Wednesday, October 10, 2018

New This Year 2018

Hi there Diamond Glamour Girls:

Every one has dreams and one of mine has been to add a clothing line to MK Pure Diamond Events. From Europe nations to Canada to Alaska and the African nations there is a tradition wear clean clothing. Remember the United States not to long ago use to participate. We use to wash are cloths and hang them on the clothing line. Now we wash and dry them and writhing a few hours we can wear the cloths we took out of the washer. Clean Landry. How our lives should be so clean?

I have been experimenting with this clothing company to see if any of my followers would be interested. I’d love to hear your thoughts about this new design. I think it is very cute and I am really excited to present to you my first Christmas T-Shirt. Christmas Bells.  Click on the link.

I love Christmas and enjoy not only of what it brings to the world 🌎. What the truth is. How many of us stay centered in the fact of all “in the fact it will happen to other people”. The truth is I have had my share of person Love, Hope, Faith. My share of tragedy. My hope is if we all ring a bell. Shout out loud, whisper in a crowd Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas 🎄, Happy Hanukkah or whatever brings you to the spirit of happiness and joy. That will empower you to feel Love, Hope Faith in 2018-2019 is what the season is about. People find truth in different ways. I hope, trust you’ll find yours.  This is MKPDE’s way of saying Merry Christmas!

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