Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Star Gossip

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls;

It's been a while since I have had a bit of good gossip. You see the last time I posted a picture of an actor looking stupid and had a contest, no one found the picture if #JustinBeiber. Got to say the young man is trying his best, at least that is what he tells people and from the looks of it he does take good counsel.

Anyway, more to the title of this gossip blog. I just got this from the latest tweet one of the Top Most Famous Wedding Planner just got back from his honeymoon! Preston Bailey! I missed the wedding! Not sure why, but I didn't get a wedding invitation and now all the sudden I am good enough to get your honeymoon tweets. What the heck did I attend that and miss out on the fun of white water rafting! How was the River? Cold this time of year is it?

Anyway, best of luck to Next time send me an invitation, better yet I always fill us in on who was your wedding planner I would have preferred to seen wedding pictures than honeymoon!

Ps 101:5

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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Street Signs

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls,

Happy New Year!  I have a funny thought for you. I was walking down the street in my favorite city, walking my little Yorkie and I say little because it weights less than seven pounds (don't tell him that) he barks at the loudest, biggest of dogs! Anyway, I have to laugh because when I think of weddings, couple, planning a home the last thing I think about is street sign! I know some people do, even a Bob or two that I know who love to tease people. We have had this conversation several times. They think they are funny!

Guess this couple choose the funniest of street names or did they?
If it helps a couple remember why they got married or who they are and they want to let their neighbors know, then that is Freedom and their right.
If you like this story or it brought a smile to your face then I have accomplished my goal. Please a comment, tell a friend, click on a sponsor. Thank you!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Hot Air Balloon Ride

San Diego County is known for its blue sky's, it perfect sunsets, it's Romantic moments, and what a better way to 
To say I love you than taking a ride on a Hot Air Balloon. What beauty it is...romantic sky, romantic beach vie wand if permit if you can't toast to

To your future. You can see the look in her eyes as you, tell her I have a surprise for you...
Maybe I should say surprise him...woman do ask, invite men these days (technical difficulty). Either way, it's a great way to "Pop the question!". Get your worries off the moment.

Event planners, especially wedding planners with integrity do give their clients romantic ideas, things to do to help ease with the planning process of everyone asking. "I want!". 

"I want, Give me, I'll take" brings out the bridzilla, crabby, bitchy, jerk, bastard, all those unattractive thoughts,name calling, ungodly,moments we have in live and allows you to really see
  The truth in nature of what we are suppose to think about in life. It gives you time to reflect upon why we are, want to be with the person in the first place! 

Think positive this New Years, think the thoughts you should have about the other person! Think MK Pure Diamond Events we just might believe you'll know the truth!
Love is unconditional, Freedom is priceless, your worth every penny of your event and Grace is what is given, when you know your "Forgiven"! 

Hope in 2020!

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls, It has been a long time since I have written a post blog fort you May of 2019 to be exact. Why now? I...