Thursday, September 27, 2018

Design Style Glamour and Beauty are all the things I love? Right?

Hi there, Diamond Glamour Girls?

What am I doing designing T-Shirts. I am laughing at myself. My business keeps changing. I went from meeting and event planning to planning t-shirts and writing books. Say WHAT?

I was working on a children’s book about this little girl. She was/is the cutest little girl who was pigeon toe. The story I was working on was / is rather a funny one. When I got to the part where she fell. I then had a thought I should make t-shirts. So I did. The book is on its first draft. Currently looking for an editor or publisher that comes with one.  I love this story.

The I found myself designing a t-shirt. Is this a bigger plan? This spontaneous move now has my artwork for sale. Is it good enough? What is really good enough. I grew up with standards very high. My father expected a lot out of me and I do my best to please him.

Testing. I am now testing my designs to see if people enjoy them. I hope they are accepted and pleasing to the purchasers. Honestly, I found myself enjoying making them. Another unexpected self awareness moment.  Who knew.


I hope you’ll visit the website and let me know what you think.
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Almost forgot the t-shirt designs are on the website named spread shirt. There is even a black and white t-shirt I designed of what I imagine a spread shirt could be. I named it Black/White. How silly we are in life. Who better to help us than out Father.

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