Friday, October 28, 2011

Why Work From Home

In San Diego, the jewel of California, we ask ourselves, why we aren’t enjoying life; instead we are community to work.  If any of you have ever taken the San Diego Fwy to work, either south or north you look to the west and see our jeweled coastline, on a good day with its entire splendor.  It’s beautiful skyline.  The beauty surpasses all other things except for the beauty of the tropical island which I was born.  The days when the sun is just right and the sea glistens with the glory of all that is good you can see the splendor of heaven on our San Diego coastline, if you believe it can be seen. I do.  It is those days that one is thankful for living in San Diego and one can counts the blessings of what once was, will never be again.  Our youth, our pass and hope are in the future.

San Diego has the highest cost of living than any other state in California.  Did you know that on average the cost of living in our wonderful city is 8 per cent higher than the national average?  The cost of gas is 15.1 percent higher, coffee 20.01 percent higher, even pizza cost more here, 3.6 %.  Hawaii is the next most expensive state.  Sad but true that we work to live and live to work.  Employment is the most important thing we need to survive next to our family and belief system.

I use to tell my friends that my philosophy for raising my children was, God first, family second, employment third.  However, now that my family is growing, I question my own priorities.  Where they good enough?   Were they right?   Was I the best I could be not making money my number one priority?  I went from employment to employment trying to make my mom hood the best it could be.  I knew I would only have one shot at it.  I wanted and needed my sons to know how important they were and are to me.   I finally figured out that I could have both, my family and employment, neither would suffer.  Juggling became my biggest strength.  I could get up early, do my devotional, begin my bible study, get my children ready for school, call my clients, set appointment, afternoon run, shower and meet my clients.  Guess was it was a hectic life. But I loved it!

 If you asked me working from home, is highly recommended.  It allowed me the opportunity to balance my life that employers didn’t allow me.  I was able to be the best I could be.  Here is my advice to you, 1. 1. Passion:  Find something you love to do.  Mine is planning events; yours might and probably is different.  It is a great way to balance the life of a woman who has children.  2. Friends:   We need lots of friends to make our lives work.  In our youth we traveled in packs, remember that.  Our days with female friends who we loved to talk with and knew how to support our discussion and help us become better.   My girlfriends were mainly in my bible study prayer partners, but it doesn’t mean this is how it has to be for you.  They are the only ones, who helped me stay married, that is over so it doesn’t matter.  Life moves on.  Guess what find women that have the same moral value as you do.  You’ll be fine.    I survived.

Now you have what you love to do, and friends that will uphold you by believing in you.  3. Financial investment:  Some begin with a large investment; I preferred to start with little investments in what I was doing.  Believe in yourself.   4. Savings:  When you have made enough money, take out the original investment, put that in the savings and continued to grow the business.  For each new client I would put a percentage in savings and reward myself or one of my children with something we needed or wanted.  The rewards continued to grow.  The fact I rewarded my children with the profits, helped them to understand the importance of employment.

So when asked, do I recommend a home based business, the answer is yes!  Make sure you have high integrity!  Let your yeses be yes and your no’s be no!
by Maria Kamon

Saturday, October 22, 2011


Diamonds come in many colors;

White, yellow, pink and blue, purple;

People share in their desire;

I want!  I need!  Give me!  I’ll take!

The desire of the teacher is to impart knowledge,

The importance of the taker is that they will have control,

The importance of the want person is to show desire,

The person who thinks I need is to show the other they are all the same diamonds.

Every diamond has a personality, she like the person who chooses it.

But who is to say if it is right or wrong;

The need of each is to prove better than the others;

How sad it is that they don’t know how each is beautiful on their own,

When you look at a diamond look beyond what you see;

If you do you just might find you and me.

Friday, October 14, 2011

2011 Trends in Hairstyles/Color

Written by Maria Kamon

Do you remember when “Friends” was the biggest thing on television and we all wanted to have hair like Jennifer Aniston.  This was the last time I remember wondering what the hairstyles were like.  I like many other women wore this hairstyle for years.  Trendy people change their hairstyles all the time.  I was one of these women.  All my life since I was a young girl, I would get a new hairstyle to start school.  Each year it was different.  New school cloths, new books, new teachers, new hairstyle, but the cool things that remain a constant while growing up were my friends.  I am one of those people to say I am blessed to still have in my life girlfriends as young as I can remember third grade.  My best friend all through elementary school, who later become my maid of honor and now that we are older re-entered my life as her mom, whom I also considered my mom got Alzheimer.  Although a sad event to bring friends together, it is also a bless event to know that we still love each other as sisters in Christ. Throughout the years we have been able to remise all the old stories we have lived.  But the one thing that all women have in common with Ophra Winfrey and Jennifer Aniston is we change our hairstyles.

As one ages our hope is that we do it gracefully.  With hairstyle that flatter us.  With hairstyles our children will be proud of and not laugh at us too much.  My favorite hairstyle to this day and the one I wore from middle school until my senior year in high school was long down to my waste and straight.  I know which hairstyles was my sons favorites, the ones I felt like I had finally arrive by this I mean positive, in control and happy to be me.  Proud of what I had overcome and with happiness to looking forward to what the future offered.  Each year a new hairstyle it was my way of celebrating me, the best me I could be.  Sometimes, the best me I could be was just to take it a minute at a time.  But no matter what happen through life what I do know, even in my childhood is that I have always had a grateful heart for the people God has blessed me with, especially, but not limited to the two son’s I gave birth to.  Each son was born to a mom who had different haircuts; one was born when I wore my hair long, another when my hair was just growing out.  Both born in September, the hottest month of the year and the most difficult to be pregnant in…your feet swell.  These are funny thoughts; that delight us, because they bring the memories of the happiness, growing pains and honestly, we sometimes just don’t know what we are doing.

So here is to all the new trend setters, the new fashion styles, the new hairstyles, the new shoe styles and here is to those of us who have been there, done that and choose to stay happy with all of who we have become.  Cheers to us!
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New Hair Color Trends 2011-2012
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By Research Analyst
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Brown Hair Color 2011
Find The Perfect Brunette Shade From Your Favorite L'Oréal Brands
Pictures Of Hair Colors
Search multiple engines for pictures of hair colors new hair color trends guide
Haircolor trends that are hot right now run the range of light to dark, so what ever your personality is you can find the right haircolor for you.
I have showcased some of the hottest hair colors seen today on celebrities and fashion models.
Some of those being rich dark browns, carmel highlights, platinum natural blondes and fire engine reds, so sit back relax and enjoy the colors before your eyes.

At Home Haircolor Trends
It is possible now to achieve the color you want by dying your hair at home with semi-permanent for salon perfect highlights in your natural tone.
If you do not want the sunkissed look you can always opt for the bright pink, blues and greens that have the cyber 80's style.
Fade resistant haircolor is always best especially if you are not committed to one type of hairstyle.
Remember do it yourself DIY hair color products will make it easier and safer to change your hair at home.

Hair color trends pictures @

Saturday, October 1, 2011

How to Party Plan (aka KISS, keep it simple stupid LOL)

Step 1    Think of what you are trying to accomplish, birthday celebration, graduation, sweet 16.  Think of the person and what their interests are.  i.e.  sports, ballet, graduation, age, time of date

Step 2    Put the personality of the guest of honor into the theme of the party.  Personal interest is a great way for guest to have conversation starters. This can be done by pictures, past awards, their favorite treats.

Step 3   After considering the above two steps start to think of the details, such as will you be hiring a party planner, a caterer, music-DJ or live band, what type of table service will you be using.  Will this party be formal or informal?

Step 4   Plan a budget.  If you did the above steps then you should have come a crossed the cost of items.  Plan an ideal budget. (If I could have everything, this budget would be this $____)  Secondly, plan a realistic budget.  (I can only afford $____)  Once both budgets are completed; add both numbers together divide it by two and now you have a realistic budget for the party.  The truth is you can plan a party at any budget.  Therefore somewhere in the middle between all I can afford and ideal is the reality of what the party will cost.  Emotional buying during an excitable celebration is normal. Therefore knowing that you will most likely spend more than you, can afford makes the average more realistic for the average consumer.  This also helps control emotional or spontaneous buying.

Step 5   Hire the personal, purchase the food, send out the invitations.  If affordable, send out save the date cards….it’s done.  Party is planned in 5 easy steps.  What I recommend to my clients if the party is not formal is to send an e-save the date card and a paper or formal invitaion.  If it is very causual you can do them both over the internet.  Just know that the paperless generation still does not apply to all.  Some people still prefer a written invitation.
Step 6  Remember to have a good time.  Try to keep the attention on the person you are celebrating, not the person who planned it.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Fall 2011’s Most Wearable Trends

by Susan Cernek

Fall 2011 Fashion Week—or, as they say in the biz, Fashion Month, if you include the London, Milan and Paris shows!—isn’t yet over, but we can already spot more than a dozen new fall trends that we can’t wait to wear. Here, the most stylish—and least scary!—of the bunch:

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As I was looking up formal fashion wear for this article I came across the above website, that expresses the fashion trends in London, Milan, Paris, the three top fashion places in the world. The exciting part is that it is exciting to look at these fashion. One can not only be admire the creativity of the fashion, but this year you a can actually imagine yourself wearing it, not like other years that the fashion trends of Europe does not apply to Californian's.

If you were to purchase one of these dresses, which one would you purchase. My favorite always for mature women is the black formal wear. However, there are so many youthful, glamorous fashion. I love the fact that this years collection can go from workplace to evening by changing the accessories, like little coats, jackets, shoes, or jewelry. Think of yourself in the fashion and then add your personality.

For example, the little black dress can be worn with diamonds or pearls. It is all shine. If you put little red shoes it changes the whole thing. Or you can wear black stockings and shoes and you will have a monochromatic look. Either way this dress is totally glamorous! Now if you look at the white and black dress, how cute is that! I can actually imagine a young professional wearing this to work. Take off the petticoat (funny that is what we use to call it) put on a short jacket and it is work ready. The young professional who has an evening event can add the petticoat, formal heals, take off the little black jacket, put on a cute hat as she has an your ready to be the queen of the evening event. All formal is not length, it has allot to do with how you conduct yourself in public. Business evening meetings can require the professional women to think about not only her image but also her reputation. Somethings never change. One of the biggest things that you want to have to succeed is your reputation! Guard this. This dress does that. It lets the people know "I am in control". I know what I am doing as a professional and a successful woman, doesn't let her emotions show in public. This dress has that flare about it that says "Look but don't touch! Respect me!" It is the power we have in business and in life. Ladies empower yourself, cause you want to make money. Education will open the door but image, reputation and the manner in which you conduct yourself will help you stay employed.

Research who you want to be, makeup you mind to become this and my favorite saying is just do it! These fashions for Paris, Milan and London are totally do able for a reasonable price.

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Planning Your Green Event

  •  Waste receptacles should be visible and clearly marked with instructions on what should be placed in there.
  • The use of bulk dispensers for condiments such as Ketchup, Mustard, etc. instead of individual packaging.
  • Use china and glassware for all food and beverages.
  • The use of biodegradable service wear, such as plates, utensils, straws, cold and hot cups are good ways to reduce solid waste. Zero Styrofoam should be used.
  • Use of cloth napkins and linens. You can also use paper products; request that they are made of recycled fibers.
  • Announcements during the event should be made reminding your guests that they are attending a green event and what items are being recycled and where these items should be discarded.
  •  Use caterers that commit to using local organic foods, agree to recycle all their food prep waste, and use environmentally friendly products in the preparation and conveyance of food.
  • Consider serving finger or bite size foods that require no service wear.
  • Careful planning with the caterer regarding your guest count will avoid extra waste generated.
  • Make arrangements beforehand that if there is extra food, it should be donated to a local food pantry.
  • Avoid using unnecessary items like plastic coffee stirrers, use stirrers made from wood.
  • If you’re serving alcohol at the event, ask the bartenders to save all glass bottles, plastic and aluminum containers to be recycled with the other event recycling.
  • Encourage participants to ride-share to the event. Post a ride-share page on your event website.
  • If guest lodging is involved, use shuttle service to transport your guest to the event. Fewer cars, less carbon dioxide.
  •  The promotional product used for the event should all be made from recycled content when possible.
  • Work with the waste management/recycling vendor of the facility to all that can be
  • Recycled and how it should be handled. Food waste should be composted.
  •  Waste receptacles should be visible and clearly marked with instructions on what
  • should be placed in there.
  • The use of bulk dispensers for condiments such as Ketchup, Mustard, etc. instead of individual packaging.
  •  Use china and glassware for all food and beverages.
  •  The use of biodegradable service wear, such as plates, utensils, straws, cold and hot cups are good ways to reduce solid waste. Zero Styrofoam should be used.
  •  Use of cloth napkins and linens. You can also use paper products; request that they are made of recycled fibers.
  •  Announcements during the event should be made reminding your guests that they are attending a green event and what items are being recycled and where these items should be discarded.
  •  Use caterers that commit to using local organic foods, agree to recycle all their food prep waste, and use environmentally friendly products in the preparation and conveyance of food.
  •  Consider serving finger or bite size foods that require no service wear.
  •  Careful planning with the caterer regarding your guest count will avoid extra waste generated.
  •  Make arrangements beforehand that if there is extra food, it should be donated to a local food pantry.
  • Avoid using unnecessary items like plastic coffee stirrers, use stirrers made from wood.
  • If you’re serving alcohol at the event, ask the bartenders to save all glass bottles, plastic and aluminum containers to be recycled with the other event recycling.
  • Encourage participants to ride-share to the event. Post a ride-share page on your event website.
  • If guest lodging is involved, use shuttle service to transport your guest to the event. Fewer cars, less carbon dioxide.
  • The promotional product used for the event should all be made from recycled content when possible.
  • Work with the waste management/recycling vendor of the facility to identify all that can be
  • Recycled and how it should be handled. Food waste should be composted.
  • Written by: Organic Waste Recycling
  • To plan your next green event contact: 

How to Find, Choose, and Hire a Wedding Photographer

Hiring a wedding photographer is usually near the top of the list for brides, grooms, and their families as they begin to plan their wedding. And for good reason: Many years from now, the photographs will be among the most important and concrete reminders of your wedding day. On the other hand, you don't want to unduly stress the first year of marriage with depleted financial resources, resulting in part from a bloated wedding budget. How exactly to find, choose, and hire a wedding photographer is critical to managing this budget, and the best answer may not be the same as your first impulse. Whether you're ready to go all out or need to look for alternatives to make your wedding ends meet, here's what you need to know and what need to consider to make the best choice for your wedding:

Pros and Cons for Hiring an Amateur Wedding Photographer
It's not hard to decipher the pros and cons of hiring an amateur photographer. You've probably heard horror stories of the entire photo collection getting lost or destroyed. Yet, in reality, these stories are few and far between and are by no means exclusive to the amateurs. Just because someone doesn't earn a living as a wedding photographer doesn't mean he or she is incompetent. Plus, the possible savings are impossible to ignore, especially in today's economy and the still rising costs of wedding ceremonies. Of course, you may not have a candidate with the prerequisite skills and availability to do your wedding.

More than the photographs themselves, you may lose precious time for the evening's festivities by hiring the amateur photographer. Even friends of the family with impeccable photography skills may carry at least one inherent downside: For events like weddings, the photographer needs to have the authority to command people in various arrangements and conduct them off- and on-stage as needed. Friends of the family, especially ones with gentler personalities, may have more trouble with this than you first realize. Professional photographers know the score, have seen it all from members of hundreds of different families, and, most importantly, won't have to spend the holidays with members of the wedding party for decades to come..

Hiring a Professional Wedding Photographer
The single, biggest con of hiring a professional wedding photographer is the cost. Knowing that you'll have dozens, hundreds of professional-quality photographs from the father-of-the-bride giving away the bride to the quintessentially adorable flower girl is an immense relief in the chaotic stress of the wedding day. You make the memories, and the professional wedding photographer will capture them. But just how confident do you need to be in your photographer? Do you need dozens and dozens of pictures or hundreds and hundreds? Do you need the same quality of photographs for the reception that you do for the ceremony? And do you need photographs that could grace the cover of a magazine or simply your everyday wedding album? Depending on the answers to these questions, you could end up talking to a wedding photographer who submits an estimate of $1,500 or $15,000.

WeddingPhotography Options
Whether you're talking to the most exclusive photographer in town or your college roommate who's always had a passion for photography, you need to know which photography services you want to solicit a reasonably accurate estimate or to determine how much your college buddy deserves for the job. You probably already know that event photography, especially wedding photography, involves a lot more than pointing and clicking the camera. But have you considered the level of service you need for all of the following options:
How many hours do you need the photographer for? A couple hours or all day? How many preliminary meetings and how much pre-planning are needed to put your nerves at ease?
How many guests and members of the wedding party will there be? You may also want to break the wedding party and families down into sub-groups to help estimate the total number of photographs and allotted time for post-ritual posing.
Do you want professional prints and touch-ups or will a raw CD suffice? Do you want a storybook DVD of the best pictures?
Does the venue lend itself to composition or will extensive planning be needed? A terrace overlooking a beautiful landscape or city skyline will make things a lot easier than a church located on a crowded city street.

Article written by: Marcus Picket

Thursday, September 15, 2011

I Claim Victory for "He" Made Me Victorious!

Victory                  (1Jo5:4)                                      Victory                       

I                 (Rev15:2)                                     Irritating

Corruptible        (Cr15:54)                                       Champion

Tell                       (Mat 18:15)                                 Triumph 

O                        (Ps 8:9)                                        Opposed to

Riches                 (1Ch 29:12)                                  Realization

Incorruption      (1Cr15:54)                                     Infuriating

Oppression       (Psa 62:10)                                    Opposition to

Ungodly             (Psa 73:12)                                    Unsuccessful

Sing                      (Psa 98:1)                                      Success

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Getting Inspired

10 Unique Ideas for Positive Thoughts
1.       Earn your wing. 
Overcome your negative thought live by choosing friends that think the best of you.  Read material and information that challenges not only your thoughts but motivates you to try new things.  While you try new think, think positive thoughts about yourself and others.  Such, as I can do this.  I will do this.  And everything will be okay once I have done this.   Have faith, good things come to those that believe.
2.        Meet in the middle.
As you are on your way to becoming a new you.  Realize that meeting is the middle is the best you have.  Don’t compromise your values or being for others.  Negotiate with the end result in mind, always respecting yourself first.  Even Christian values teach us that we do not have to become a door mat for anyone.  The United States of America is all about freedom and justice for all.  Freedom to try new things is acceptable; give yourself permission to be okay with who you are.  Past things people have said about you don’t matter. 
3.       Create Child like Enthusiasm.
Remember the first time you road a bike, how excited you were?  You might have fallen, scarped you knee but mom or dad was there to help you, cheer you on, encourage you.  Well guess what, you probably got up and road the bike again and felt good about your accomplishment.  This is how you have to feel about what ever new venture you are trying.  Mom’s always cheer for their children’s accomplishment.  Adulthood is about learning to cheer for yourself.  You don’t have to brag about it you just have to self talk and tell yourself you are better for tiring it.  You’re great!
4.       Dive Right In
Pick the new thing you are going to do, and as Nikes ad once said:  “Say just do it”.  Make sure you feel good about your accomplishment of trying no matter what the end result is.  This may sound controversial but the first time we try something we are never perfect.  Therefore, keep a positive attitude and keep trying until you succeed at your goal.  Eventually you will have accomplished and achieved the goal you had in mind.
5.       Hitting a Home Run
Your home run is never what others want for you.  It may not even be described or look like what you thought, but it will be something in the vicinity of what your end goal is.  For example:  I knew my whole life I wanted to children.  A boy and a girl.  I had my goal and dream since childhood.  Guess what the goal was accomplished.  I have two wonderful sons.  Both the kindest most loving sons a mom can ask for.  Did I plan that they would both be boys…no.  Did I achieve a lifelong dream…yes.  Was it exactly what I had planned for not really but the beauty and perfection that God created within them I would never trade?  They are fearfully and wonderfully made and I thank Him daily for them.  I know the goal and my accomplishment shared with you is personal, but other business goals came true as well.  Like owning a successful business, this also was a lifelong goal.  It’s come true.  I am blessed.
6.       Make History
To live life is to make History.  There is world history, personal history, financial history, make sure the history you are creating is set on the foundation you want.  Mine was on Christian values.  What will you be?  Ask yourself questions, not just superficial questions but valuable question.  Like what do I believe in?  Where do I want to be when I am 20, 30,40,50,60,100 years old?  Then plan, set your goals, faith come in your goal meets will, avoid detours (others ideas about what you should or should not accomplish) tell others your goals are set and you will get back to them when it is accomplished.  Believe in yourself all that is good.  God is good.
7.        Spotlight Success
To help you realize your accomplishment.  Keep a journal.  If you do it on the computer make sure to back it up.  When you have moments you feel you haven’t accomplished a goal or everything is going wrong, look back, give thanks, and know it is time to set a new goal.  Successful people live in the moment, while knowing each person has a path to take.  Some seek fame, money, others peace and joy, “Merely Christianity”, whatever your thing is know this is what you were meant to accomplish.  Thieves my come and go but grace and mercy live forever.  So show yourself grace and mercy.
8.        Use the Law of Attraction
When I was a Mary Kay consultant this is the first thing I learned.  We attract those that think like us.  It is a like minded society.  In Mary Kay when you start building friendship or a team and you have a dozen women you are responsible for and you look at them you discover they are all like you.  This is one of the greatest, silliest blessings.  Like minded people attract like minded people.  They may come in different sizes, look different, but their values are similar to yours.  Good thoughts about self help you get the goal you want.  I highly recommend you think good thoughts about others and it will reflect greatly upon you.  No one accomplishes goals without meeting others along the way that helps us.
9.        Reach A High Point
When you reach your moment of glory, that special moment when all things are working for you and not against you.  Bask in itEnjoy it.  Quite yourself, give a silent thank you to all those that help you accomplish your goal.  Know that for some this is as good as it gets.  Journal it, in detail remember all the little moments that got you to where you are at. Shine!  Your are at the greatest moment of you goal.  Know that there are more goals in the future to be accomplished.  Start working on the next one.
10.   Fly High
This is a moment when you feel you are soaring through the sky.  My father called it an eagle’s moment.  So USA, don’t you think?  He loved those moments in his life and taught me to appreciate them.  He was my best teacher.  My father’s influence in my life was what help me cope after his death; from the bible, to setting goals, keeping accountability of myself to the gratefulness of the appreciation for grace and mercy in my life and in the lives of others.  His encouragement in my life was priceless. That is why I am sharing it with you.  Enjoy it; once you fly high you will never want anything else.  Whether it is an accomplishment in your child’s life or a signing a big contract making the most money you have ever made, fly high moment happen all the time.  Keep your priorities straight.  Mine where always God first, family second, career third.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

19 Ways To Overcome Shyness At Work

Diamond Girls let me encourage you to overcome any shyness you might be feeling. I have taught many of these techniques to others and I have to tell you they work.
Written by:  Eric Goldschein
At one time or another, we all suffer from it: shyness, social anxiety, being a wallflower. Call it what you will, but it's still a debilitating affliction.
One of the most important things to remember about shyness is that it reflects personal discomfort. Once we learn to accept ourselves -- our faults and our secrets as well as our positive attributes -- we can bring that into our interactions with other people.
Here's a list of 19 ways to improve yourself inwardly so you can project better outwardly.

1.     Have a conversation road map

Psychologist Bernardo Carducci says we talk to strangers in five stages: opening line, introductions, trying out topics, exploring common ground, and closure, where you sum things up and possibly exchange contact information. If you can remember these steps, you can recognize where you are and where you should be going next.

2.     Warm up before parties

Carducci advises us to show up early to parties, to get a chance for one-on-one time. Then use "quick talk": talking to a lot of different people in a short period of time, without getting too deep or putting pressure on yourself to keep the conversation going. By the time you've had the same conversation eight or ten times, you'll know who is the most interesting and if you made a connection.

3.     Stay informed and say anything

When it comes to breaking the ice, the purpose is just to signal that you're interested in talking -- the topic is irrelevant. "You don't have to be an expert," says Carducci, but it does help to be informed. Knowing what's going on in local news or pop culture can help conversation flow.
When it comes to brainstorming conversations, there are two rules: don't throw in comments to impress people, and don't judge. Others will participate more freely if they don't think you'll criticize them. 

4.     Look approachable

Therapist Erika Hilliard says body language plays a huge role in how we are perceived and how we feel about others. People who hide behind a neutral mask can make others think we are hostile or aloof. By keeping our head up, standing tall and looking friendly, our attention moves outward and our peers are more likely to recognize that.

5.     When approaching a stranger, relive a confident moment

"Remember the last time you were shining inside and out, and your body will be responsive," says Hilliard. This works better than pretending, or trying to hide your anxiety.

6.     Make eye contact -- it shows respect and gives a good first impression

To soften your gaze, look lightly around the person's face, says relationship coach Susan Rabin

7.     Give more information than necessary so the conversation doesn't drop off

8.     For public speaking, anticipate your stage fright

According to psychologist Mark Leary, nervousness is determined by the importance of an event's consequences and your level of confidence in your success.
Evaluate these two factors and you'll know how much to prepare -- making you less surprised by your body's arousal when the event comes around.

9.     Do a dress rehearsal before you give a speech

This goes beyond reviewing your notes. Psychologist Peter Desberg advises wearing the clothes you'll be wearing that day, reading your speech with a light shining in your eyes if you'll be in a dark room, and learn to enjoy the rush of delivering your address.

10.Go for laughs

Desberg himself noticed that the more humor he employed in class, the higher the ratings he received on his end-of-semester evaluations.

11.Remember that during a speech, you're the one they need

The crowd -- whether three people or 300 -- is there to hear what you have to say. One good tip for distracting yourself from the sound of your heart pounding through your chest is to practice grounding techniques, such as feeling your feet against the floor.

12.When flirting, be yourself or be someone else

Step into a carefree alter ego, so "you can say things you wouldn't ordinarily say and be more flirtatious." If you get rejected, who cares? That was your alter ego anyway.

13.Be agreeable

Much in the same way that you don't want to judge or criticize right off the bat, don't be afraid to be agreeable and show you have similar attitudes. This comes from the book First Impressions by Ann Demarais and Valerie White.
Of course, only do this if you actually agree or have a similar attitude.

14.At work, figure out what you're avoiding

If you need to confront someone at the office but are scared to do so, Peter Desberg tells us that we need to weigh the cost of waiting with the benefit of going for it. If the benefits outweigh the costs, you know what you have to do -- no bout of shyness is worth a blow to your career.

15.Cut short procrastination

Procrastination can extend to putting off standing up for yourself. If this happens, note why you've stopped. Desberg says that you'll feel the impetus to take action once you realize you're just making excuses.

16.Feeling intimidated? Use your imagination

Erika Hilliard says: Imagine your body growing until your head skims the ceiling. Now your boss looks like a 5-year-old child who wants a hug.
See yourself smiling warmly, and the interaction is more likely to go well.

17.Become the Don Corleone of networking

In networking, figuring out how to help the people you meet is more important that seeing how they can help you, says Carducci. If you bring people together, "you will become powerful and vital, like Don Corleone."

18.Give Morita therapy a try -- it's helped 80 to 90 percent of those treated

Originating from Japan, Morita therapy tells us to accept that we are shy and to act anyway.
A student who felt shy around girls was told to go talk to them anyway, despite the anxiety. "I feel more self-confident when I accept that I am not a surefire person," the student reported afterward. "I'm confident, however, that I will get things done."
As any Buddhist can tell you, life is suffering. The trick is to accept that and to move forward.

19.Set goals under your control

Before an important event, such as a job interview, list the anxiety-provoking factors. Then select the issues that you actually control, such as how you describe your accomplishments. Now tackle each issue, with methods such as a mock presentation, until your fears dissipate.

Article Quoted from Business Insider:

Monday, September 12, 2011

Diamond Glamour Girls Finances

The first thing Susie Orman would say is that smart women know how much they can spend at any time of the day.  My advice would be the same overspending is something our society would encourage, the bible discourages or at least says to be wise about. People as a whole need encouragement from others to stay on target with the things they desire.  If diamonds or glamour are your thing then do it with class and stay conscience of your budget.

Susie Orman has a book out called “Woman and Money”;   you can find it on her website.   It is a great book and I highly recommend it.  Even if you don’t like the idea of being smart with money at least consider you future and what you want for it.  There is also great software out there which can help you with all kinds of financials, for those of you like me who get encouragement from the bible in times of adversity try “Money Matters”; you can find this software at: , it relates it to practical biblical truths.   Also Quick Books or Quicken are good to have.  Both of these offer assistance, depending on what you are looking for. 

Then when you have done this, knowing it fits into your budget, visit our website:  MK Pure Diamond Events; diamonds to go with that perfect outfit for that special event you have hired us to plan.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

What's in a name?

Hi there,

My favorite all time saying. What is in a name? Good question don't you think? Well, in 2003 I opened a business named MK Production Meeting and Event Planning. Since then many things have happened. Some good, some not. But the one thing that has kept me going was knowing that when I was a child my father taught me the importance of His name. Let me tell you my dad was not without sin. But he did know the importance of living a life as a believer.

When one is down, the people that love you really stick by you. Some people are afraid of adversity; this is what I have discovered, but other raise to help. Who are you in the lives of your friends during trouble times? Are you the type that goes in for the kill to cause more pain, or are you the type that assist and helps heal? What does this have to do with business you might ask? The truth is not much other than to speak of the importance of a name and the character of the person.

I am now trying to rebuild myself, knowing what my true strengths and weaknesses are. As difficult as it may be this time adversity...had a lot to say to me. From family, friends, and anyone who wanted to speak, so it would seem. My personality being the latter one described above. I listened and listened and have finally discovered the lies and the truths of what was told. Mostly, the sadness is for the loss. For when we are in battle, there is always loss. Whether it is a dream, such as MK Productions Meeting and Event Planning, or children who are upset, hurt and lack understanding of the difficulties faced, because they too felt difficulties. Not to mention the physical blows which pain the body. But with this comes standing firm on the rock which we believers are all given along with the promises given. My favorite is Jer. 29:11 "For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the LORD, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.”

When I ponder these thoughts which delight my heart, it gives me a joy so profound that today's adversity is not thought of and a knowledge that it will be overcome tomorrow. With these two thoughts I have begun a new adventure in my life. The first step is a business named MK Pure Diamond Events (I put my name on it, because I believe in Him who believed in me first.) Website:

Hope in 2020!

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls, It has been a long time since I have written a post blog fort you May of 2019 to be exact. Why now? I...