, people greet the belly instead of her.  People no longer say hello, they star and talk to the baby to be.  Family says hiand right   away starts asking how do you feel. As if suddenly you should be feeling something, but your not sure what, so you ask the question you don't want to ask.  "How should I be feeling?"  As soon as that question gets asked....put on your listening ears cause the rest of the time you will be hearing about every women who is there experience with pregnancy.  The Good and the not so good.  I can remember me.

Your mom tells everyone about how her pregnancy was with you.  How she felt,  It is her payback time.  Her time to share how you made her feel.  How you took away her freedom. How life changes after you have a baby, and the marriage is never the same.  I laugh at how things can be so different from one women to another. 

Technically, do you think Eve would have accepted the name if she knew its definition?  I think not!  she would of had to choose which living thing she wanted.  Do you want this or this or that.  If I had to do over I would have told God, I want.....  Instead of "Dear God, may I please have....honestly no mom want to think of their son as a "Fill-her", but was that what God meant by all living things? But then again was the snake one of those living things?  If so was he from Adams thought life?

I think if Adam was the best God could make then think about it...he reacted to the snake exactly how men react to "Honey, I'm pregnant." They look at us like we are from another planet.  As if we did it all by ourselves. Confession l know their are devises that exist like that but I don't think it is God's best.  However, they don't talk much either.  So who knows.  "Not right now..I am just about to....Oh touchdown!  What did you say honey your what?" 

What is Motherhood really about.  Ask your children in about 20 years if they are still talking to you and see what they answer.  My answer...."Love".  Learning to love in a way that nothing on earth or heaven will ever teach how totally and completely you can love another human. That raising one of those living thing God gave Eve took a whole lot of GRACE!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Who Has Control of Your Ovaries? (Girlfriends)

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls;

Do you remember when everything in life was about Love?  That moment and time in life when you don't care about time.  When you look at the women around you and do they do it all.  They all look so amazing. The time before adolescence when mom, women, young teens are all looking a little different than most, but your not sure why.  This is such a perfect time you begin to wonder what will I be like when I grow up.  

Boys are not an issue because your old enough.  You dream of the right one for you. You can't help but think about what your life will become.  Your girlfriends mom becomes more interesting than yours, only because you have heard of all the stories of how great her youth was by now.
I had this friend that I will never forget.  She was a lot like me and yet a lot different.  We had so much fun.  We could talk about everything. We could sit and talk for hours about what our life would be like. Her mom seemed so different to me than mine.  She was quiet, reserved and very much about being a good mom.  (I don't mean that as a judgement, more as an observation)  Her mom stayed home all day. Doing what I don't know, I was to young to know at the time.  My mom was a working mom who was always stressed and didn't have time to play and enjoy life.  It was always about making sure the schedule was right, the house was clean, that we had chores enough to keep us busy.  Her mom was about letting her daughter dream.

One day I remember she invited me over.  I remember sitting at the kitchen table, while my friend was getting ready to play.  Her dad, mom and I sat there for a few minutes just staring at each other.  After a short while...her mom asked me if I would like a cup of coffee.  I said yes, please. Both parents gave me this look like I had done something terribly wrong.  Her dad with a concerned voice asked "Are you allowed to drink coffee?"  I said yes I have been drinking it since I was a baby.
I had to explain the cultural difference between my culture, which is also American and California's. The look on their faces was one I will never forget.


Monday, August 5, 2013

"Who Has Control of your Overies?" (Era)

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls;

It's funny what women go through to become an independent individual.  From the time I was a child I remember looking at my mother and thinking she was Beautiful. The era was an age of innocence and we had just moved to California.    High heals were what we call pumps today and no matter when you left your home to go out we would wear a suit or a dress and a sweater.  Gloves, carry a handbag and a hat.  Everyone looked the same but different.  Class was never an issue of cloths or the things we owned but how we behaved.  Even then it was how we behaved in public.  We were taught etiquette.

We were taught that yes meant yes and no meant no.  Woman were taught to say no allot.  Especially in public and to strangers. My mom's beauty was seen by many.  They loved her.  She was funny because with my sister and I she was so stricken that even we could not understand the difference in her personality.  With her friends she was a different being and always played the victim.  It is funny thing to watch, it was also innocence in her, I like to think. 

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Friday, August 2, 2013

"Who has Control of Your Ovaries?"

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls;

Do you have a mom? Yes, we all do. Great if you have a mom then you have a story. I would love to hear your mom, mother story. Email me, Call me, have your friends call me.  Humorous, sad, happy, joyous, with scripture if you share one with your mom or without!  Writing a blog, book or whatever it becomes with Gods leading! Jer: 29:11

Maria Kamon

Hope in 2020!

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls, It has been a long time since I have written a post blog fort you May of 2019 to be exact. Why now? I...